2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4MATIC TECH REVIEW (1 of 4)

Back from Europe, MotoMan focuses on the 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4MATIC – the first of MANY Mercedes Benz E Class models to make their way to the US. However, this is more than just an updated version of one of the most important cars to Mercedes Benz. This is a car that represents technology and innovation in all areas we have seen before – some we haven’t – just in one place: Construction, Efficiency, Infotainment and most importantly, Autonomous Driving. As such, MotoMan goes on a VERY deep technical dive for a car that is not just important to Mercedes Benz, but to the growth of disruptive transport technologies . . .

For more information, see our 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6VDYMHA8i8

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Mikie Cheddafinnie says:

Just test drive the new 2017 Lincoln mkz but wait for the 3.0t awd with torque vectoring black label I bet you will have a different opinion

Pratik Bhatia says:


Don Brascoe says:

Tony Soprano drove a silver E class.
On another note, my ambition will never be to look like a killer. That would shorten my career.

William Guisto says:

Motoman, is Mercedes only offering six cylinders in the AMG models?

^RedWood^ says:

What is colour? Silver diamond?

CoolRaul says:

sorry didn’t mean to offend you. but you did make a video for all of us to see so “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”

mohamed elbassoussy says:

I think people who will get a S class would prefer different design for each class, but people who would buy a C or an E class would be more towards the same design for all classes, because it gives them more value to there smaller Mercs (cheaper than S class) by giving them the same look and luxury and design that is on the big S class with only minor differences

Paul Stone says:

1. Both of our Mercedes are Iridium Silver.
2. E 500 4matic & GL450
3. Love the E class. I’m somewhat disappointed they did away with the wheel arches on the S class. I’ve almost always preferred the looks of the E and hope they keep it somewhat distinguished from other cars.

Awayze says:

I so want a used E63 version of this in several years

anthony20208 says:

rambling mess…

Deni Hodzic says:

Total fuck up. The 3.5 liter NA V6 with great fuel economy and performance (31mpg hwy – 302 HP) was replaced with a shitty 4 cylinder delivering mediocre performance and worse fuel economy?? Someone at Mercedes needs to drop the crack pipe.

Mikie Cheddafinnie says:

Even the black label 2016 lincoln mkx with 2.7 engine is a beautiful luxury sleeper better then a Lexus rx 450h or a caddy ct5 that just drop…..

Sharif's Review says:

keep that aside is what you use a lot so let’s decide what we like sorry keep that aside. merc is good and I have all new e class and love it.

Shawnar Ahmed says:

If I may ask, will the Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG have Apple CarPlay?

Guillaume Blanchet says:

I drive a 190e and I like when the whole line up (class C, E & S) share the same design language. If the design is great it make you fell like you can relate to the other model more. That what I like about the 1985 to 1992 line up. It’s all the same car with different sizes & proportions. .. and option choice. That is what I like about Audis being almost the same. They are all nice.

Kenny Gall says:

I like individuality, I don’t like all the cars being larger or smaller versions of themselves. I drive a Cadillac CTS..

Nick Zandes says:

Mercedes is going back to the 80s/90s when all the vehicle had the similar look. I don’t mind it, as there a are couple of distinct designs that make the distinct to that model line. headlights & Rear lights etc. I would have liked for the E-Class to look abit different but hey, its still a beautiful looking car. i do like the interior as its a mix of the C & the S design. I currently drive a 2010 C63 AMG Wagon which i love. cant wait to see the E63.

Jordan Bibbs says:

I love that silver color!

Daniel Svensson says:

this man is a wierd person

redcapote says:

And yes, silver sucks. The mercs always look best in black. Their red is also superb, but this car calls for black. A deep, rich, wet, obsidian black.

paul preston iv says:

I loved the previous E class exterior and I do not like the exterior of the 2017 but I love the interior. I prefer the S90. That is beautiful design inside and out. I currently drive a slightly customized 2011 Chevy Camaro SS but looking to probably get into a Black on Black on Black (wheels) Caddy CT6 with the Panaray audio system as a birthday present to myself in January.

Alexei Polotovski says:

I Like the E300 but it looks exactly like the C class, the only difference is in the interior which is probably the best interior on the planet… but would you prefer the c class because the base price is lower but you can get the same tech in it, cause I got a C63 instead of the new e class a few weeks ago because i thought it would be cheaper an put all the tech in it, do you think i made the right choice

A Gupta says:

Hi MotoMan. Thank you very much for all 4 of your excellent reviews of the 2017 E300. Really appreciate your insight and opinions. After many happy years driving a 09 Acura TL, I looked to upgrade to the E300, BMW 5 series, or Audi A6. After months of fun research, test drives, and help from your videos, I decided to go with the E300 with the premium 3 package. Love the new exterior styling, luxurious interior, amazing technologies and buttery smooth ride!

Have been driving the car for a month now and it is phenomenal! By the way, killers drive Selenite Grey Metallic. I’m still getting used to everything but it has been awesome! The engine is silky smooth and, in my humble opinion, works great in this package. Gas mileage has been really good. The semi-autonomous driving technology is amazing and unnerving at first but, as you get used to it, is very cool. I’ve only done it a handful of times because I’d like to drive the car before the car drives itself.

Wonderful engineering by Mercedes Benz!

Pimptobizmal says:

ramble way tomuch, talk to much

Ken Lai says:

More differentiation please. Similar design for different classes makes people think the designers are lazy (it’s not easy to shrink the same design), the rich people think they’re buying the same car as others in the same brand (which they’re not), and the buyers looking for smaller car feel like they’re trying to buy something smaller because they can’t afford the big ones (not true for a lot of smaller luxury car buyers).

Hassan Bah says:

Been watching your content for about 6yrs now. One of the best content out there.I owned a C and and an e class and currently drive a mercedes benz cls550.
speaking on mercedes sharing it’s S class design with the c and e class only benefits the the lower range.i.e the c and e class buyer will enjoy the looks and some of the features of the s class or even on the case of the e class that have some features S class don’t have yet. I miss what use to make the s class unique and stand alone.You use to get the look and features you can’t get on the lower trim level.That’s what made the (S) a (special class).The new s class coup is what I would have to work hard to own.but now I can just settle for the the c class coupe .lol

FC Imports says:

I prefer a separate design for each series/classes of a Make.
1. If a loyal customer appreciates the brand but doesn’t like a new style, there are other options.
2. If you pay $100k for a vehicle, you don’t want it mistaken for a vehicle that starts at $30k.
3. Technically if form follows function, a vehicle with double the horsepower should look different from one that does not.
4. The different classes should suite it’s buyer. An E class should be a bit more of a compromised vehicle, while an S class should be more ostentatious. This should be reflected in the styling.
5. Making all the classes look alike seems like a shortcut, a decision based on cutting cost verses unifying a brand.

My Car:
2008 Mercedes CLS550 AMG package
Vehicle History:
5 Mercedes, 2 Porsches(Highlights)

Let’s tell auto makers to stop the fake integrated exhaust tips glued to the rear bumper. No one wants the wrong angle to expose the real 1.75″ pipe sitting like a dork in the middle of an unattached insert.

M1911jln says:

Motoman, you may not like it, but I love that bluish silver paint.

F says:

I like that the E class is a smaller version of the S class. One HUGE thing I actually prefer on the E though, is that the hood line goes to the lip of the car rather than cutting off ~4″ before it, which I really think is weird.
I drive a 09′ E class

juanca530 says:

Why in the world you have only 130k subs?! You sir deserve more, great reviews and great host!!!

harryboy132 says:

They should put the big screen in the cls

julienbish says:

I would like a different design for the different classes, because I think this design fits very well de S-Class but looks awful on the smaller C-Class. FYI I drive a 2012 Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC.

Glen Daly says:

What the fuck is he talking about, “killers don’t buy silver cars”. He doesn’t make any sense. He thinks he’s clever, but nobody knows what he’s talking about.

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