2017 Mercedes Benz E300 AUTONOMOUS DRIVE REVIEW: The First Mercedes to DRIVE ITSELF! (3 of 4)

The 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4MATIC takes MotoMan for a ride. Literally. The first ever Mercedes Benz to feature Level 3 Autonomous Driving technology, makes its debut on the show. To celebrate, instead of just talking about tech, the Mercedes Benz graphically demonstrates it on road driving prowess to MotoMan by doing the driving. On the somewhat desolated 4 lane road of Pacific Coast Highway on the other side of Malibu from Los Angeles, MotoMan also demonstrates some others tricks as well as shortcomings of this latest Mercedes Benz Autonomous Driving system . . .

For more information, see our 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 4MATIC FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUa9IZj_qTI

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Dusty Rusty says:

Terrific demo – glad you did it so I don’t have to when I buy my new E63 station wagon (trading my E 350 station wagon – 8 years old.)

Jonny C says:

I would like to see something like Cadillac’s CT6 rear view video system in this

Brandon Givan says:

Whether we’re in 2016 or 2025. No matter how advanced autonomous technology is or works. Humans will still want to “drive” themselves. It’s the pleasure of maneuvering a beautiful car yourself. That’s a luxury itself. As you demonstrated, as much as you want to trust the Drive Pilot system, you will consistently react by grabbing the wheel. To me. I feel that technology will not be as perfect to fixing its own mistakes as humans can. Look at Tesla. Humans can crash a car all day long but computers will never be trusted to do every possible maneuver without putting caution, fear or skepticism into the driver. But applause to Mercedes-Benz for how far they’ve come in this segment.

Zelin Li says:

I’ll use this in traffic jam and my level of anger will lowers a lot

Andrew Vanriper says:

I want to like Mercedes but their exteriors are so ugly (besides the s class coupe)

Ikpesa Ekevi says:

I like this car, I could probably text while the driver assist is on.

Paul K. says:

I can’t wait for this feature to become available in an affordable car (Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Accord, etc). I commute to work and back home 2 hours everyday which is very stressful and would love this type of AutoPilot feature in my car.

Marc Nobel says:

Nice for Stop and Go Traffic or as assist when you are tired after work to give a little extra safety. Rest i would drive by myself.

adolf hitler says:

no V6 sucks- my 2014 E350 is very quick

Edison73100 says:

Too much work

jusuf velovic says:

I personally like driving the car myself, but when you are going on a road trip for x amount of hours it would be nice to relieve the driver for a little. Of course that doesn’t mean the driver can go and take a nap, but its enough for you to grab a drink and maybe do some arm stretches.


Having that tech is really just something cool to play with in your new $60k car. However It’s not a must have. I probably would drive myself more than how I would use that feature. The only way this feature could work flawlessly is if every other car had it and the were all using the system but as long as their are editor drivers on the road you gotta be on alert, which I find to be more of a work anticipating something happening than just being in full control. The other reason would be if roads were flawlessly marked but they are not always such would allow a car like this exercise its potential with the driver putting full trust in the car. So as of right now it’s just a really really really REAAAALLY cool gimmick to show your friends.

jscricca says:

How does the stack up to Tesla’s autopilot?

King Scorpian says:

I have the Autonomous feature on my fully loaded 2015 C300 and use it every day. Looking to upgrade to the E 300 next year with the P3 package

gyc315 says:

definitely useful. i hate when i have my cruise control set and traffic slows down and i have to hit my brakes n turn my cruise control off and then wait until I can turn it back on again. this would eliminate that.

18 Wheels Rollin says:

I would use it regularly in a heartbeat. I would use it for frequent freeway driving enjoying being able to better enjoy the landscape, and once the technology has advanced enough, I would use it around town as well. I trust that this will become safer than I could ever be…and I’m a good driver!

jasonconnects says:

Such a bad angle for the camera to demonstrate this

urgetodrive says:

When the system won’t allow a lane change, does the turn signal still blink? I would find that to be a problem…might elicit a swerve from the car in the next lane (“oh shit, here they come!”). I know I sweat bullets when someone indicates a lane change when it’s not safe.

Ehab Aboud says:

Not perfect but the future is exciting

mysteryMachinePL says:

Autonomous driving mode is great, 30 sec is more than enough to check something in wallet or jacket that is on passanger seat / back seat. Check or program radio station / find my fav track. check documents or something in gloves compartment… Right now I always have to stop to do such things and it happens a lot in every day 80km long drive. I do not like to do such things while driving as I like living in this world too much.

Benjamin Young says:

I can imagine this conversation with the cop in my head: “Uh sorry sir, I am not texting and driving here because the car is driving itself…” Sure that will spare you a ticket! Also, it feels so unnatural to hold the turn signal to change a lane, why is that more convenient than just use the steering wheel and do it yourself? All these features are cool and all but just makes you think that they are just a step on the journey to full autonomous. Until then, I say keep off my car electric nannies and I am the pilot.

Richard Brown says:

I would have cream and tan interior maybe a light moca color as a tri tone interior and the exterior would be a royal blue camillion mirror color sumthing like that and the blue mirror tint for windows

Yverick R. says:

It is certainly a mistake to present these autonomous systems as any other thing as a driver’s aid. Because this is what they are. Manufacturers stipulate that drivers should pay full attention to the road at all times. Checking phones or (unfortunately) watching movies while driving is not the point of these systems. Personally I see autonomous driving systems as a way to cover greater distances without stopping, eventually enabling us to go cross-country more easily and safely. Autonomous systems fulfill the same function as auto-pilots in airplanes.

bucth hardin says:

I could drive like crazy for hours for me it’s no different than cruise except it is safe

Ad van der Meer says:

I am pretty sure Drive Pilot is still only level 2. (as is Tesla’s Autopilot).

bucth hardin says:

Would love to see it on the autobahn

M. V. P. says:

Good to see MB finally catching up to Tesla 😉

In my Tesla Model S I find this system very useful during long, monotonous highway driving and in stop-n-go traffic to reduce driver fatigue. One difference is the Tesla will come to a full stop and resume with traffic flow based upon traffic ahead of it all without the driver having to reengage the accelerator pedal.

The auto lane change feature is nice but I only use it on a true divided highway with no crossroads and where driver traffic is more predictable.

The Tesla also provides excellent traffic awareness real-time graphics, with heat maps, in the dash to reassure the driver as to what the car may or may not be seeing at any time, along with audible & visual warnings as well.

David Singer says:

Seriously, this seems way more stressful when just driving it myself. Can’t wait for the future when I can just put it in drive and it’ll do everything on its own until I arrive at my destination. Right now it’s just way too many rules IMO.

Dennis Chim says:

Spotted a 911 at 9:40 🙂

Zuko Mangia says:

great review!

Elliott Manning says:

I don’t think I would use it. Not because I hate in-car technology, but because it’s not fully autonomous. It’s like 90% there. You still had to pay attention when you were driving, which is what I think people get confused by. These driver assistance tech features are there to assist the driver, not drive for you. When you had to hold the turn signal to make the car switch lanes is very cool, but if I was in a hurry somewhere, those precious seconds would get in the way of me driving. Awesome for a road trip, or highway cruising, but a pain in the ass for city traffic.

shpazhist says:

Level 4: When you fall asleep, cars drives to the nearest gas station and goes into sleep mode with you too.

Leo Walker says:

I know he is testing the system, but I don’t think people should TRUST it to the point of relying on it. I think it is to help the driver because most people can’t pay perfect attention to the rode, and some people (me) aren’t morning people and need to make it to work without getting into an accident in the morning.

Michael Wallace says:

Every minute you’d half to put your hands on the steering wheel??? so Annoying!    I’d might as well just buy a TESLA!!!

nasafan2008 says:

Really cool review. Since the lease on my E350 is up in a few months I’m custom ordering one now. For me, I really want the 12.3 digital screen. Not sure why they only offer that with the Premium 3 package, but that’s what you need to get for that screen. I would probably go with the Premium 3 package even without the 12.3 monitor. I will make use of the autonomous driving as I commute an hour hour each way to work in LA. I have complex wrist issues on both hands (not carpal tunnel) so I think it will help.

One thing I’m puzzled about is the wheels. I think the wheels that are on the pic of the white E300 at the Detroit auto show put this car over the top. These are the same wheels used on E in the new commercial that just came out this week. They look absolutely awesome on the new E. However, no dealer knows how to get them. When you custom build on line you can’t order them.

nosamnella says:

Pretty boring really. My CLS 550 was based on the boring old E Class from 10 years ago and still looks better

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

S-class interior for E-class money.

Though the ENGINE FUCKING SUCKS…this car will be a city cruiser mostly. Most wealthy people will choose a better engine, but a PHEV would be so awesome.

CaMOTr4sH says:

I don’t understand why you would have an autonomous feature that only drives itself for 1 minute. Why not have it like the Model S where it will just keep lane and manage speed as long as you want on the highway. If people don’t want to pay attention and abuse the autonomous feature that’s their issue and they should assume their own responsibility. What a pointless feature.

Wised1000 says:

I have the previous system on the my C400. It does everything you describe except change lanes autonomously. I personally love it. In Chicago congestion highway traffic the car simply drives itself with almost zero driver interaction. BTW you can resume after a full stop with just pulling on the cruise lever, no need to use the pedals. Its unnerving the first time but the system is almost flawless. It takes 90% of driving in bumper to bumper traffic frustration away. To me personally, it makes for a safer drive since it essentially removes the urge of trying to weave in traffic to get ahead or the frustration of having to surge ahead only to stop immediately thereafter. I let the car take over and spend my time listening to the radio.

Re Ho says:

Just like yourself, I would be sweating bullets worrying about whether the tech would fail and the car would end up in the rear end of another vehicle. I do love the tech though.

TrueG404 says:

one single tiny fk up from the system and you’re dead

Paul khoza says:

I personally do not trust a car driving itself.

Stanley Judah says:

Autonomous driving technology has its usefulness for those rare occasions when it would be called upon other than as a party trick to impress. On the whole though, as a driver who still very much enjoys driving, I would like to be old school and drive the car myself, especially if it were at high speeds.

Zamri says:

Great presentation.

Ray Ridyard says:

I took delivery of my new e-class in January and used the drive pilot on the way home from the dealer. I’m using it every day to and from the office and in general I am very happy with the performance. It is in no way perfect and requires you to at least pay some attention. Traffic sign recognition is not 100% and the auto steer feature can scare you occasionally, however, I’m certainly happy that I opted for the drive pilot. I have a 1200km drive coming up in a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs during long drives.

Robert Weisberg says:

Great Video. Video is super sharp and a great demo showing the capabilities of the car.

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