2017 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 3)

MotoMan drives the Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG – a 577 HP twin turbo V8 with an inventive folding roof. However, for 2017, Mercedes Benz and AMG have made a number of changes to the old girl – yes, some flashy new looks, a revised transmission but most importantly, borrowed a page out of the old hot rodders book with a mechanical rear differential – for this Mercedes AMG convertible with 664 pounds of thrust . . . MotoMan finds fitting roads outside of San Diego, California to find out if this racer trick makes a difference on this Mercedes Benz luxury GT convertible . . .

For more information, check out our full 2017 #Mercedes #Benz #SL Series TECH REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJPTmhfLcV8

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Tippy35075 says:

I’ll take the new SL63 AMG. It’ll be perfect for Australia. I drive a GL500 5.5L

Dodge Hemi says:

Too much CLA dash and center console, not bad but way behind C, E, S, SLS class. The CLS is due for refresh. The GLE sounds better than x6M but it’s a porkers like Rover Sport.

scoobysaurus302 says:

I got this (pre-facelift version) late last year. Love it, but the depreciation on these things is horrifying. Could’ve saved a few bucks on trade-in next year if I bought a 911turbo/S instead of this. But that’s probably the only complaint I have with the car which is otherwise superb at what it does. Best GT roadster if there ever was one.

Nice review btw keep up the good work. 🙂

dflash88 says:

i drive a golf 3 1.9 tdi and to be honest i am a sl lover and a merg lover and i will choose the sl 65 over any other mind that the 911 turbo s is better

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

Still a dam slow car…. Buy a corvette instead

wonderwall135 says:

rather get a gts

Colby Wells says:


Shapor Naghibzadeh says:

You had some bad info in this video. The aluminum body panels aren’t new for ’17, they are carryover except the new styling. Same with the mechanical diff. It was available as part of the performance pack since the beginning of the R231 SL63 (’12) and all previous AMG SL’s have offered it as an option as well. Also, your 4800 lb number for weight is high by at least 600 lbs.

Castana Acuric says:

I really hope Mercedes will start making their cars electric.

Refit Musaj says:

I would drive 24 hr non stop.
This car has class, comfort, quality, power. Has all what I need 🙂

The price?
Yeah, diamonds are always expensive. Thats why people want them and not silver.

Adrian Venturer says:

Maybe a Lambo ? The Merc is on all the roads…

Isaac Gonçalves says:

Where is the 3rd part!?

Isaac Brinson says:

I would get a “basic” NSX.

Black Pearl says:

SL 63 or 65? Is the difference worth it? Is the 63 that much more nimble, a la the Bentley V8s over the Speed?

munir haleem says:

AMG GT S because of the interior and the performance numbers. I also like the new 4.0 L V8 Biturbo and the engine sound. I currently drive both a Mercedes Benz C300 and an ML 350 Bluetec

Roger Lee says:

Most people would get 911. A MB will always drives like a mb, regardless it’s amg or not. it’s a big soft car.

jobicek says:

I thought R231 already had aluminium body before the facelift, right from the beginning (2012). I recall it was one of the changes from R230 (the previous generation from 2001). Yet you say that this is new for this model year.

Also, did you call that gimmick with brakes an electronic differential? Then we have very different ideas what an electronic differential is. That gimmick is no differential at all (well, there’ll be an open differential in there). You’re so excited, yet you couldn’t say what kind of mechanical differential it exactly is. And mode really doesn’t matter with a mechanical differential, right, yet you keep mentioning it.

Or what about those wipers? That is also four years old news. The S Coupé got it as well (SL was first back in 2012), you tested that one extensively, I think some other models as well. Idea being that you can see better outside while the windshield is wiped instead of having it covered with fluid. I seem to recall that the open top cars have some added logic which takes into account whether the top is down so you don’t get sprayed (I guess by the excess fluid which can be picked up by wind, so I imagine it reduces the amount of fluid sprayed in at least some phases), but I never tried to verify it.

I expected more from you. It begs a question, have you driven the R231 before this facelift?

krishna raj says:

Can’t he just be avoided from your reviews

SLO722 says:

Shoot the person that designed the dog-ugly interior!

Michael M says:

Here’s an idea for you guys. 200k I would buy a house and not be stupid enough to waste 200k on a car.

Scuf Records says:

“Nice big sweeper here, please don’t try this at home.” Yes because I have so many roads in my house.

gasolara2002 says:

Since 200k is the limit then the Mercedes G63 AMG is it for me. It is way under the limit but I like SUVs.

I drive a 2012 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.

Zenek Bombalina says:

You should show these wipers at work not just talking about them.

Sam Smith says:

Instead of a new SL 63, I would get a 911 Turbo Cab (2012), a Cayman S (2008-ish) and a Tacoma (2016), and still have money left over.

DaddyO972 says:

They should’ve updated that awful interior into like the 2017 E class. Which Is SPECTACULAR

Mr60610 says:

The problem for me is that I don’t infact have a budget of 150 – 200 (ha haa), so I would instead wait about 7 years until these suckers decrease to 1/3rd their original value (and with low miles because those old codgers hardly drive them) and pay around 40-50k for a very nice SL. A 7 year old 911 Turbo (comparable MSRP) for 50k? Does not exist! So there’s my choice. USA, ML350d

DA Master says:

Sharpness is good but blacks look crushed.

H Mack says:

$150k budget? GT3RS all day long #2. 14 Viper T/A ..I live in south west of America, & drive 2 different cars. A modern American Muscle car, & a practical 4dr Sedan

Parker James says:

The quality of these videos is amazing!! Keep it up

Frankie Guzikowski says:

“So put that in your pipe to smoke in”
best line by far

phantom2k10 says:

nice review

M Dac says:

I currently drive an ’14 SL550. At that price point you specify in your question ($150K-ish)I would get the S550 coupe vert. I live in the suburbs of DC (N. Va) and there is simply no place to even adequately use the 429 hp in my current car, let alone the 577hp in the SL63. So I’m selecting a car that’s still a vert, has more room, more luxury and looks better. In fact, ordering one in late Jan ’17 for spring delivery.Edit:  DaddyO’s comment below is also spot on and a reason I’d select the S coupe over the SL.  There is simply no reason that the mid-model refresh couldn’t have contained a big effort on the interior.  It’s nice, but now even pales in comparison to the ’17 E-class.

Zenesis Pola says:

I’m getting one mars red. It’ll be at my doorstep dec. 6th I got rid of my 15 cali t. Anyone have any input

edition 89 says:

if I had money to buy SL63 I’d rather buy S63 coupe instead. so much more function and 5 people seat.

A Omar says:

I’m a die hard MB fanatic but for the money i’d lean towards the 911. First off the level of equipment and built quality in the new 991 chassis is terrific, the options are virtually endless. Driving dynamics are obviously what you expect from an 911 and the PDK outperforms the MCT. With that said there’s always something to admire about AMG products, their dual personality is seducing, something that heavy and isolated from the outside world shouldn’t be as quick or as tight in the corners but yet it is!

Irfan Handono says:

Mercedes should make this car as their new GT3 car. It’s a pity that they use the AMG GT which has old look as well as their outdated engine.

Aljaz Trdina says:

Nice video as always. The only this I miss here, is the view of the back end of the car.
And btw, like your enthusiasm about car stuff 🙂

Kaptan says:

Part 2 and still haven’t shown the back of the car.

The Unknown says:

i would buy an AMG GT theyre cheaper in Australia and i drive a 2006 Forester XT thats modified and reasonably fast i also have a 93 180e merceredes limited

Erik Berge says:

I would go for an Aston Martin, beautiful and timeless design. I’m in Seattle with a ’04 Mustang GT.

MrPanda415 says:

570s, r8, or a sls omg black series because you just feel more special in something like those. The 911 R is on the short list.

Northern califronia currently driving a 911 turbo.

Joel Hannah says:

I’d go for a 911, personally. Think it looks better and I prefer a smaller and lighter car, likely why I enjoy driving my 2009 GTI

SeniorLeb says:

I dont like it and the interior is a mix of old parts!

Michelangelo Buonarroti says:

1 month has passed an I believe we’re still waiting for Part 3 of 3. Any idea when the item will be uploaded. My apologies if I missed it.

Anton Lazarenko says:

Driving 2016 SL400 now. Would take MB GT S for 150K.

alex walker says:

Why would they choose to use the same dated interior from the previous model than one of the absolutely gorgeous interiors from the new E or S class mercs? Heck even the C class got an updated interior that looks better than this. The whole point of this car is to have an open top 2 seater sportier S class, but the interior is no where close to justify the price when u can have an s class coupe for the same. Or heck even an E class for half with an updated interior.

leeyang1990 says:

Gorgeous exterior and horrible interior

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