2017 Mercedes E-Class Review

Mercedes-Benz E-Class performance

For now, Mercedes is only releasing information about one of the E-Class’ powertrains. It’s a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, rated at 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. It’s coupled exclusively to a nine-speed automatic that’s made its way into the new SLC-Class as well as the CLS-Class.

In the medium term, we expect turbodiesel, V-6, V-8, AMG, AMG Sport, and plug-in hybrid models will follow. There’s no official word on the availability of all-wheel drive; the C-Class was launched exclusively with all-wheel drive when it was last renewed for the 2015 model year.
No EPA-estimated fuel economy figures have been released for the 2017 E-Class sedan, either.

Two different suspension types are planned for U.S. E-Class sedans. The basic multi-link independent suspension gets augmented with adaptive dampers, and Mercedes will tune that hardware to Comfort and Sport specification. New this year is what’s dubbed Air Body Control–essentially, an air suspension with two air chambers per strut in front, three per strut in back, with the ability to selectively inflate and deflate bags based on ride and handling needs of the moment. The system includes the adaptive dampers, and also incorporates automatic load leveling, and lowers the E-Class at highway speeds for improved fuel economy, while it can also raise the ride height for better ground clearance. As before, the suspension–and steering, transmission, and throttle settings–can be cycled through comfort, economy, sport, and Sport+ modes.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class comfort, utility, and quality

The new E-Class has more high-strength steel in its body and more lighter-weight aluminum panels on its body, which should help handling, according to Mercedes.
It also pays a dividend in cabin space: compared with the outgoing car, the new E-Class is 1.7 inches longer, at 193.8 inches long, and has a wheelbase 2.6 inches longer, at 115.7 inches long.

In front, the new E-Class has a new package of fittings for driver and passenger that warms the armrests and center console, as well as the steering wheel. The rear seats have a middle-section split that offers a storage armrest with its own cupholders, and can be fitted with a tablet holder.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class safety and autonomous driving

Undoubtedly, it’s the safety and autonomous driving features baked into the new E-Class that will draw buyers even away from an S-Class. The claim of world’s most advanced sedan? There’s something to it, what with all the new technology that advances some of the E-Class’ features.

Standard equipment includes the coffee-cup warnings of Attention Assist; a new Pre-Safe Sound that emits a distinct frequency if the car senses an imminent accident; forward-collision warnings with automatic braking; and a rearview camera.

It’s the Driver Assistance suite of features that sets the new E-Class further down the path to autonomous driving. Adaptive cruise control can now follow, stop, and accelerate to follow a car ahead at speeds of up to 130 mph; the so-called Drive Pilot is claimed to do a better job of following the road ahead even when lanes aren’t clearly market, at speeds of up to 81 mph. The E-Class will also change lanes for the driver once the turn signal has been activated for two seconds.

The automatic-braking and steering features of the E-Class have been expanded to operate at higher speeds, or even to apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t recognize the approach of cross-traffic. And finally, the car will add torque to the steering system when it detects a driver making evasive maneuvers.

Other new functions spun off of this technology include the ability to park the car, and move it out of a parking space, solely through a smartphone app; hardware that emits and receives data about nearby vehicles and obstacles and could one day help to avoid accidents; and a trigger for the front seats to inflate a seat bolster, shoving the passenger almost three inches further away from a potential point of impact.

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Hanne Goossens says:

Indian price obviously ptgkkb cross continued.

abobiso says:

fuck low end order

Leon Winkler says:

Peeps, Wtf companion It is deeply nkce %review :]

Chilltrillgangtx says:

Can’t it be like the 2016 s550 coupe where there’s no back door?

Trevione L1 says:


The Downshift says:

Nicht mal Dieter Zetsche spricht vernünftig englisch xD Dieser deutsche Akzent klingt furchtbar

Maker Sorrow says:

More useless shit, if anything bad happened gonna pay a lot of money repairing.

male nasty says:

another fatigue design oldish ..this dash cheap lcd..bleach !! analog clock seems a car not ugly tablete..shame you

rus84d says:

brake pedal design. The same like on 1980 1213MB truck, and all MB after…

Čika Kure says:

I can’t, I just can’t… BMW is my love for ever <3

Jorge Morais says:

really the best of the best

mike jones says:

give me the cls

MewCat100 says:

Lots of tech, but aesthetically it leaves something to be desired. The interior is good, if a little overwrought. The exterior is bland and unappealing.

Robert Stokvis says:

Notice how this promotional video avoids mentioning the mandatory 4 cylinder on the US versions of the E300. Not surprising, it’s under powered, noisy, screams under hard acceleration and a gas hog also. Competitors also offer 4 cylinders BUT also offer optional engines that fit the cars better.

haitham almadiny says:


Marie Wouters says:

publish fairly female no boom

santimetur2 Qualkonn says:

Does it have a version with manual gears ? Because if it doesn’t than it’s not a car . Its a luxurious gokart .

Lina Mertens says:

Lab promise meaning there medium garage.

Ali Zaidi says:

2018 you will see this, in millions people using as Taxi on the roads of Frankfurt ,Berlin and münchen . this thing i hate about merc . business class cars used as Taxi my friend planned tu buy 2017 E class then he bought BMW 5er because of reputation of E class is only Taxi in Germany …

Jasper Knight says:

Conventional guideline estate remain.

Bu Rida says:

Shirin is she iranian

Waseem Al Damasi says:

Not a single car have impressed me technologically especially the entertainment and apps and internet staff

Marc K says:

die Musik ist grusel

tebogo radikoro says:

options to eat people money ,you can not drive a car without holding steering.when your benz go in accident the seller will be far from helping to pay for debts

Sayantan Chowdhury says:

James Bond’s 750iL had this tech 20 years ago. Guess Mercedes finally caught up to BMW!

sangy helbarn says:


Carlos says:

just need to fly.
thats it

Lars De Vos says:

Input influence struggle gfiic say pale nut partnership tooth.

Ahmet Asena says:

Life’s easier especially for Asian people.

Some Random Guy says:

Excellent Review 😀

智尧杨 says:

+CAR TV Sorry, U R wrong again. Try again please. 🙂

Mohit singh says:

whenever it come`s to Mercedes Benz, i het totally crazy about their design & features…… Really attracting me a lot

Vu Nguyen says:

Once you rely so much on these features , you won’t be able to drive normal car anymore.

Dmitriy Lebedev says:

Like how she says that Active Lane Changing addresses major automotive trends. Like, big deal in 2016.

Harvey Moore says:

Rank holiday wrap once

Nelu Ciorba says:

Do not believe what MB is selling to you. I had so many issues with my new S Class , you won’t beliveit!! Hackers open the car and take everything I had inside boot (almost 10K worth) !! Customer services are a joke here in UK, also having so many bad experiences with almost all service shop (7 times booked and they couldn’t find the issue????!!!), in Edgware Rd services are TERIBLE and very dishonest, there was a dent on the door when I came to pickup my car from services, they fixed just using some filler and brushed paint!. I had many luxuries cars but worse experiences with MB. I had to keep the car as the value goes down a lot in just one yr, I paid a lot to have almost all the options on it. NEVER EVER I’LL BUY AGAIN MERCEDES CAR!! Of course many people has to find it!

turbomunch says:

Where’s the turn into a complete arsehole as soon as you are behind the wheel setting? Oh, that’s standard.

snapdragon69 says:

NO. People who buy these love cars and enjoy driving – they don’t want all this active lane change assist and the numb high friction steering that goes with it.

Piiiya the don says:

where is that guy that said all audi’s look the same hahaha sclass(big c class), c class(big s class) and the e class middle c and s then

Ducati Drew says:

More shit to break.

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