2018 Audi Q6 e-tron PREVIEW as Audi e-tron quattro concept electric 500km range

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Shabbir Ghafoor says:

Audi, the only way an EV is going to sell is if you have nationwide/ Europewide charging infrastructure. £ can be saved if you can use an existing charging network. that is the Tesla supercharger network. It is proved and reliable.

Techancati says:

Excellent Video Thomas! I really like the way Audi are going, the Q6 is stunning. I think that now there is a real push for efficient driving, like the A7 h-tron, and the Q7 e-tron. This is simply a big step in the right direction for Audi. On another note, would you expect for us to see a large SUV from Audi, like a Q9, in order to compete with the Mercedes GLS?

Lego Ninja says:

Funny to see how Audi,Mercedes,others are now scrambling after Tesla. The Model S 2018 will laugh at this 🙂

Caesius says:

I think touchscreens just are cheap looking

sebxx says:

not fan of the angular headlights, much prefer those from current A3 etc.
scary interior too with all those screens, not sure it’s an ergonomic win. and driving at night will be annoying (unless they reuse SAAB dark mode where only speed remain visible)

Daniel Brandl says:

Well Guys, why did you punish yourself through this review in English? Well, the car looks great but I bet the drive train is totally not finished yet, neither the batteries.

Alex Fu says:

If 30 mins can charge up to 80% with a range of 400 km, that is truly impressive.

OldVillain says:

This is an excellent review Thomas; so much better than the other “preview” videos. I enjoyed your interview and the explanations from the Audi chap.
The design of the exterior is very handsome. I also like the interior.
Overall, this is a beautifully designed vehicle that I would love to own.

Ivan Borg says:

Hi Thomas, I have to thank you for this great feature. One of the best I ve seen about the etron quattro. Interesting interview. Good to know where are we heading in the coming years. I have my own reservations though.

TheHeianorge says:

Will all the moving parts on the exterior work with ice and snow in Norway with temperatures down to minus 30 centigrades?

Obi Ezeilo says:

Nice concept, but I prefer the classic console (buttons & knobs rather than touchscreens everywhere).

TheSushiraw says:


Bojidar Martinov says:

hell no….fuck that “future”. Too much displays for me.

slople.com says:

Tesla all the time. Before they roll out this car, a Model S will be much faster, much longer range and most important, have a much wider spread charging infrastructure. Oh, and they don’t do electric because they have to, but because they WANT.

Fetii27 BABATTRO says:

It lookst pretty cool, but I think I’ll rather take the A4 B9 interior, and they can add this new design as an option so everybody can get what they like.

Jose Aguirre says:

Nice job! As much as the new ACURA NSX. Industrial Automation Artificial Intelligence is in the automobile. I hope I don’t get lazy.LoL

Schloss Weinkeller says:


Daniel Brandl says:

BTW there was a comment about the acceleration. It can be done from 0 to 200 four times in a row without loosing any power… But what I missed … how fast will that be? Well a Tesla for sure will lower the peak power after a few high performance off the line accelerations, but it is still way faster than most of the cars on the road.

Sharpy William says:

Amazing looking car! But in all honesty, we are pushing to much torwards the digital stuff, as fancy and incredible as it may look, i can only think of how distracting and weird must be to have all those screens and lights, i cant really say cause i havent experimented such car, but im liking my cars old fashion way, beauty you can appreciate without having to charge it up lol.

Mourik131 says:

Do you know anything about the new q5 and a5. I’m thinking of buying one of these 2

Phenomen92 says:

Diskike for the car, I want a car not a driving computer.

Mister Fister says:

Should have been strange for 2 Germans to speak English

Vladislav Dokic says:

I prefer Tesla’s big touchscreen over Audi’s multiple small displays.

James Bond says:

Maybe something in the middle between the current layouts and styling and an evoluted one. Going too extreme would make Audi a bit too commercial and lacking personality. But that’s my humble opinion only.

Omer Yehezkely says:

2018 is way too much time for things to go wrong and they will go wrong.

CrazyBarbarian says:

I really hope that they make the production look like this as it’s a stunning looking car both inside and out!!

19stojkovic93 says:

GOOD GOD every new car that is build in last 15 years is more and more complicated, more unneeded parts more wires more plastic when car die on road you can only cry nothing more….
Simplicity here I come !
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.“
I will not be surprised that someone in next 10 years to put explosives in battery to increase range…

Decididor says:

No way this interior goes to production

ReerBaadia says:

thr sell is dependant on batteries. In short this car doesn’t work. complete gimmick

Roberto Pescatore says:

This audi doesn’t look like it’s a direct competition to tesla like some people are suggesting, since model x is already here and tesla is building a battery gigafactory, therefore tesla will be far more advanced than this audi in 2018 and due to gigafactory tesla will be able to offer much better price, one can assume that the price of this audi will be in outrageous category anyway, something in the range of 200k+ $. Unfortunately no competition to all. I expect some real competition to tesla to come from asian manufacturers, but not toyota, since toyota is dumping money in a bogus technology of hydrogen fuell cells.

Sawers Iconia says:

Waiting the test of 2015 Subaru Levorg GT-S

Elmar Bickel says:

2018 <-- too late i think :O

Ann Ismail says:

This is perfect

Aires Silva says:

I really like this concept, I believe is a big step into the future (alongside with the Porsche concept).
The interior is very futuristic, I’ll probably like it a bit more simplistic. Anyway , thumbs up for Audi!

sander brust says:

Great design, it is getting used to for most of the people but they are thinking forwards

Guido Vercruysse says:

I go for this style inner and outer and would like to have such a car, no classick to me. Hope range will me improve much more in the future like double or better triple it.

Mister Fister says:


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