2018 Audi RS 5 What’s New Preview

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2018 Audi RS 5 is all new and features a new twin turbo V6 under the hood. What else is new? Watch this TFLcar sneak peek preview to find out.

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SidekickMat says:

 any form of launch control
tire size
curb weight compared to an s5

Ethan02135 says:

How does it compare to the S5 in terms of driving dynamics and features?

Treats On The Streets says:

Let’s see a 0-60 run using launch control!

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Remember back in the day before turbos when cars sounded good

عبدالرحمن العطاس says:


Felipe Gutierrez says:

Is there going to be a sportback version?

hamoody hamada says:

Make a crash test ?

Man O War says:

The only company still managing to shove engines past the front wheels and yet making them still cool.

Don Leamon says:

Should have taken it on down the boat ramp there at Bartlett and see how well it would have done out on the lake. 😉 Ha, I can see that lake’s dam from my house. Fun road in there though. Probably why Audi chose it.

Paul Lindholm says:

Make it have a sportback please!

Tim Shaw says:

Roman, please explain how Audi’s sound enhancement works. Especially, compared to other sound enhancement methods other car makers use. Thanks!

David Abazadze says:

but that v8 sound tho 🙁

Bill Y says:

The most important part, the performance numbers and how it drives on the road.

Darryl Brown says:

What is the price of the 2018 Audi RS5 and what are the offered colors?

Reg Sparkes says:

I’d like to know if it’s a ‘comfortable’ car for cruising,..and can that sound augmentation be turned off inside the car.
I love that color, and those RS5 marking’s would be my choice too!!! ( Nothing like personalizing MY car )

NickOn4Wheels says:

This this is not gonna sell without a V8, RS5’s ALWAYS come with V8’s

M Sears Garage says:

I want a manual back!

phil chao says:

i cringe everytime he grabs the window to open and close the door.

Jose-Luis Marin-Navarrete says:

How do think it comperes to the BMW. M4 competition package?

Daniel Duedu says:

I don’t like the color of the paint

headcas620 says:

No V8 and no manual. I don’t give a shit.The older one looked so much better.

Matthew LaRock says:

Is it better than the RS3 with 4 doors and a better sounding 5 cylinder

marcusablpn Pike says:

Y’all should do a Head up competition vs q60 red sport or the Audi S5 versus the Q60 Red sport.

the_guy942 says:

What kind of tires does it come with? How do they handle? How’s the road noise in the car?

TheBoosteddub says:

Love the color. Sounds pretty good. Want to see acceleration and launch control 0-60 and 0-100

tanarvis tennant says:

Love that color!

Edward Agora Feenman says:

I’ve had my 2013 rs5 since new. I got sick of waiting on this car and about 9 months ago I leased a Hellcat for shits and giggles. I still have my RS5 of course, and we’ll entirely to many other cars currently, but I hope this is everything it should be.
I think I might just be happier with the RS3. That car has been calling my name since it’s introduction.
I’ve seen that 5 cylinder make 750 wheel in a TTRS, so I know it’s been tuned, and pretty capable. 750 wheel in an RS3 might be the sleeper from hell.

Bryan Vo says:

0-60 and drag race a c63 amg please

Shahab Besharatlou says:

Can you do a walk-through of the virtual cockpit

Douglas Milewski says:

What’s the maintenance schedule?

Patrick Lay says:

Is backseat usable?

Hugo Lopez says:

I likes this. Not a fan of 50 vents all over the car.

Anthony C says:

“Ticking Bomb” on the dashboard next to the tach??

Matt Lopez says:


MrBenzboy11 says:

This Audi will looks way nicer in yellow or red color.

Gary Blatt says:

Quick Shaking the camera. This video looks like a bad attempt to film a pron flick. Think more TopGear with shallow depth of field tricks. I expect more from TFL.

Hashim Hamdan says:

It’s not a 3.9 liter twin-turbo v6, it’s a 2.9 liter twin-turbo v6

Alyssa Mae Marie says:

Is it a hatchback/liftback or a standard trunk?

Curt Landgraff says:

What about the big low profile tires? Would it not be A rough ride?

Chris Dooley says:

It’s a 2.9 liter not 3.9 Roman. Very nice car though

Pedro says:

Is not the top dog from Audi, you idiot.

Cash says:

Drag race the V8 it replaced and 0-60 numbers would be awesome!!!

Svein Friborg says:

Stop farting, drive electric!

Edysin Simon says:

How about a 2.9 liter? The 3.9 does not exist in Audi form.

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