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Jeep hasn’t built a pickup truck in decades, but that doesn’t mean the niche has gone unfulfilled. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) offers the Brute Double Cab, a reworked Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Contributing Editor Basem Wasef takes a look at the Brute and the company found by Dave Harriton on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.


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CAR: America Expedition Vehicles Brute Double Cab
MAG EDITORS: Basem Wasef

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Brandon Dogoncrack says:

it does not cost 60000 to upgrade a jeep like that. u could do it for maybe 20000 n that includes labor u fools juz another money hungry Mongol wouldn’t surprise me if they voted for Hillary

Allison Fontenot says:

Hi handsome.


it a nice Bakkie ha

David machAdo says:

No thanks with that price tag ill buy two toyota hilux 3.0 turbo diesels

Jimmy T says:

Nicely done, but way over priced I would defiantly buy one, even at 46.000.$

Branon Fontaine says:

It’s no wonder the American car market is shit, cuz idiots like many leaving comments here drive foreign vehicles. I don’t care if a Toyota piece of shit is built here, the fact still remains that some asshole in Tokyo is being driven around in his Maybach cuz moronic American consumers keep buying his crap. I’ll stick with ’74 347 stroker Ford Bronco, with over 500hp, it’s a Chevy and Toyota eatin’ badass…

Gary Stubbs says:

interesting, nice but something is missing, not made by jeep, but an independent company 200 hundred miles from Detroit, prices cost double for customization, or for the vehicles. what about parts or up grades?

JC Image Inc says:

I’d have a hard time spending that much on a Jeep, no matter how cool.

John barfneck says:

I hope they build this version……… …….I still cant afford one though…..

R0N Samo says:

These idiots copied the H3T. LOSERS!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Jake Papadopoulos says:

I would say it’s $50000 too brutal. Just weld a trailer hitch and get a heavy duty trailer and you got more capability.

Anibal Babilonia says:

It does look pretty cool though!! Just too pricey!

Michael Edgell says:

yea 80,000$ i work at a dealership and those things are pointless as fuck.

budcargeorge says:

Just supercharge the TRD PRO Tacoma with full Toyota Factory warranty and you will be more fuel efficient and just as fast for less money and a tighter lighter more nimble truck in tight trails with better approach angles and clearances.

Still a good review, like to see one with TRD upgrades though and to see it for 2016.  I love the concept challenge here, very nice interesting video but explain the criteria better.

zero emissions says:

Save a ton of money and get a ram 2500 with a 6.4 hemi lockers and disconnecting away bar , and it includes a 12,000 warn for all under $60,000

Josh B says:

Cool and all just still have to bring a tent, for that price it needs roof racks l.e.d light bars and alot more….why you buy a “sportsmobile” no need for a tent lol

Fidel Castro says:

Two questions, can you take the top off? can you put the windshield down?

zach stroh says:

Chrysler should buy this idea and use it because the jeep trucks were a huge success until they were removed

Lei Shri Krama says:

WTF?  DO YOU SEE HOW THIS JEEP HANDLES BUMPS&HOLES ? Never saw so bad chassis in action! There is better for much less money, the Raptor is one of the best ex, if you really want something ”American”!

Dodge Charger says:

Jeep will make one next yar

Randi Gal says:

i live in canada and 2 lbs of air in the snow is not what you need. tall thin tires are what you need..i know the footprint is wider.. drive through a couple of feet of snow at -30 you’ll see different.even when i was driving a truck on the winter roads. we didn’t drop the pressure more than about 10 lbs from stock.. the cold air makes the air compress more.. and it’s very hard to get heat in your tires at -30… even on ice you want thin tires. the wider the footprint the easier it is to slide..

John barfneck says:

no matter what they do I still cant afford one…….and most working class americans cant afford one….

Sir Mutton Chops says:

It takes $20k just to switch from a V6 to a Hemi crate engine? WTF! Does it cost $40k for the supercharged one?

Railroads Across Maine says:

It’s a 4 door Scrambler. Calling it a “Brute” is ridiculous

Jon's Garage says:

The only thing it has going for it is that it looks kinda like a hilux.

Why would anyone buy this over a tacoma? I mean its a cool truck…but its not 80 thousand dollars cool.

none of your dam business says:

you could bye a hummer for that

premiercconstruction says:

nice truck 80k to 120k… super pricey…

gotdirt66 says:

Put the 2.8l, 4 cylinder Cummins in it.

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