All-new 2015 Jeep Renegade Reveal at the Geneva Motor Show

Mike Manley, President and CEO Jeep Brand, introduces the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade and Jeep Renegade Trailhawk at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


info solo says:

wrangler ugly .. oh my god .. what kind of model this kind of design .. really its ugly 

HX Re says:

Will be trading my cube for this or a Cherokee love the orange

3636lk says:

Love it!

Patrick Rice says:

Talk about junk. The so called trail hawk would bottom out on a small rock that would get destroyed on a 4X4 trail.

JeepCollector91 says:

I have watched all the videos of the 2015 Jeep Renegade and still have mixed feelings about it. If it is going to be available with a small diesel, it is looking better to me than the new station wagon Jeep Cherokee. I still think the styling reminds me more of the H3 front and Kia Soul rear. I am sure it will be a great driving “car”.
Still thinking my money may be better spent on an older Jeep KJ, XJ, TJ, ZJ, or YJ… replace/rebuild the drivetrain and still come out with more money left in my pocket than the fuel savings of the new Jeep Renegade or Cherokee will save me. Not to mention the cheaper repair cost in the future. How many times could you buy and restore a Jeep XJ for the cost of the new Jeep Cherokee KL?

chris morris says:

I’ve watched videos on the new Jeeps and my biggest concern is being able to customize it. Can it be lifted 2 inches and sport some 31 or 32 inch shoes. I love Jeep and these Jeeps aren’t for everyone but as daily drivers on snow days they would be fine but as hard core off road vehicles I think they would fall a little short. with that said, I wouldn’t mind having one to run around in just for the mpg since my Wrangler only gets 15mpg on a good day. Us Americans need to realize that Jeep is trying to grow and its not about just what we want. All I can say is please don’t screw us on the next gen Wrangler. Keep it capable and customizable.

Jay Alford says:

So, basically they’re replacing the Liberty with this? 

Terry OConnor says:

I can’t believe what has happened to this iconic brand. “A new benchmark for the industry”.. the ugliest, most fragile, least powerful and least capable in the history of the name.  Fiat failure.

Rob Heathers says:

I’ll take a Jeep Renegade in TrailHawk trim and painted Aqua Pearl Metallic II, please & thank-you.

knuckleuprambo says:

12.40 mark.garbage wheel travel. tires completly off ground at almost zero wheel travel.what they dont mention also is starting 2015 all jeeps are made in china assembled in china

JeepCollector91 says:

I think the KL Cherokee design team were inspired by a catfish.
Please throw it back in the lake….

stacking stones says:

will this be sold in America??  what kind of axles?

living-life TV jeep king says:

I’m gonna stick to my 94 🙂 I do like the new motors tho

Kris L says:

I love this Renegade, it’s not a Wrangler but it’s not supposed to be neither. Too bad we don’t get a diesel in NA!!

And does Mike Manley really want to be there? Doesn’t look very excited or enthusiastic about the product.

Jason Vella says:

Fark me this guy put me to sleep. Get some ticker mate and farking talk like the world just came alive.

fmonk says:

Christ, man, smile a little when you are presenting an exciting new product. He looks like he’s making a speech at a funeral!

KCGB414 says:

Looks nice.

soyelpalm says:

Holy shit its a fiat panda, essentially. All that gibberish about the disconnecting axle is panda’s 4×4 stuff, fiat is definitely taking over the Chrysler brand!

James Edmunds says:

Jeep Trailhawk…approved to go over speed bumps at the mall.  Jeep Cherokee is a big compromise…for the worse.    Urban Adventure really means toughing it at the local Walmart at the end of the month to spend food stamps.  Will Obama or next prez bail this foreign company out in a couple of years???   Top 3 reasons not to buy a Jeep Cherokee or Renegade:

1.  Made in Italy ( quality and reliability are horrible).
2. Design is damn near fugly
3. You Have to BUY a Tacoma to follow your Jeep…so when the Jeep breaks down at Walmart…the Tacoma can take you back home.

Noel Ebbert says:

I imagine it would be quite costly to build in italy and ship over here…..dang i really wanted to afford one.

T0wTruck247 says:

omg jeep is going so wrong

glenn kennedy says:

I want one NOW !   Great job Jeep !

Littuccio Player says:

la versione truzza della panda 4 x 4

keith v says:

he’s british and he’s got beard. No wonder the jeep looks just like his face.

stevodfn says:

I think this car will be great, and god knows that American cars were always behind European cars in terms of ride, handling, quality, MPG… Well, pretty much everything. So this car actually bring European technology in an American designed package, so it should be a success. 

NismoFury says:

Good stuff JEEP now dont get greedy. Price this at $20k 4×4 take over the segment no one will look at anything else. Do it.

twissted Jack says:

I think I fell a sleep! I did! What did I miss?

James Edmunds says:

Where are the Hamsters…I want to see the Kia Hamster…ooohhh..this is a Jeep.  Yikes..uuuuugggggglllllyyyy….    first there was 3,,,,now 2….and w/ GM recalls betraying taxpayers by hiding defects…sooon there will be 1.  TOYOTA.

Arjel Brian Agustin says:

3.6 Pentastar V6?

WaterDrive1 says:

Where is the Jeep Rubicon 3.0L EcoDiesel V6? What are they waiting for?

JeepCollector91 says:

If I had the money, I would just buy a well equipped XJ, KJ, KK, & KL and take them all down the same roads and trails to show how each one is better. Then do an endurance test of them all. Then as parts fail we can look at the cost to repair each one to figure out which one is cheaper to own in the long term. Unfortunately I don’t have and never will have the money to do so. My guess is that the XJ would last the longest and be the cheapest to keep on the road followed by the KJ then the KK and the KL following up in the rear. Don’t see the KL being worth repairing 20 years from now.

Spektacle says:

Advertising this thing as an offroader is like advertising the ford focus as roomy…..I can’t stand marketing that misleads people.  If you took this thing out and tried to hang with a Wrangler, FJ Cruiser or Xterra on a REAL trail, it would have to be towed out.  Good for gravel roads maybe.  If you want to off road, get an off road vehicle.  If you get one of these or something like it, you will regret it the first time you hear the loud scraping noise on your undercarriage, or when you are stranded in the bush.  I’m not knocking the vehicle, just the way they try to sell it. 

ShaneO Matic says:

This jeep is but ugly. From its bent grill to its bug wing head lights. Um no. What’s going on jeep? Oooo the Italians are taking over I forgot. U can do better.

Uday Bhargav says:

I hate the new look

miopera40 says:

renegade looks good, like a suki jimny, they just need to make it shorter and convertible

Action J says:

Eww… I’ll stick with my TJ.

James Edmunds says:

This foreigner that represents Fiat (Fix It Again Tony)…what a bore.  

otherstuffbybob says:

I would like to order my 2015 Jeep Rubicon in GECKO PEARLCOAT GREEN please.

imac8175 says:

For everyone complaining that “this is not a Jeep”.It’s not like Jeep stopped building the Wrangler. In order for the company to survive they must build vehicles that fit other segments in the market especially world wide. Other than North America almost no one buys a Wrangler. I think it’s great that Jeep is stepping into other segments and offering competitive vehicles with off road capability or at least more than the average customer would ever need. I myself am considering moving to the new Renegade TrailHawk from my surprisingly capable Liberty KJ, it offers amazing fuel economy paired with more than enough off road capability to make it to that hard to reach camping or fishing spot. I’d like to see a Ford Escape, Chevy Trax or any other small/midsize SUV come close.

tony d says:

fuck you jeep so much respect lost

Mike Metcalf says:

Jeep, you need to stay true to your roots.

Zac Price says:

i can see it would look better with a color-match grill just another Patriot

plymouthroadrunner1 says:

The Renegade needs SOLID Raised White Letter tires BADLY.

spyder 2018 says:

what fucking piece shift!!!i would never buy north america car 

rdeudaeta says:

It looks awesome… But Italian made??? Isn’t a Jeep the most American thing???

Necs.Photos says:

Who sees a Nissan cube and jeep patriot?

sakir ata jr says:

ZJ ftw

abazdarhon says:

This is happend when italian put hands on american cars -RUBBISH.
This jeeps look ugly!
I love american cars but now with this new facing i hate it

nikahatt says:

fuck both of those cars… Jeep wranglers are the only real Jeeps out there.

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