All New 2016 BMW X1 XDRIVE 28i / Quick BMW Review

Next Generation 2016 BMW X1 Xdrive 28i in Black Sapphire Metallic. Premium, Driver’s Assistance & Technology Packages. Harman Kardon Premium Sound System & LED Headlights with Cornering Lights. MSRP is 46,770 USD. 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds. Exhaust Sound. BMW Review. Car Review. Thumbs Up! ***** Join my social family at – TSU People’s Network – use my link – (copy & paste it) and then click on the Join button. Upload pictures of your favorite vehicles that you see around town and the one your driving. Thanks *****

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Bhoben Saikia says:

i have got an used x1 of 2012model should I have it

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Why is there still an optical disc drive…when was the last time anyone used a CD/DVD as a music or video source?

VStube says:

the previous x1 and 1 series were the ugliest cars in bmw stable. it wouldve been my last choice among the bmw suvs. now its the best looking. i like it better then the x5 too. this ones rear looks better then the x5 which i feel looks a little incomplete. love this colour too. woukd have looked even better with red leather seats

Smarty CooL says:

the car includes the girl?

Mac Arows says:

Vanessa is hottest one you have!

Erik yoo says:

very good job on the review thanks

Joe Greski says:

Love bmw nice car I love the style and u explained it so well Scott I want a new bmw one day and this one I love have a great day Joe g from Boston

John Greensmith says:

Does vanessa come with the car??

Richard Jones says:

doesnt sound as good with the standard 4 cyl shame oh well beautiful vehicle though

blueonblack83 says:

Best looking crossover I think (or compact SUV?).

Zach Moore says:

Didn’t look like you were using an iPhone. Your auto focus and overall focus would improve if you could get your hands on a 6s plus.

Hazel Blue says:

thank you another great review!;)

Saad Siddiqi says:

How do you make the lights flicker?

Matt Brown says:

ORDERED! Went for the UK version 18d xline with added moon roof, electric mirrors, lumbar support, enhanced nav pack and bigger fuel tank. A little over£5k of extras. sounds like a lot and tbh I wouldn’t have gone for if i hadn’t been where I am in my life
Fuck it right?. This vehicle is incredible to drive. I’m planning a whole European tour in it and I can also easily fit my drums inside for local gigs. Pretty much my perfect car.

Varun Pandey says:

I Love your reviews. Thanks!
I am interested in buying X3 – @95050. Any suggestions for a good deal?

robert4you says:

The BMW X1 is really nice, and Vanessa is breathtakingly beautiful… hard to focus on the car.

Joe Greski says:

Anytime Scott

rexhunterTV sf says:

does the x4 has the electronic break too ?

Iván Ceballos says:

Thank you Scott for this great review, i got this car last week and i love it!

MrDj Love says:

how much is the price?

Daniel McMahon says:

Hey Scott, if you attach a polarising filter to your phone’s camera, you could cut down on those reflections.

eifel70 says:

Nice car. 46,770$? Wow! The same one (xdrive 25i) here in Germany is easily > 58,000$

J says:

Hey Scot,
Just wanted to thank you for all the great videos ! I’m a young new Sales consultant up north in Canada and I’m learning a ton from your awesome videos.

xiaxia420 says:

Vanessa is sexy, she deserves a better car.

AJ says:

Love ur vids Scott, but where do u take ur videos? California?

Joe Greski says:

I would buy my bmw one day off you

Pandroix says:

this or 3 series?

Creed Justice says:

Where is Scott finding all of these love goddesses from??

taimoor shaikh says:

my question is that does the does the audio system support bluetooth teachnology?

Param Bansal says:

Hey Scott, I read one of your posts on BMW page in which u requested BMW to like or make ur channel BMW approved. I dont know if they have done it or not But there is one thing that nobody can deny is that u r Phenominal. You are the Best Scott !!!

João Oliveira says:

In Portugal I Drove the 1.6. Nice power for a 1.6 Diesel.

Timothy Bowling says:

Does the moonroof have a way to cover the glass? I don’t want to get sun burned.

Athif Mohammed says:

Nice review, This one is a better package compared to the outgoing x1. Definitely worth the price

Bryant Quio says:

Does it have phone charging for your phone

roshka memmedov says:


G.MARIMUTHU Pillai says:

New X1 look realy very good

Farhan Malik says:

Really looking forward to get this car hopefully I can find the goo d deal

Morris Anderson says:

Beautiful upgrade, awesome captivating but of all make one desire to pruchase and drive also

Farai Shimeih Gwapedza says:

The new generation x1 looks great. Good improvement from the previous one..

ALLtime Gaming76 says:

Is this awd?

Abhijeet khopade says:

Hi Scott,
I watched almost all of your videos about BMW X1. I don’t find any of related to BMW X1 s Drive 18d.
Currently I am having 1 Series 118d Sports and thinking to go for BMW X1 SE sDrive 18d (Europe). Do you have any suggestions?
I saw many blogs about this car and they have nice mileage. Value for money and complete family car.

Thanks in advance.

Agnus78 says:

New X1 has very good looks, i disliked older model. Ive never owned a new BMW so im itchy to check it out but cost of repairs worries me. Im thinking about that X1 and Hyundai Tucson.

Timbalero2012 says:

Made In Germany ! The Best Part Of Your Demo…

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