All-new Audi Q7 technology details: all-wheel steering & driver assistance systems

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Preview of the all-new Audi Q7 technology details: all-wheel steering & driver assistance systems. Full review coming up!

German Blog:



net amir says:

سيارة رائعة جدا جدا.

zchal66 says:

Great idea and well implemented for such a large car. This all wheel steering tech has come a long way since being introduced by Honda in the 80’s…..

Oliver Newell says:

This is like one of the most German things I have ever seen.

Blanco Houssam says:

hi, nice idea
but I see that the steering angle of the front wheels are approximately twice than the rear wheels
I mean, I think the four wheels should act in with the same angle.
thank you.

Brave Boy says:

salute 4 this car n technology ……..I don’t have words to say this technology I only say it’s amazing

Fabled Diplomat says:

Some serious Vorsprung Durch Tecknik going on here Audi 🙂

chekkerboyable says:

Audi übertreibt gleich wieder – Aber es ist cool. Wenigstens welche, die ihrem Spruch (Vorsprung durch Technik) wirklich treu bleiben.

Arjen Robben says:

Really impressive Audi! =)

Brave Boy says:

I love this car

altern8ive says:

either drivers have become more stupid or they’re not being taught properly in the first place. with the exception of the 4WS if you don’t possess common sense, awareness and aptitude and need to rely on assistance systems like these instead you really shouldn’t be on the road.

net amir says:

German genius

Tamuera SAMUELA says:

I have learned things for my Q7 I do not even know except air suspension

Tamuera SAMUELA says:

I have learned things for my Q7 I do not even know except air suspension

88Sauce says:

Renault had this technology already on their Laguna

Gradus verkroost says:

the future is now. it is going so Fast . and than whe have a UFO

Liyan Xu says:

all wheel steering is really cool

ralzaabi23 says:

I’m going to cry 🙁 i want one

lokesh kumar says:

मस्त गाडी

kevin c says:

Relying so much on computers is scary in my eyes but it’s the way forward. Great car if only I could afford one 🙂

Lennon Family says:

9:17 Least Audi Distance Eve

C Jahmal says:

Everything works nice on computer animation.

cyril zerrudo says:


Hoàn Hassan Phú says:

Awesome…i’m gonna get a Q7 for family…how incredible the Audi’s tec is

Nineq 96 says:

Wow very impressive new technology… Thank you guys for sharing this video wit us and i am whaitng for you´re test Thomas

Greeb says:

love that you upload such videos…but why do they make it so boring to watch…the music !!!!!

Waleed Hd Abd Allua says:


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