Android Nougat is Here, Amazon Phones Come with Ads, BMW Partners with Intel

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Google finally announces the name for Android N. Amazon wants to sell phones with built in ads. BMW and Intel join forces to maybe make an autonomous car. All this plus Twitch has people eat food on this episode of Netlinked Daily.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


DioOmicida says:

BMW news would be cool if I ever thought I might own one. <-<

fightingfalconfan says:

I don’t think it’s right to discount a phone but you can’t uninstall ad apps. I don’t think anyone will buy the phone. I know I wouldn’t. Yes you can root, but a lot of manufactures are make that just about impossible to do now with custom firm ware or hardware that make that not possible. Take a look at the Moto X…try rooting that and it bricks the phone so it can’t be used ever again..

Jarb2104 says:

I love Canada day, it’s friday.

MardGeerTartaro says:

net link is not a job, its a commitment.

Nate Harris says:

Just root it.

Fernando says:

This is a comment

JayJayBot 1 says:

and the winner for most amazing smile goes to……………………………..Julia !!!!!!!!

mortal4life says:

great video Julia.

Travis Dobynes says:

Is Younity the real life Pied Piper?

DioOmicida says:

Mmm, nougat.

LunarD3A7H says:

What’s the difference between Portal (by Pushbullet) and Younity? Anything significant I should know about? I’d definitely like to get one once I get my tablet.

I know Portal transfers files via Wifi, so they can be transferred very fast.

Victor Parker says:

I would buy the amazon phone, root it, uninstall all the amazon bloatware, and flash stock android on it. GG.

Martin Smolko says:

Root it than uninstall ads.

gloege1 says:

naw google needs to work on a more stable android that will not kill phones when modded to be so carrier special

gameflux says:

Yeah !

Teguh umara says:

still sexy nose julia

Gameysam Plays says:

no way

Avocado Gaming says:

Just root the amazon phone.

Taliban King says:

you need some nice breast implants if you wanna make it big. everyone wants to watch a big tittied Asian chick.

Sirrak Cheboud says:

Canada Day

William W says:

Nutella is gross

Nevin Perera says:


ZY Dictator says:


DioOmicida says:

I think bloatware is fine for the savings.
I bet it’ll be easily removable.
If there is a way, it will be found.

DarkShadow Ninja says:

I’m an American Indian Born on Canada day. I don’t know how to feel about that

Victor England says:

The Amazon phones: yes, it is worth it. Root the damn thing and uninstall whatever crap they install in it. It’s that simple.

Jugo Take says:

commenting for friends with benefits; as in julia and boobs

Oliver Drouet says:

nooogit … whats that ? .. its pronounced noo-gar

gabelovesnfg says:

central pahk

Mitev Toussaint says:

it’s worth it I guess

Dor Breger says:

The Amazon phone will be terrible cause of the Ads, no1 will buy it

herbert maldonado says:

When is gonna be abilable?

chippy927 says:

looking good

Jak Edwards says:

Get the unlocked phones at the discounted price from amazon, then stick a stock android ROM on it, or cyanogen mod, no ads, and phone works like full priced one.

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