Apple CarPlay iOS & 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 TECH REVIEW (4 of 4)

With the 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 doing the driving in Auto Pilot mode, MotoMan demonstrates the second Apple iOS Car Play integration on the show. This one far more than just iOS in a Mercedes like the 2017 Mercedes AMG SL63 we drove together back in January with Apple CarPlay, this 2017 Mercedes Benz E300 has a tighter integration with some of the new Mercedes UX features in the 2017 E Class. However, with the car navigating traffic through downtown Malibu, California, MotoMan shows a graphic demonstration of some of the hits and misses of this latest Apple iOS integration and in wrapping it up, is joined by a special guest . . .

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Fernando C says:

On my VW Passat I can switch from CarPlay to the cars Nav with a press of a button

Christopher says:

I’m sorry but this guy goes off on wayyyy too many tangents and is not focused. Great effort on doing all these videos though.

christopher locus says:

it sick how it isolates you to the scroll wheel in apple car play, change your car play system Mercedes-Benz!

Wised1000 says:

Use android instead! Everything is better. Or forget the whole thing altogether. The Mercedes nav is exponentially better than any smartphone one, plus you can get any phone tune you wish by using Bluetooth. If you want podcasts news of anything else just use the Mercedes apps feature! Personally I hate car touch screens they get nasty, forcing you to constantly clean the screen, I much prefer some sort of toggle to move around the screen. One good example is Acura’s and Hondas touch screens they are not only smeary but clunky and slow.

Mr Random says:

Hi sorry but you got the Tesla price wrong. the top spec is like $140k.. mid spec Tesla is like $70-80k and its has a much higher advanced auto toilet system then Mercedes.

christopher locus says:

definitely follow Dave Ramsey

Martin Lang says:

Well investigated…Mercedes “The best or nothing”….maybe I will stick with my “nothing” Q7

Justin Loving says:

Apple car play is indispensable for my daily commute. There are 3 possible routes to work and I can’t tell you how many times Apple maps traffic has save me hours in traffic. I have a 17 Macan GTS. The build in nav performs a similar function although the traffic map isn’t as accurate as apples

TurgBurglar says:

Bought a golf r, because it has android auto. Use it 70% of the time, love google maps and google play music.

Steven B2 says:

@10:40″ is the cameraman drunk?

christian Chichester says:

Apple Car Play is a great product, but it crashes all the time on my car. Mind you have an iPhone on iOS 9 thats jailbroken, so it could be my own fault.

Lampshademurph says:


Chun Samnang says:

ok just ok

Artin Hartounian says:

VW by far has done a seamless job with switching between VW’s interface and Android auto. I honestly think its very useful, with playing music on demand and finding points of interests while on the go. The only reason I chose the trim level that I did with my V-dub is mainly because of Android Auto. Best feature ever… My favorite part is google play music with google music subscription, any song in the data base can be summoned by voice recognition. I feel like god when using it.

dcharizard91 says:

Apple CarPlay seems to be clumsily integrated in this car. As you mentioned, the inconsistency with the controls and needing to unplug the phone to fully use the Mercedes UX would drive me crazy. Also another annoying thing is that you need to plug in your iPhone to use Apple CarPlay; I would forget my phone in the car all the time. I’d probably use it for the first couple weeks of ownership, and stop afterwards. There just aren’t enough apps that make me want to use it. Apple Maps suck too, I’ve had it take me weird routes and dead ends, therefore I don’t trust in. Some OEM UX have online searches, which defeats the need for Apple Maps.

timbay says:

This was an awesome review. I love your sense of humor. Lol.

nasafan2008 says:

Great reviews. I get more info from you about this vehicle than the dealers. I test drove the E300 P2 and P3 and I’ve learned more about the car from your reviews than I did from the sales people. I’m wondering if the fixes with the Apple Car Play for input options and the maps can be done via updates at the dealer or via wi-fi so you don’t have to wait til the next model to experience the non-beta/upgraded version. Overall a really nice car, but the engineers and design team really did miss the mark on some things. Still don’t understand why they wouldn’t give you the option to order the 14 spoke wheels shown on the European model (used in the US auto shows and commercials). Not sure why they don’t offer the black ash piano lacquer trim anymore.

The other thing I don’t understand is there seems to be a remote parking feature using a smartphone app while the driver is outside the vehicle, but the dealers either aren’t aware of it or say it’s not available in the US. Tesla has this via the key fob on their vehicles in the US so not sure why it wouldn’t be available in the US.

Regardless of these misses, it’s still an impressive car.

ELComandante says:

I don’t get why you want apple car play in the first place. Nav, phone, music can be down thru the cars own ux. If the cars ux could read out messages and what’s app messages you won’t need car play at all.

Maria das Santos says:

Wonderful car and super technology,but I am still awaiting the car to drive me as I window shop -sigh!
Meanwhile,one of my bosses is leaving his new S Class to languish in his garage while he tootles around in his Rolls Royce,I suspect the technology is frightening him.

göker erkman says:

I was about to get mad because I couldn’t find anything on internet on this stupid e class CarPlay integration problem. How can’t i control CarPlay from touchpad it’s doesn’t make any sense.
Thank you it’s good to know I’m not alone on this.

Mini Eggs says:

I think the poor maps integration is bonkers and needs sorting out. I think the click wheel is the best of the three controls for CarPlay. I don’t think the other two swipe motions would be precise enough. The tactile click of the wheel enables you to use it without looking at it or the screen. Touch screens in cars just don’t work. Your arms/hands move too much over bumps etc. Keep up great work. Looking forward to series 7

lawrence tsui says:

Mercedes ” auto drive” is leaps and bounds behind teslas auto pilot. There have been at least 5 different comparisons and it’s not even close.

Fernando C says:

One of the biggest drawbacks of CarPlay is that it doesn’t allow the phone to continue to be connected to the car’s bluetooth system

hard target says:

Android 4 life

Ameer A says:

For some reason I am not able to use apple CarPlay in my car.
I can see it in the menu but it says no device is connected even though I was plunging my USB cable in my I phone 6s Plus. I tried those both USB slots in the storage place but nothing happened. Any ideas?!

Richard Hall says:

Wow – normally your reviews are really good, but here you spent 13 minutes talking about Mercedes’ Apple CarPlay integration without really going into any apps and really interacting with them? Repeated critiquing of the inputs – clearly your pet peeve distracted from showing how you can navigate functions like:
– what popular apps are available?
– selecting and navigating playlists in Spotify
– Pandora: track art and info, skipping tracks
– inputting addresses into Apple maps (via speech? via setting up addresses before you get in the car?)

Then there were all the tangents about the autonomous driving. Maybe you want to redo this review?

CaptainDelight says:

MotoPhone 😀

carspotter 0 says:

this car is not that expensive

gobighdgames says:

So is the E class higher end than the C Class I don’t think it is but can someone explain thanks

Charles Mann says:

Another Great Review. I have Mercedes Apple Car Play on my new Mercedes GLE 350 – and thus far I prefer the Mercedes system – for example it shows album artwork from my Apple device – CAR PLAY does not.
What car does Motoman primarily drive in real life, and is that your husky?

headcas620 says:

Who actually wants this garbage? Just give me an aux jack.

tibchy144 says:

this e class has a better interior than rolls royce phantom

dzonikg says:

NIce car but hate apple

Vinay Deshmukh says:

Apple Car play would be nice to have, but thats it. If a car has everything already in it, then the point is lost. e class looks nice especially the inside, great video.

dcharizard91 says:

I’m in no way a Tesla fanboy, but you don’t have to pay $140K to get the tech available in this Mercedes. You can get a Model S 60 equipped with AutoPilot for $68500 (before rebates). It’ll have the giant screen that allows you to surf the web and stuff. I do like the interior of this Mercedes E300 way better though; it’s a lot more refined and expensive feeling/looking than the interior on the Model S. If this E300 is $60-70K though, that’s quite a lot of money for a car with only a turbo-4, which would definitely turn me away from this car.

Jason Salim says:

haa.. the test engineer that tested the carplay must not like the touchpad and only like the scroll button… i am originally shopping for entry level luxury sedan and locked my eyes on c300 but now seriously considering e300 because of price difference is fairly small (premium 2 + nav c300 vs premium 1 e300). however e300 look more for older people compared to the more sporty c300.

ThaT PlatinumHD says:

the benz will always leap over other car brands especially the bmw

Torque of the Devil says:

Great detailed review, thanks btw does anyone know what colour that E Class is ?

namhar namhar says:

Can you do Android auto next because I LOVE android and I hate apple’s tim cooking food

Carl Pugh says:

At the MB dealership yesterday the sales guy said this car is ready for fully autonomous driving “…as soon as the NHTSA publishes the regulations. Once done a software update will unlock the full capabilities.” Is this correct and if so will the car then recognize red lights?

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