Audi A4 Saloon 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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The Audi A4 is a compact executive saloon with a selection of strong engines – Mat gets behind the wheel to give you his verdict.

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Sakichu Gouken says:

Do you really find this A4 more practical than a Passat? Or is a Passat not considered its rival?

Catalin Ionutz says:

so…. audi in 2017 makes a v6 diesel with an output of exactly 219 hp. ffs… it’s 2001 all over again

Samuel Maria Sebastine says:

is there sunroof

trinhk says:

Matt, how is the B&O sound system compare to the standard system? I love listening to music and wondering whether it is worth the upgrade?

moritsuna says:

Any reports on the “improved” audi reliability?

M Hasan says:

Matt I need your advice. I’m sick of driving stick and I’ve saved up about 12k for small auto car. What would you recommend? It doesn’t have to be too flashy, just reliable and good on tech.
Cheers !

Jeff Smith says:

Very nice car this car suite you I think more worth it to get vw Passat

vaibhav railya says:

the best car reviews i have ever seen good job matson

Alex Wharton says:

There is a 3.0 A4 S line Quattro aswell. Not just 1.4 & 2.0 engines

sky works says:

I bought an Audi a4 Avant, and it is a great relaxing car, so well made, no wind noise at high speeds, great tech, I love it…

David C says:

No mention of why the “check engine” light was on, on the dash??

Caleb Walker says:

Please do the review on the avant version of this car.

Neumonic Videos says:

cant wait how the digital meters perform in 10 years later

Visvesh Narayan says:

Who is Tim and I know he has an iPhone 6S Plus

Poop Head says:

I don’t like the screen it just looks out of place

LondonersReact L says:

Maatttttttttt love your reviews bro!! Madting

David Hayes says:

Mat is an ace reviewer and here he is reviewing an ace car. I would call its looks understated rather than bland, which is the German way of designing cars. They don’t change much since they get the looks right first time, so a 10 year old Audi, VW indeed German car generally, still looks modern.

Kavi4GP says:

great review , and stronic is usually a bit jerky. still not seemless as normal modern autos

Jim H says:

Nice work matson

T M says:

The 2017 A4 is undoubtedly the best car in its class! Audi made some smart choices with the engine and the tech (by partnering with the best in business – Google and Nvidia)

Saketh Kanumuri says:

I have the same shirt but red

Apres Midi says:

Finally someone had the balls to say that all the audis look the same. Thx Mat, I love your channel even more now.

SP says:

Jerky transmission at low speeds? Isn’t that a big issue for a car in that class? I have a grudge against jerky transmissions.

Alpes jobs says:

hey Matt, we know ur 5feet 11inch..don’t keep up saying same thing in every review video….please don’t mention ur height in ur next reviews..

TheSlavBall says:

Audi is a bit like an Apple. Every year same boring design with few minor details changed.

Should I Get It says:

wow that red is stunning!

Arsh Chahal says:

seriously after Jeremy clarkson I enjoy his reviews about cars well done

Ville Parviainen says:

Is A5 smaller than the A4?

Jim H says:

Good car a lot of improvements to the a4

Dante Barnett says:

you dont bench a car silly. you squat them : )

ramiz1116 says:

audi a4 or BMW 3 series!?

Gautham Satheesh says:

Well it’s an Audi the glorious four rings no Car can beat in terms of styling and interiors and Quattro is way better than x drive and 4matic.

Durin Thornaxe says:

Did you make a review for the Allroad version? I can’t find it anywhere on your channel, and I think that’s the crème de la crème when it comes to Audi.

6SpeedTA95 says:

So is the backseat on the A4 more roomy than the 3 series? I’ve got a 335i now and find the back seat for the class to be quite spacious, which for my daughters matters a lot because I’m 6’6….still haven’t had a chance to drive one of these but I do love it from the pics/reviews I’ve seen. Might even drive a bit more sporty than my BMW, which frankly, has gone a bit soft…

Yassir Belarabi says:

This new A4 is near perfect i guess.. Audi is listening to people

GSN GSN says:

When are you going to start reviewing wine, food, technology and be an overall guide to all aspects of my life?

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