Audi A5 Sportback 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Take the Audi A5 coupe and slap two extra doors on, and behold; the Audi A5 Sportback! However, Audi didn’t stop there, they also gave the A5 Sportback the high quality interior of the Audi A4. So, you get the extra space of having two rear doors, 15 litres more boot space than the coupe to be precise, and the superior interior of an executive car. Is it worth the extra cost? Would you be better off saving that money and just sticking with the Audi A5 coupe, or opting for one of its rivals, the Mercedes CLS or BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe? The former with a hefty price tag. Find out all my thoughts in this 4k video review.

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Sonicboom739 says:

For god sake please stop mentioning that its not like a 5 series BMW, you mention it in a lot of reviews no relevance whatsoever. My Skoda Superb is not like a 5 series BMW – so what?

Swedish Garage says:

Sounds better than the one I tried 🙂

James Hollingworth says:

I have never seen the infotainment controls in front of the gear lever

KM Gaming says:

3:28 dab

Josip Ćurić says:

The car looks much better when you see it in person

Keelo says:

Sorry Matt, all depends how you drive, and clearly your figures are a bit off. Just came back from a 1500 miles trip though London, traffic jams, French motorways, more traffic jams, mountains, more traffic jams and back to london, with 4 people and boot full of luggage and the 2 litre diesel car averaged 58mpg.

Bucktownx says:

Cheap looking vents across the entire dash and small wheels and a goofy lookin steering wheel….Why should I buy my 4th audi again?

James Huang says:

Can someone please answer my question pls,the new Audi a5 doesn’t came with autohold as standard,so you foot always has to be on the break during traffic?

Adrian Anzano says:

no petrol V6? no thanks, i’d rather have a stinger

Rico Galeni says:

Aid a5 very nice and is big

Pawel X says:

Doesn’t Mat know that the reason those back door windows don’t go all the way down is to prevent children falling out? Why is he surprised with each model?

ploperator says:

They got this thing wrong. From the side it looks like it’s collapsing down at the middle. The interior looks like they took the worst things about Mercedeseseses and BMWs and got rid of any Audiness.

Aalok Galappatti says:

Automatic tailgate as standard but no reversing camera…. right…

Shane Hahn says:

Thank you for the detailed review. I really appreciate and this clip helps me to decide to wait for A5 sportback 2019.

bestman says:

I don’t know why Mat seems hush on Audis

Sean Petrovic says:

do you guys get stoned before you do the 5 best and worst features?? lol

ninad punekar says:

You’re the best car reviewer Matthew keep it up.

SharpWood 136 says:

3:35 when he says (a5) it sounds a bit weird

mahran bessifi says:

He must be in top gear

DenisBGD says:

Audi a5 fight with bmw 4 series and mercedes-benz cla

Nut _ says:

car of my dreams but ugly in white

Ilkka Karki says:

Stinger is better than this A5

iAMChrisCC says:

Nice car, but front wheel drive on a big car is no good…

Aaron Henderson says:

That new bonnet shape is hideous

freddywayne says:

It looks like a Chevrolet Impala.

Anonymous Guy says:

Anyone from Big Marvel’s video?

Josh Gilbert says:

So what do you get with the ‘Tech Pack’??

njfuk2003 says:

Didn’t know Shia Labeouf worked for Carwow – 6:57

Fotostan Travel says:

When you say it is not as fun to drive as a bmw 4 series what do you mean actually, can you be more specific. Will help me a novice to cars decide on which car to go for…

Mirsad Begic says:

Carwow is the best, keep up the great work guys.

Geraldine Geraldine says:

Big piece of German shit. Stupid cunts sitting up in these pieces of crap. Go on try and change a wheel on one of these things. The Germans with there fucked up hub design that they refuse to change over to the Japanese system. I always laugh my head off when I see these heaps broken down on the motorway.

Lukasz Sadowski says:

Have been looking at A5 sportback for a while but now seriously considering A4 S Line as it’s much cheaper. For the price of 190bhp a5 sb you can can get 272bhp A4 S Line, which screams value for money.

Cardinal Biggles says:

nice finish on an otherwise fairly average car….. overpriced maybe? Is it really worth the extra over an Insignia Grand Sport, fully loaded ?

Dominik Dragčević says:

I like the 2015 one better

Hampus Bergman says:

Jag älskar denna video


Haha I already love how you started the review… oooh boy you should also pursue commedy

Muhammad Ashiq says:

It feels like an ad for head and shoulders

Pieter Baas says:

Center sink fairly degree blue engineering collect.


did you wobble the centre console though

Arbab Khan says:

2013 model is far better than 2018 in my opinion.

Chillthefxckout says:

3:58 Audi doesn’t have an SE trim level. It’s prestige, premium and premium plus. You’re confusing them with VW.

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