Audi A7 Sportback PREVIEW all-new neu 2018 Exterior/Interior

Enjoy first visuals of exterior and interior and some basic facts on the all-new Audi A7 Sportback which is based on the all-new Audi A8 we have recently presented you in our full review. Personal in-depth look at the new A7 will be coming up later.

timecode index
00:01 Light signature & basic facts
02:29 Interior detailed view
05:06 Technology insight
09:11 Driving shots blue vehicle
10:36 Exterior blue
14:49 Interior variation
20:58 Driving shots silver car
22:32 Exterior silver
31:25 Making of with clay model
35:59 Interior making of
40:02 Light signature making of

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okavipra says:

looks like jag

mikailtheking says:

The back and the interior aren‘t as good as the previous A7 but the front lights are really cool.

Jazz Man says:

Personally I wouldn’t give up my new S5 for the A7 based on what I have seen so far. Prefer the outside look more than the inside look..personally. Inside…too many touch screen functions from what I can see but quality not in doubt. Outside appearance… it doesn’t seem that radical from the old model as it seemed with the new A5/S5…might be wrong on that…have to watch some more reviews.

Jethro Parker says:

audi model s feat. Tesla’s ass

sandofarms says:

Wowowow. VW has got to make a commoner $20,000 version of this car style. Maybe the next Jetta.

A-nov says:

What is the name of the track/song that starts at 6:25 ?

Fastfitnesstips says:

Thomas is that you 21:05. Looking cool!!! (j/k)

Best Cars News says:

yeaahh!!! This my favorite cars….

Alexi Jexi says:

Autogefühl is my favorite car-review channel on YouTube 🙂

Wessel Pretorius says:

I fell in love all over again!!

Yossavin Sombutpanich says:

Audi should make this top of the line instead of the new clumsy looking A8. It will be unique in the luxury segment as the only fastback ones. But maybe people at Audi feels that they have to match every model with their competitors which is CLS and Grand Coupe.

BikeNutt1970 says:

5:12 !!!

Stefan Cupovic says:

Unibrow taillight

Andro Dimitrov says:

I want to express an opinion with this very comment, from consumer POV about the new Audi cars and how they compare against BMW and MB in terms of design and build quality. Because I want to shut the mouths of the haters who only express their opinions about the cars only by seeing them online, but that is not the whole picture, you have to experience the car in order to say an adequate opinion about it.
Also I’m and Audi fan but i’ll try to be as much non- biased as possible and also this is my opinion only.
So recently I was in a mixed motor show where different brands were shown. Unfortunately Audi cars were all locked because I was “too late for the party”. So I was curious to check the top notch models of MB and BMW. First of I started with MB and I checked S, E, GLC, GLE and I dont really know what was the problem of these cars, were they dummies for this very motor show, but the build quality in the Mercs was just not on par with the competition. First of all when you look a Merc from a picture you are out of words how clean, simplistic and classy the design is. But once you step in the car you realize the design is so boring, so dull, so unentertaining. The door handles, all the knobs, buttons where just much more loose compared to those of BMW and Audi. The closing door sound, also the trunk door scream “cheap” build quality, when i tried to rest my arm on the back left door it just doesnt fit on the handle itself, it was plain uncomfortable. Not to mention that some of the models had that old school parking brake pull on the left driver side, under the headlights swtich, which is like 15 years old. I tried the interior of the GLC and it was AMG V8- i gotta tell you all the knobs inside where ugly, loose, hard plastics everywhere, old MB bad design language. For me, personally, MB is all about the looks, the calm ride and nothing else. Everything in these Mercs felt cheap (for me).
Next is the BMW. I sat in 2017 M4, 2017 5 and 6 Series GT and I gotta tell you something- in pictures (and also for me) 5 & 6 Series interior looked old-schooly dull and boring, like they couldnt come up with anything new in there. But once I sat in that place, i gotta tell you the interior is so driver friendly angled, there wasn’t a single knob or button which felt cheap or loose, every light, every menu was so interesting and well thought out. All the closing sounds of the door (despite windows being frameless) were very good. The seats back and front very comfortable, the massage function fabulous. The very combination of different materials- wood, metal, shiny plastics just give the car very friendly, distinctive and high class feel, unlike the S and E class (not to mention that GLC). Next up I tried the M4 and i was very disappointed. Old school interior (felt like a car from 2012) just I sat in there and after 5 minutes i wanted to get out. Nothing impressed me, almost absolutely nothing.
And to finish my comment- even though i was unable to try 2017 RS5, RS4, RS3, SQ5, SQ7, R8 and the 2018 A8 I gotta tell you that those cars just look on another technological level (except SQ5). Also the interior is the best mix between the MB and BMW- not too classy, but also sporty. Not to mention all their fame of just the next level cabin build quality and clicking sounds. Overall, personally for me, even though Audis are not so fun as RWD BMW or so classy looking as MB, they are on another level of meterial quality and durability. The only criticism with the new A7 and A8 that I have is they have too many screens which is also boring, dull. And before trying the car, just by looking at it, it feels like the connection between the vehicle and the driver is gone (because of the many screens).
So what I’m trying to say is do not be internet troll, before bashing cars by looking at them through the screen of your laptop, home PC or smart device, just try them in person, your opinion may vary.

MafiosoItaliano458 says:

Personally, I like the redesign! Especially at the rear! The old A7’s taillights looked a bit cheap and also quite unbalanced compared to the overall Kamm-tail shape of the rear end! In my opinion, the new A7 has a sleeker rear end and these taillights look really fancy and expensive!
The new interior looks simple, though it’s far from it! The old A7 had a great interior (and by the way, so does the new A7!) and it also had a nice trim option: the grey wood veneer with metallic inserts, called the “Beaufort”! Quite like the Flowing Lines piano black veneer found in the Mercs! I hope the Beaufort will be available in the new A7 as well!

Sajad Qamari says:

Thank you autogefuhl . This videos to me feels like a wedding ceremony of Audi A7

tobias sol says:

ok now the only thing we are missing is Jason Statham

Joe Mesa says:

Nice interior and exterior lighting. As far as exterior styling, all I see is a large Honda Accord.

Ufuk says:

The entertainment system and the digital cocpit looks like the one they promoted in t-prime concept. They were talking about improvements but it looks like we will have a tablet screen with the same functions of the recent ones. Better looking but hard to use and cheap to implement. Such a dissapointment.

W-_-T says:

Too many touch screens..

Gregory Gant says:

Super car ,great exterior design ,except perhaps for the back,it looks like KIT from Knight Rider.Great quality interior ,the Best in the Business in my opinion.But should have more physical buttons ,more intuitive for the driver.But super job AUDI! Great video guys,looking forward to full review from Thomas,keep it up!

BikeNutt1970 says:

6:05 !!!

nature love with says:

For sure its better than A8 2018

Chris G says:

Now why can’t every car have an interior as beautiful as this one!

Nass Ambrossio says:

Looks like a car from GTA I personally don’t like this new design

Cri cho says:

Hey, this car is unexpectedly good designed – sharp styling, well proportioned and finally looking like top-model. What i don’t like is the touch or voice controlled stearing of sensitive settings like temperature. Sure it’ll work better than in the Peugoet, but still not a good solution. Exterior: great – interior: beautiful is different.

tatoo99999 says:

This new audi generation have the ugliest front grill,,the previous front one was better a4, a5 sportback and now this a7 almost looks like a Ford fusion grill..I mean for fusion is not a ugly car..but why make an audi front grill looking almost like a 25k dollars car

Bram Fabeck says:

Audi had completely lost it… used to be so good in design… this front is just ugly

Hyun Sik Park says:

Is this your best?


Looks like a Hyundai genesis,Lincoln from the back but the tech,interior and the exterior lighting is on point though.idk it looks too plain to me.

Ruifeng Zhou says:

Those headlights probably gonna worth more than my entire car.

loo lolo says:

A handi blind man have talked about those cars with only touch screens and he asked why manufacturers firgot that handi people are forgotten.. he said now even for changing temperature I must ask to someone.. if the radio is getting too loud and the driver isn’t in the car, a blind people can’t turn down or up the sound.. this is worst than ever and a very stupide non thinking way of bouilding a car bexause blind passengers now needs someone for everything on a car….. it is so true.

Matt Kochanowski says:

lads, it is cool that you put so much effort in designing this thing and shit. But do at last something about car reliability! Gearbox in this car won’t even last 30k and AC compressor not even half of that…

L says:

Kitt, is that you?

Pedro gonçalves says:

This front grill is so awful… uglyyyyy… please Audi don’t kill good cars. Old A8/A7 was better looking.

Modikoe Pule says:

lol is that the Iphone 8?

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