Audi A8 & A8L DETAILS Exterior Interior & Technology Preview

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00:01 Audi A8 Exterior
04:21 Audi A8 Interior
09:36 Audi A8L Exterior
13:04 Audi A8L Interior

18:18 Mild Hybrid System & Active Suspension
20:47 All Wheel Steering
23:29 Audi A8 e-tron wireless charging
25:58 Laser interior light
27:21 Traffic jam autonomous driving
29:24 Parking pilot for garages
32:23 How the sensors work around the car

34:02 Audi A8 studio shots Exterior/Interior

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Ali mahmoud says:

I think it’s similar to panemara

Tautvydas Dargelis says:

audi 90 style taillights is back :DD

LordTomee says:

i rather would buy a bmw or merc..

Femi Ogunsola says:

This car and the continental…hmmmm!!!!!

Dado Bektas says:

Amazing car, looked perfect!!!

Life Of Cricket says:

Before watching the video, a BMW M Badge advertise showed on my screen. Coincidence? I think not.

C. A. says:

At least most of the music was hard to bear – and I’m not really sure, if THAT is a car, I would consider, if I was going to buy in the Premium Luxury Sedan Class… it doesn’t give me the feeling of something special, even though it is surely a really good car…

john smith says:

O no not a big A4 again.

troy smith says:

i dont like it the current body is way more sexy

Chris G says:

Really like the styling from every angle apart from perhaps the front which will probably grow on me with time. Love the back though and that continuous rear light that looks like it’s been borrowed from the Bugatti Chiron. Also, the inside just looks so modern and perhaps more like what we’ve seen in concept cars, rather than cars you can actually go out and buy and own. So great job there. It makes the S class start to look dated, even the mighty BMW 7 series, which I adore, looks a little dated by comparison.

Emrah Tunca says:

Sadly, the front looks like Hyundai Elantra.

H-R A-I says:

hahahaha What is that this is Elantra 2018

Michael Park says:

The rear reminds me of early model Kia Sephia

PYT says:

Audi’s new generation has the most boring exterior ever!

Viktor Karamazov says:


metring073 says:

Interior looks like a glammed-up VW Arteon. Exterior is too structured. A lot of the tech on offer seems enticing while others not necessarily needed but still good that it’s there.

Mark Rutte says:

Lmao at the people saying S class this, S class that. I literally can’t think of a SINGLE thing the S class does better. Can you people name even 1 thing? Just 1.

Tashtan Tashtanov says:

If any viewer on this channel spends his or her time busting their head at work, then you, definitely don’t give flying-f about the sharp edges and lights being silly, and grille being too big. All you will think: “finally a car from my favorite brand, with new ride control technology, new soft heated and cooled seats, improved V8 and godly smooth ride and quiet cabin to listen to my favorite music or show” THATS WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY.

Vaibhav Gangurde says:

Truly awaited car, sets an new boundaries for each an ever vehicle, Sets
a new bench Mark all automobile companies, will create an record in sales
Worldwide, Audi A8 will make a Boom in Automobile..
but the word is Simply Awesome, Gr8 work Audi.

thandermax says:

wOw !!! Superb design elements

Roland W. says:

Everything TOUCH only? Simple climate funtions can’t be controlled without looking away from the street? Thats too bad

Aziz belkharmoudi says:

Audi and BMW now playing catch up with Mercedes s-class, but I think until-now the Mercedes sensual purity is the big winner,

Carlos Eduardo Le Roy says:


Jean Portal says:

Ugly rear of a Lincoln continental … too much leather, too much LCD, too much LED… and by the way, can someone explain to me why all German car marker are making the front grills bigger and bigger? It is ridiculous

dimhundred says:

I don´t understand, why everything has to be squeezed into horizontal Lines? I don´t see how that makes the car more attractive nor individual or emotional.I think it´s a little overdone in the exterior, making the car look a bit uninteresting. I´m so glad that Mercedes went on the current S-Class for vertical (!) rear lights for example. And the horizontal madness continues in the cockpit. What´s the reason of hiding the vents? Sure, making it hideable is a fancy detail, but i think that vents can be so beautifully shaped. So show them, and make them to a sculpture. Furthermore it´s sad to see, that the good old analog instruments and buttons are more and more removed. Analog instruments are an essential detail in a cockpit, creating the feeling of sitting in a car.
In my point of view, it´s a step backwards: To make things two Dimensional, and pretend being 3D. So there are clicking sounds when hitting virtual buttons. Why not making real buttons? We´re humans. We like to TOUCH things. That´s natural, right? This topic affects not only Audi for sure. I´m absolutely not hating. It´s just an opinion.
Anyway: This is surely one of the best and most advanced engineered cars there is.

gordon bennett says:

…at 24:15, why did he/she/the video software-writer pull out to the left to turn right – we were told earlier that the 4-wheel-steer sorted that! 27:59 – Guardrails! You need guardrails?! 28:27 all those Volvo S60 look-alikes. Ha! Good Volvo ad!

Valeron Ъ says:

I think audis design language is just exhausted (

94mikyyy says:

step backwards with that two touchscreens, and al for the sake of style, but most of the time it will be less stylish because of the smudges. And no more rotary controler for the mmi, just makes things more dangeorus when you have no phisical buttons and you have to look where you touch

Süper Kanal says:

Aranizda turk varsa yorumumu begensin.

Hancerli says:

So you dont drive the car, the car drives you… wow.
I wonder how easy it is to change a light bulb:) Imagine the gremlins this car is gonna have after 5 years of owning…

Value 21 says:

The exterior design looks to conservative and boring in my opinion. Where is the cool design from the prologue study.

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