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It’s hard to miss the Audi Q7. At over five meters long, there’s little else on the road that takes up as much space – even by SUV standards. The upside to those vast dimensions is that the Q7 can carry seven adults in comfort, and all within a cabin flaunting typical Audi build quality. But what is it like to drive? Does it feel as big and heavy as the looks suggest, or does the aluminium construction keep it light on its feet? And is it practical when you don’t need to carry seven? Find out this and more in my full in-depth review.

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kingnikkurt says:

❤️ Q7

Roman Guy says:

not bad

Michael Keane says:

See I’m American lol the touch pad is on my right hand side

Nathan Morley says:

God thats butt ugly

Kerim Bajramovic says:

Are the 7th seat row stock when you order a q7

Dezola Kadamawe says:

Is the hybrid a 7 seater too

chakarvarti charan says:

nice one

TOXIC says:

In my country bangladesh this costs like 200,000 because of tax

mansees says:

Title should read: Audi fanboy recommends an Audi.

david elkins says:

All Audis seem to have little space in the front and are quite difficult to get in and out especially if you are over 190cm

Lazu Gheorghe says:

Lexus lx 570 review pls

Tony Bland says:

It looks shit.

LUTFI Rahman says:

Review the gls plz

Gregory Gant says:

Best SUV ON THE MARKET TODAY.Expensive but you get a great quality drive and interior.Much less expensive than the stupid Bentley Bentayga.

AtomicCactus says:

Funny to see that this car shares some interior parts with a 13-year-old VW Touareg :-p

Cyrus Zhang says:

will buy XC90 over Q7… Q7 just felt so 2000s

TakeMetoW0nderland says:

While the very rear is a little cramped, we mostly want to use it for our dogs. lol. So they won’t need much leg room. ^_^

Mohamed Anees says:

Hey can you do a review of the porsehe cayene

F C says:

Poor mans bentayga

MaslAlek says:

Damn I want that car but with 4.0 V8 diesel


The car door is automatic shutting?

Vinc PM V says:

The external design of this car is a total failure to be honest.

the cool guy says:

Worst car ever

Pedro Santos says:

3:40 “you have to be a bit patient…” it literally took like 6 seconds. Kids nowadays…

Pandu Miharja says:

that was a norwal way to get to the 3rd row seat in most indonesian 7 seater

Flamma the undefeated Syrian gladiator says:

the exterior looks old and unevolved

World Citizen says:

Dope squad 2:28

spqba747 says:

You comment about control pad and 90% of population being right handed was quite amusing. You forgot that 95% of population drives cars with the wheel on the left side … 😉

Ten3 says:

Dont audi realise kids will destroy those nobs..

Wayne Bailey says:

This guy should be on top gear

Victor Rusu says:

The touchpad is perfectly placed for 90% of the world. Sorry uk!

Shiben Chakravorty says:

9:45 hahahahaha

Panos DX says:

Man, it says Audi Q7 review, not seating configuration review.

New Car Review says:

Audi Q7 2018 Luxury SUV Interior Exterior Review !!!!

victor Victor says:

What do you mean i should do 48 mpg but i get 35 and its ok. Its ok what? 35 mpg or the fact thst someone lied about real mpg…

Allen Madathil says:

Anyone saying Audi is the best must not have owned one long enough to deal with maintenance. It’s a fancy VW, what more can you expect? Lmao


I will rather prefer bow x7 or Mercedes gls they both got amazing looks and Merc gls is the longest car in this segment …Audi Q7 just don’t have that suv look and resembles Q5

alex clough says:


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