Audi S3 2018 review – here’s why it’s the ultimate sleeper car

The Audi S3. There aren’t many other cars that can go so fast, so subtly. A 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and four wheel drive means that it’s got epic performance – in any weather – but is it still easy to live with every day? I find out in this performance car review.

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chilled99 says:

Might as well just get an S-Line – looks the same

Pavandeep Singh Aneja says:

Can you review the saloon version of the A3 or S3?

James S says:

Good to see a review on this. I got an S3 sportback last weekend in place of my S1. Its brilliant. Cheers Mat

sisanda mrali says:

Literally the video that made the decision for me in buying this car. All I wanted to confirm were cool indicators, or else I was going for the Golf

Jamie Scott says:

The “s” on the gear stick is on all automatics and the “s” on the wheel is included in the s-line trim as well.

Marcel B. says:

Absolutely a sleeper car – makes you fall asleept after seconds of driving because it is so boring (btw. I have one!). NOT a drivers car…

Manish Pillay says:

Cheats , never buy a car from carwow. I got s brand new s3 car in damaged condition and dealer did not take responsibility

TobyPlayz says:

Which one is the most fun hot hatch in your opinion, Mathew?

Outdoor Layne says:

I lust after the RS3 but this is 90% of the performance at 80% of the price….

Stewart Clanachan says:

Can’t wait to get mine in 6 weeks

Satan’s Left Ass Cheek says:

I love Audi, like I REALLY love Audi, but the interior is DISGUSTING. I don’t know what everyone’s talking about, I think it looks awkward and downright ugly

Andrei says:

4.5s in the rain, respect Audi

Triston Naidoo says:

3:03 and done on a wet road… This car is amazing <3

BAKER 13 says:

Sleeper? U on drugs pal.
Anyone who sees u driving an s3 will try and line up even if their on a shitty micra!

Drew B says:

Nice review. Not mad on the colour or alloys but performance/ interior great.

Giannis Mptslks says:

Torque depends on hp and cc?

Lute Scrat says:

@ 5:15 “supaa stylish…”

vaisnavi muneeswaran says:

Its nice
Its classical

the unknown says:

Bro can u tell me a cheap and luxurious car in India

ibrahim cem says:

Tyres 18 or 19?

WlPPAN says:

@Carwow please do a review on the new Seat Leon ST Cupra 300 DSG 4drive! 🙂

London is Red says:

Such a Nicer built Car that the Vw Golf R .

Feledwards says:

Is this available in the US?

Sasikala Kamesh says:

good car review i have seen all your car review and i also know that you used to review carbuyer

AAron Thom says:

Looks like an estate car!

soundseeker63 says:

Audi and Sleeper is an oxymoron. They all look psychopathically angry nowadays….Gaping front grilles with flashy LED lights, 4 tailpipes with rear diffuser, massive alloys with huge brakes, S badges everywhere….yeah, subtle lol. Not to mention Audi generally is one of the brashest makes out there, beloved by pushy sales reps and Asian boy racers. A quality car its , but a sleeper it aint.

highgate14 says:

I have one and its faster than 90% of cars you see on the road. Next year I will have a TTRS and go after the other 10%

John Schauder says:

I wish they would bring the avant to the U.S.

RhymezTubeOfficial says:

My dad got an Audi S3 for free and I’m hoping one day I can have it, because it’s just there on the farm, doing nothing but collecting dust

HOlyFFF -_- says:

what different between RS3 and S3 ?

Siya says:

Really love this car

Fiesta ST Fan says:

Great review – thanks Mat

Jy Jym says:

Ultimate wanker car .

woritsez says:

followed one on my bike for a few mins and can confirm they do take off fast and corner very well. yep, they are nice.

Ross Unwin says:

What make is his jumper?

phantom nemesis says:

Rs3 pls

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