Audi technology insight: Virtual Reality, Future Cockpit, Assistance & light systems

00:22 Virtual Reality showroom
04:37 Audi Cockpit Focus
07:43 Virtual Reality car
11:03 Autonomous Driving simulation & Maps
15:31 Assistance & light systems

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odzandenz paul says:

if only they spent this much R&D on their Dual Clutch and the never ending understeer conundrum. Audi could be a real force then.
i love the Audi interface and virtual cockpit.

Sandouras says:

What’s the point of the simulated environment? There’s a real one to drive through. WTF.

Yusuf Vlogs says:

One of our bigger cars ? are those A6 A7 And A8 ?

Yusuf Vlogs says:

will you be at audi a8 world premiere ? and when does a8 have world premiere

TheBjjones says:

Hopefully the touch screen technology Audi is developing will trickle down to new redesigned A6/A7 models also.

cintula82 says:

Why the heck would I want to drive in a VR environment?

fer557 says:


Danilo Drašković says:

I was hoping that Audi would not make the mistake like Mercedes did with two iPads side by side.
One screen where the spedo is located, is enought. Just like new Passat.
I have just one question for these guys from Audi: What happends when your beam is blacking out a car in front of you, and that car, for some reason does not have lights on?

Владимир Иванов says:

I love how tech savvy this presentation was. I really hope they debut those OLED screens and the new virtual cockpit on the new A8.

endsleighplace says:

Stop glueing ipads to dashboards, it looks like junk.

Warf says:

Hope This is not the end of real car reviews!!

kevin n says:

This technology is brilliant. I’m wonder how car to car communication will impact these potential fatal accidents at intersections is going to develop. Is this communication only radar or wifi/bluetooth communication? Also could this communication could be translated into HUD projected images or warnings to the driver? I’m also wondering about augmented reality in vehicle. Did the Audi people mention any augmented reality applications?

Robin J says:

Why in munich not in ingolstadt?

1990Thunderbolt says:

if this is really an new audi a8’s interior. R.I.P bmw 7 series. then the new a8 would give the s class a run for it’s money.

ram64man says:

the all touch display should still keep a physical button for heat temp and also a dial for both volume and band select, GM got it right with the layout in the new BOLT/Ampera E,. Please don’t follow tesla and keep the basic function buttons for ease of use and to keep there non technical owners and remember not everyone can use a touch screen e,g people with poor circulation or nerve damage in there hands

Chris Till says:

Some interesting tech. Whether the VR actually gets used in real dealerships I can’t really see. Probably would be useful at home when you’re just browsing around figuring out which car to go and test drive.

metring073 says:

Use of VR is a very good, comprehensive and convenient idea for customers’, for sure a lot of showroom-type businesses would be using this technology more. Really nice to have touch screen connectivity with new vehicles but some physical control/mechanism should also be kept I think – like sliding/sliders for and flipping down with the chairs, separate volume knob for audio, temp ( beside the one on the screen ), handbrakes.
Hope to see virtual dashboard/MMI on upcoming A9 Series. ( other VAG will benefit )

I do have a lingering fear that we’ll see more vehicles be hacked for suspicious means.

Fantastic review/showcase there Aditya/Autogefuhl.

manygaga says:

the journalist did a good job, asked the right questions

gordon bennett says:

Really well done and professional insight – many thanks AJ.   And your calm and polite interviewing technique was really very good. Well done.

Tuukka Varjoranta says:

Audi has some quite interesting ideas and concepts!

Funkywallot says:

I thing the cockpit screen is terrible. Feels cheap and outdated.
I suggest calling in Apple-computer to clean up the mess, and adding a voice control. That should change things a bit.

Serge Celcis, Jr MSM says:

Great presentation AJ, greetings from (A8L) Miami.

Young Suspekt says:

VR Spec sounds very nice

geekphreak says:

I love Audi. I’m a diehard fan but why are all these car companies obsessed with removing physical buttons when driving you don’t need to look when adjusting the volume, AC or what have you. You can feel but with these “touch” buttons you have to take your eyes off the road. That is not safe

arale2k says:

Great host ! very interesting interviews, keep it up Autogefuhl 🙂

Yusuf Vlogs says:

do you think that the new audi a8 Next gen D5 will come with that insane interior, and become the car of luxury?

SomeRandomGuy says:

Interior is okay, but I personally don´t like when is everything based on touchscreen.

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