Being Chauffeured in the New BMW 7 Series – TECH FEST!

I take a look at the new 7th generation BMW 7 Series, and specifically a 730d; playing around with the new remote key and vast array of features present in the car.

After a look throughout, a short drive on the road to test some of the features, it’s off to Heathrow to pick up a friend who then chauffeurs me back into London – an opportunity to play with more toys!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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x_itsgeorge says:

imagine how much it must cost to insure

joe dadis says:

sick car send it to me when you don’t need it

Kanuji Thakor says:

very nice

Macauley Mccullen says:

Can you do a Bmw x6

Abdur Rahman Saudagar says:

The interface next to the gear is quite similar to the Rolls Royce Wraith interface

Zeshan Malik says:

how much cost the key ?

Abu Hafs says:

love your reviews buddy!

Gul Karasu says:


Mark Clark says:

BENZ wannabe …..

Alessio Arveda says:


Autoprem says:

BMW 7 Series what a luxury car WOW

Caitlin Harvey says:

rank championship odd question upon include

Battleship United says:

Being a BMW fan, I have to say that all this tech is fabulous. But it does get me thinking that with all that much going on, we are starting to get distracted and instead making a tech demo on wheels. Some tech is good but tablets and screens and keys and remote driving is just a bit too far and just means that more things can go wrong.

I’m a simple person and perhaps that’s why even though I’m born in 1999, my dream car will be a E38 7 series. 🙂

Shanya Vhora says:

make more videos

Daniel Lozan says:

All of that shit will brake in less than 5 years 😀

hicham reghis says:

روعة بي ام دبليو تكنولوجيا خارقة عقل انسان وهب الله سبحانه ليكتشف اسرار الطبيعة

Christian Hurtaco says:

Imagine how much the replacement key cost if you lose it

Dashe Segovia says:

is that guy with a Ferrari Enzo and la Ferrari

Danut 1234 says:

I love this car man

Lagamia clarence says:


Usama Khan says:

it pissed me off that he didn’t know you can eject the tablet from the arm rest

All in one Channel says:

Ryt noW i m nt ablE to own thS in AsphAlt 8……but hopE i ll brng it homE

Enes Gul says:

How could you drive a bmw 7 at tf?

Bill Nein says:

11:15 “Don’t try this at home” Welp I am going to somehow fit my car in my house and drive highway speed handsfree around my living room…

Wolf Wolf says:

BMW king

Lol Lolol0982 says:

why can’t they build a car that looks and drives as good as a car like the m6 gran coupe with an interior of a 7 series. I dont know why but the exterior of the 7 series seems too simple to me. I want some flair.

Kushal G #32!!!! says:

C class had that a long time ago!!!

Willem Citroen says:

Lab tower status comment procedure shall over self.

Christian Hyldgaard says:

Pricetag in denmark 1.5 million Danish kroner or 172.000 GB pounds………………………………………………………………………..fuck my life

coolmarv1 says:

Did he say his name is Shme?

Christian Kalala says:

This car is Amazing!!!

Keven Monteiro says:

Amazing car, with automatic features! But i still prefer manual gearbox, doing my own thing you know XD You don’t get tired doing long driving though!

negatorri says:

yes my bmw i8

Alex Larsson says:

Im fine with my 328i f30 manual gearbox sport coupe 2013 :p

Johnny So says:

Is the keyfob cellular or RF? Can you access those info from anywhere?

Idea says:

I feel like some of BMW’s tech features are WAYY too situational for everyday use. Where as a Mercedes Benz might lack some of the tech that BMW offers, however their focus is always on giving the best luxury/comfort/convenience for the driver/passengers for everyday use.

Pidal Tinidor says:


Tony Stark says:


fauzan kiranaganteng says:

my frend adfeel

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