BMW 5 Series review – What Car?

With the right options, the BMW 5 Series strikes just the right balance between comfort, refinement and dynamic excellence.

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But, if you don’t add the right options, the 5 Series is disappointing to drive. Those extras aren’t cheap, either.

Overall, it’s a classy, spacious and refined executive saloon with low running costs and excellent engines. It’s just a pity you need to add options to make the BMW 5 Series drive well.


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Jaimen Maisuria says:

He needs to be more precise when comparing with competitors.

Dr Pein says:

this car or 3 series?

B-I Marius says:

I will like to buy for me a new car, and i dont know what to buy, Bmw 530xd 2012 model or Audi A6 3.0 tdi quattro 2012 model.

Need help !

Namn L says:

This new guy is great.

DocTheGuitar says:

A useful and very good review, you should be on Top Gear with Evans

MaliKole says:

Where are the fog ligths? In Serbia they are standard on 5 Series for 20 years.

Antonio Genziani says:

Interesting that these are now film near me at Frensham Pond and Alice Holt Forest. Why not Longcross Studios anymore? Not really relevant but hey. 🙂

Birmingham racing says:

needs no introduction but gives such a long one?

Yin Yin Wu says:

I’ve got a 65reg 520d m sport, the real mpg is 42( I have a very light foot)

BullRun35 says:

Very nice video, very professionnal! Also what’s the name of the music @3:07min please?

Rudy Bautista says:

This is a great car review! They will also inform you about the reliability.

Gas Pedal says:

Interior is getting boring and can’t believe BMW still uses yellowish halogen bulbs for interior reading light, boot light, turn signals and breaking light etc. WTF this is so shit and i am not buying another BMW again.

Mr Corky says:

what color is the interior featured in this video? Beige or white?

Sean Coleman says:

Thumbs up for a good review/video but not for the car. It’s a fine car but it’s aggravating how the German lux brands pad the profits by “nickel and dime’ing” a buyer for things offered standard on lux Japanese, Korean and American brands (I’m in the USA so am not commenting on French nor the Italians who, stateside, aren’t in this niche yet). Likely born-again Volvo will offer a better bargain as well (“bargain” being relative in luxury sedan market). This goes for the safety and gas mileage, too. And I’m not so sure that the Germans offer their traditional engineering value proposition/advantage anymore. A few thousand extra to make a 5-series sedan handle properly? Really? Only advantage is the re-sale value. My view is if one can afford crossing this threshold, do so if intending to commit to at least seven-10 years of ownership. For shorter time frame, this car is too expensive.

FaQiang Liu says:

width 2012mm? really??? car review??? really???

Albo 1 says:

i dont get this 48 mpg can someone tell me how litres per km is that

Arven Tahtyan says:

The design is getting a bit long in the tooth but the proportions of this car are perfect !

Amjid Khan says:

I’ve had my 5 series for 2 years with no reliability issues at all. Best car I’ve had by a mile.

ena81xx says:

The new E class killed it. It is really better than any of its competitors in the same class. That car (E class) is no longer just a well made car to compete in the same class, it actually looks like a half million car at a cheaper price tag.

I personally used to love BMWs more than Mercedes-Benz, but this new E class changed everything and blew Audi, BMW, and all others out of the water.

Skampo1119 says:

Great Drive, great to look at but the ride is horrendous! Unsupportive and hard seats on the normal SE models.

Zanzibar2Far says:

This car is so boring to look at, ugly frankly.

Ash Rocks says:

Nice review.

John jsmit says:

very good video , well done

Rod Farley says:

Had one serious problem with my BMW 525d only 48500 miles 6 years old and the rear air suspension blew, when on holiday in Somerset 300 miles away from home address took a week to fix and £1000 not to certain on there reliability now

Boz 2011 says:

You should have reviwed a 6 cylinder petrol… plz

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