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The BMW 7 Series has long sat in the shadow of the mighty Mercedes S-Class in the luxury car class. But now there’s a new one on the block and it means business.

The new 2015 BMW 7 Series now looks sharper, more luxurious and more relaxing to drive and be driven in. What’s more, it has a raft of hi-tech equipment that is simply too long to list! It also comes in short and long-wheelbase lengths, with the choice of rear or four-wheel drive.

BMW 7 Series review:
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Red Pill Intelligence says:

“Super classy S-Class”?!?!? It’s as tacky as you can get, like a gay disco on wheels.

digitalcaveman says:

this is the 2016 not the 2015

Vlad Micut says:

wow it has even rear electric windows :O

Harpreet Girn says:

This clearly beats the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Firemarioflower says:

2:00 Fucking toolbag in his Defender holding up traffic!!!!

lars wobke says:

oh comon, the BMW is still ugly’er and they faked everything from merc

Mahesh Bhoir says:

i want to buy Bmw 7 series OR Mercedes benz S class

Alen Rissling says:

Laminated door windows? Does this come as extra or standard?

Min T says:

I liked this car and already ordered it and I will stick with it until I can afford a better car.

Joshua Jung says:

Anyway this car is better than A8 so ..

Pritchard Khumalo says:

In the shadow of the what????? Hell no…that’s a lie….BMW was never in the shadow of S class..Mercedes was for old people until now, we just started using it now because of the new upgrades….

Parsa Shahab says:

why the f you lying

ZaidJugglerDrift17 says:

is the new 7 series better than the s class

Harry James says:

Nice car but all these features to me seem more like they solve problems that never existed.

Veen says:

the 7 series lived in the shadow of the s-class? i didnt know. i thought the 7 series was alot better

Tone Skajaa Rye Rye says:


Marley Marl says:

This interior vs s-class is a joke

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

2:05 That Land Rover Defender <3

Jimmy Åkesson says:

My dad is using the key more than the car

Bullys arelife says:

so much technology, that’s why the resale value is absolute trash.. when will BMW and merc ever learn. simple is more.

Thomas King says:

I’m gonna sell my range rover for one of those!!! It looks amazing

Merc King Guy says:

Sclass no class

dazzyboy6969 says:

That key is NOT heavy btw.

Mr J says:

waaay better than the ss class

ASTMA193 says:

I’m not looking to buy a new car anytime soon, but I love watching Matt’s video. He’s great.

Cocologo says:

with all that you need to sell an arm and leg to buy this car

Kalle Anttonen says:

At least it looks different to other bmws unlike the s class ):

der Mixxer says:


crazyhandroll says:

I disagree 3 things that were said about the new 7. First, the LED lighting in the interior, the S Class has that too, the reviewer can have his opinion, but what he said about the LED lighting choice is a strange one, BMW lets the passenger to choose different lighting also, if he doesn’t like the red, he can choose something else. Second, when he describe ride and handling on this new Bimmer flagship, he neglects to mention the best in both worlds offering. BMW never offer a soft ride in the past due to its sporty reputation, but this time, they have, but they didn’t take away the fun, they are even more dynamic as before, if the driver switches back to the Sports setting, so why he always mentions Mercedes as better, I think BMW provides a better all around car. Finally, he doesn’t like the interior, and of course, he is entitled for his own opinion, but he should at least mention that BMW has blended the 7 with top end materials that were never been offered before. 7 Series never offer full blown luxury, but this time, I believe they got this right, very high end materials, presentation may not be in your face like the S Class, but the way they design, has a more serious look, instead of like an elegant lady, so he should give BMW some credit of doing this right.

No One says:

Almost all features come from the S class. I would always have an S class over this 7.

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