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The BMW 7 Series is a technological powerhouse, with more gadgets and gizmos than an international space station. Ok, that may be an exaggeration but, the BMW 7 Series launches the luxury saloon into the unknown, proudly going where no saloon has gone before with a key fob that allows remote-control parking. However, does this mean the 7 Series is all show and no go? Is all that tech actually useful? Is the Mercedes S-Class, which traditionally outsells the 7 Series, still a more luxury and smooth ride? How about other rivals such as the Audi A8 or Jaguar XJ? Find out what I thought of this luxury spaceship, I mean saloon in this in-depth video review.

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Mister Mood says:

lexus ls 4 life.

Milan Djuricic says:

whats up with the clock in the booth?

Huzayfa Khan says:

nice review! it was well rounded.

Naqash Ahmed says:

there is no comparison with BMW

ahmad kareem says:

The best car that I don’t like to much

Nick Name says:

A totaly fail car its ugly the interior its so booring simple . This its a downgrade .

David Masek says:

is it better than mercedes S class?

stubones says:

I test drove a brand new 5 series a few days ago, which has practically the same interior interior as the 7 series and if you dont like the interior, you’ve clearly never sat in the car let alone driven or owned one. The interior is insane. Its very special.

Marko Pecurica says:

new level of experience and quality.

Tsutomu Sannomiya says:


Zoltán Horváth says:

Others might have asked already. Why do you have the clock in the trunk?

TheLMMish says:

I lost it at ghost riding :)))

Paul Torrisi says:


emjayay says:

Pelvic Activation. Mat. Say no more, say no more.

High Frequency says:

Bmw is just pure Beauty

david chizi says:

love the way mat was dancing; he really does know how to have fun

ShaggyRmz says:

7:08 LMFAO !

Hurcan Komurcu says:

Where are the blue carwow sweatshirts when all three sat down in the back seat!? Unacceptable!!! 😉

Olivia Brown says:


黄浩聪 says:

when will you do the bmw 5 series 7th gen?

20sentryboy says:

These stupid over tricked out cars are so fucking pointless. You can’t doubt German build quality but the bmws, audis and mercs are so bloody bland and boring to look at. Every Audi model looks the same, every BMW model looks the same and every Mercedes model looks the same. I still prefer all the bmws etc from mid 80’s up to mid 90’s. Problem with German manufacturers is they over engineer everything to the point being dumb.

Young says:

aha that car is soo clean!

Azerato Small Movement says:

tell me bitch, tell me why there a clock at the booty

Sergey Prokofiev says:

This reviewer guy has a strange energy

a2z says:

BMW ( real headache)

muhammad zubair says:


self made boss says:

which car is bigger this or the alpina b7?

hyldgaard12 says:

well you are whining about it costs over 100.000 gbp in denmark that car would cost 230.000 GBP because of the high registration taxes

MilkTrafficker says:

BMWs are great cars but they are boring design-wise, hyped, and not as comfortable (the 3-series an 5-series ones I have driven) given their cost and luxury claims. For starters, all those gimmicks are an stupidity. Secondly, a Cadillac would give one even better performance and comfort for much less money – not to mention the lower maintenance cost. I would buy a Jag, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, etc., before buying a new 7-series.

Tom Tomasz says:

does it survive endurance test?

Varga Dániel says:

Got a Mercedes S class ad before this video lol

Adithya Anish says:

dont stop carwow and mat watson! keep up the good work

Taeyang Fitness says:

7 series宝马轿车真的是看起来大气,坐起来舒服,攒够钱后一定得给自己买一辆,然后带着母亲与家人去兜风。

adolf hitler says:

looks awful- dumpy like a 7 Series.

Lawrence Ward says:

Does the gear shift vibrate on these cars

Abdul Rafay says:

review the m6 Gran coupe

Aym En says:

this is better than porn

Arvind Joseph says:

this guy is probably the best reviewer on youtube. brutal honestly! thats what we need.

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