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In the market for an executive, luxury saloon? Look no further – we have the group test you’ll want to watch. We pit the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8 against each other, to decide which executive saloon is best for you. They all have their own individual strengths and weakness, but, the Mercedes S-Class has been a class leader for some time. Can the BMW 7 Series with all its high tech gadgets usurp its compatriot, or can the Audi A8 with its excellent build quality and smooth engine steal the top spot? It’s an all German affair in this group test! Find out my verdict and all my thoughts in this 4k video review.

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ali sher says:

bmw is classy car

DeAd says:

im more excited of the depreciation than the 7series itself

Jordan Bozukov says:

try bmw m760li then we will talk

cpgbin says:

Most stupid review I’ve seen. who tf puts a waterbottle in a glovebox ?!

SnorkFlirt says:

66 db while blathering… not bad!

Smith S says:

That’s not fair S-class 350 is a basic model. A8L and M7 are special models.
Next time take S-class 65 AMG or S-class Maybach and compare them.

atul Kamble says:

i like the host

prince jassim says:

BMW is the Best

Ato Nympha says:

I want that audi so bad,please God buy it for me

Leonardo Shaz says:

S class

Dany Bartoš says:

Just why do u talk during that db test

Daniyal Hassan says:

i love BMW….but this s class is just stunning. out of all three it looks the most expensive and elegant.

F1RST XD says:

this is the car I am gonna buy over 4years….. BMW740LD

O says:

There S class is really miles ahead everyway, looks are stunning as well

isur u sir says:

just to you know,that app was incredibly inaccurate

TheLegend27 says:

in my country the cheapest Mercedes S Class without options starts at 164.871 pounds

Apratim Seth says:

This is the normal s class.. its already so good.. so what are u gonna do about the s class maybach

orben loves drawing says:

my car is 1000db and the vibration is 200

Isaac Dzifa Quist says:

The BMW looks far better..

atul Kamble says:

i like the way u host the blog

carspotter 0 says:

that 7 series costs way more they should of got the 4 litre s class hybrid too and s8

Mahmoud Nasrallah says:

let’s be honest .. we all know that the 7 series is winning with everything ?

Chad Anderson says:

True innovation is using the skin of a dead animal for seats because we are too dumb to figure out a better option. LOL

KING L. M says:

Mercedes is the KING of all cars,
but the BMW is killing meeee

Jrv200008 says:

3:23 Makes me so angry. I would pay extra for fake leather

Ethereal Studio says:

From what i see from your videos, you are totally biased towards mercedes so you should stop doing comparison between german brands 🙂

Florrie Elia says:

in the end he’s like “don’t forget the evian water i threw…do you think money comes from trees?”

BiZZy yt says:

no BMW is the best is so luxury

Max Jordan says:

I’d get both an S-Class and a 7 Series. I really can’t decide between them.

Q Taro says:

MB is always the best!
BMW 7 – a famous lemon car in North America.

Satnam Sohal says:

very nice both cars

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