BMW i8 review

We spent three days with one of the most high-tech cars on the road today, BMW’s outrageous i8.

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lullemans72 says:

between 0:35 and 1:10 the guy said “like” no less than 10 times.
and “it’s just like…i mean it’s like…” doesn’t sound like a very intelligent way to start your sentence…

aside from that, i did like that he wore a blue watch to match the blue seat belts.

bigmoneymar 313 says:

this car should be gta 5

emjayyap says:

…. tesla is more impressive. never thought I’d say that. but….

Kurt M says:

That’s crazy how bad BMW messed this car up. If your gonna make a body that sexy then at least make it as fast as a mustang .

Batman jeep says:

I want the car from irobot, this isn’t as close as I was hoping.

chltmdwp says:

Meh too expensive for what you get.

XxMushiSushixX says:

kid waving at 4:28

Igor Ristic says:

Thank you, awesome!!

Darren Hilliard says:

I just bought one and am over the moon with it. Got it in white with blue detailing.

Kathy's Life says:

My dad has one, exact color.

Mit Mit says:

im getting one so excited !

mando vitsl says:

150k$ 300 something hp what a joke

Patrick Sawyer says:

I don’t mean to be a hater. But why on earth would I buy one of these when I could get a full upgraded Model S for 30 grand cheaper. Quicker, better driving experiencing, better looking and more economical. It doesn’t seem reasonable. Look forward to what BMWs future holds.

Ricky Seddon says:

It is true! First time climbing out of this car I was on all fours crawling… the rear seats has no room for an adult as stated I’m 5’8 and I had to tilt my head on an 45 degree angle to fit

abdulaziz zezo says:

How’s this car do on snow and winter??

Kevin Maradiaga says:

My Dream car

Russell James Bacay says:

BMW’s got an i8. Git gud Intel

Frank Reynolds says:

between 00:30-1:00 he says “like” 11 times

Avery Hamann says:

A kid at my high school just pulled up with one of these at school

opwave79 says:

Please, no more millenials reviewing cars, okay? Like how many times can like this dude like say like in like one sentence, like?

ali112233ah says:

The grey looks ugly compared to the white…

Wikileaks says:

i8 body + tesla engine and battery = Super Car

VansSkully says:

Best way to afford this car? I’m 20 y/o going to school for business/computer programming. Should I start my own business after graduating or slowly save up to buy it?

Parker Brooks says:

I saw this parked on the street the other day; I thought it was a prop car for a futuristic movie. lol

Daniel says:

I would by this over a lambo any day

Arik R says:

How many times did you said “like”?


where is this please ?

Dan Richter says:

This used to be my dream car until I found out the windows don’t roll all the way down. How gay is that lol. They were so close to making a perfect car

david dominguez says:

Where they recorded the video?

Rishu jain says:

i can proudly tell that we have that car in my smll town..

Nathaniel Hernandez says:

Who’s here from faze rug?

Ryan says:

Fun Fact: Between 0:37-1:09 he said “like” at least 17,000 times.

Harry t says:

You can’t have a car look soo exotic and not even get to 400 hp

Kevin Maradiaga says:

My Dream car

Online Money says:

What car would you buy with a gun to your head then?

Jeet Vyas says:

I love b.m.w i8

Gdash Master121 says:

I love the i8 to me it’s the best bmw in the world

groundzero_0506 says:

BMW should make the next generation i8 a full electric vehicle. That would be awesome


nah, this car is not fast enought to beat the 2017 Nissan GT-R, even cant beat the stock gtr, hahah

Eric Schmidt says:

garbage car for the price. id be embarrassed to drive this garbage, and having people think im stupid enough to spend that much money on a car like this. tesla rapes this car. rapes it.

RubyGaming says:

Who’s here from Brawadis?

HAZOX GAMING0525 says:

I love the back but the front lights mess is all up,a v10 would be perfect,10 cylinders when you need power and 5 when you don’t

Osvaldo Perdomo says:

I see to many of these

Illyrian King says:

The i8 was not designed for performance in mind: it was designed for having a fun and futuristic ride. BMW wanted people to experience a new car, not your typical boring cars you see. BMW wanted the i8 to be on a league of its own- and they’ve already proved it here with this beast.

I don’t care if it’s fast- everything from the technology to the design and the driver experience is the main reason why I think the i8 is truly a revolutionary car. It takes things to a whole new level.

Lil H says:

this car so cramped

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