BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: Long Version.

First introduced on the new BMW 7 Series (July 2012) as part of the optional Adaptive LED Headlights, this functionality is now also supported with Xenon headlights on all new BMW 3 Series Saloon and Touring models specified with a Visibility package.

BMW Adaptive Headlights are combined with BMW High-beam Assistant technology to provide an intelligent headlight system that optimises the illumination of the road ahead without glaring on-coming traffic and other road users. This ensures improved visibility and safety during night time and poor weather driving conditions.


Robert Stoker says:

Its great and all but one more think to mess up and you cars lights go cross eyed or something.

trancecrew says:


gresper Jack says:

nice presentation

David Melchor says:

too bad the u.s banned these laser lights smh

Ray Thomas says:

Wow that’s amazing. Technology is getting so smart.

vital_xbc says:

На каких машинах это точно стоит? Только из-за этого куплю такую бмв!

jorge maza says:


abstractmind says:

Amazing! This is an excellent example of how technologies makes our life better and more safe.

Neeraj Kumar says:


Krish Sanj says:

How much will work practically

Anthony Abelardo says:

I coded this but they actually modified it from the video. The center rings light up more I think to remove the “tunneling”. Unfortunately, I will never get to see what these look like in action from the outside. 🙁

Tony Hopkinson says:

I have these on my F01. Saw them working for the first time and thought there was some witchcraft going on. Genuinely amazing tech.

Marquis Kimble says:

One small step for man!

Osnola says:

The car in front of you dont need its headlights…

Petar Juric says:

is this for all new BMWS or do i need to buy it extra?

C Jahmal says:

looks good in animation video. You’re still going to blind on coming cars and car behind you. At least on my car it’s set on automatic high beam and if it detects a car it shuts off..

Руслан Д says:

охуеть.. незнаю что еще написать..

p7272 says:

Love the music!

furqan suleman says:

innovation 😀

WebKill says:

Абсолютно такая же оптика была уже у ауди еще в 11 году!

Dan Hunt says:

Companies that still offered the old halogen lights as standard like BMW even after they developed all these much better looking LED headlights should be ashamed.

Knuckles the Echidna says:

Nice LEDs!


This is fantastic. It just means more reassurance and comfort when driving at night without distracting others. I always dip
My lights when following or approaching other cars; so this means I still get full use of my high beams without compromising safety too much.

Dim Kopte says:

i you crash it enough to brake the headlights you should pay a trillion for a replace?

Dirtroad D says:

yea you can see but u blind everybody else. yaaay for the douchbags

IbnZuJazan says:

А если эта система сломается, что тогда будет?

Tony He says:

i wonder whats the name of the song

KatiushaVN4 says:

Not safety for the car.

Parag Pudke says:


Jatt Larkar says:

Clever clever stuff

Дмитрий Вульф says:

В срочном порядке начинаю откладывать на BMW!

Dauren Karataev says:

Классная машина, классная дорога. Молодцы Немцы умеет тратить бабки на полезные вещи, а не как у нас

WTF_Videos says:

This is pretty epic, but i could already imagine how much you would pay the stealership to fix these… $2000+ lol..

cdude100 says:

you cannot possibly begin to imagine how much the repair bill for this shit is going to be

furulevi says:

Try looking through a Sony A7S camera, you won’t need any special bulbs plus nobody will be blinded! 😉

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