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evo UNWRAPPED is our new series examining the technical details of some of the world’s most exciting cars.

The BMW M2 aims to be one of those cars in 2016, following up from the wonderful 1M Coupe. Hunter Skipworth takes a look under the M2’s skin – and gets just a taste of the turbocharged inline-six in action.

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Captain Falcon says:

The production quality. Good lord.

Adam Crain says:

The engine is NOT what makes an M car, that’s the last thing almost – its the feel, aggressiveness, handling and yes the ‘feels’ – these aren’t muscle cars!!  How light the car is would our weigh the engine (with-in reason).

ryccoh says:

i like this series and presenter

Stefan Cojocaru says:

Wow , the 1st M car that I love … looks awesome

.m. says:

sweet ass car. the 1M had a slightly more aggressive stance though

bo55ola says:

I enjoyed that no bs just facts I’m a fan

Fergus Brown says:

Should I get the m2 or BMW 335d? Can’t really decide? :/

AshleyEvansMusic says:

after watching that I’m left wondering which kidney to sell to get the down payment !!!

Brian Lewis says:

I want one!

kraenk12 says:

Looks like a bodybuilder…not very attractive imho…and that scarred face.

MassiveGlove says:

Miami blue looks disappointing here, hope it’s just the video


chatty man lol, great review mate!

Camphlobactor says:

This video was just sublime. The music, audio levels, camera work, all perfect. The guy presenting didn’t seem exciting at first but as it turns out he was also superb in delivering the information without any issues. Please keep doing what you guys are doing cause this stuff is top notch.

1DUCR says:

I’d take this over the M3 or the M4…On manual please.

germi1 says:

More EVO Unwrapped, fantastic!

g4rr377 says:

these new M cars look too much like a normal m sports model with the optional splitters

MotoBoy says:

What a great new show/sub-brand/awesome idea. Love it

Bruno Santos says:

imagine with chip , intake and exhaust

Dusty Mug says:

Damn sexy ass thing..

Viral Videos says:


Princess Peach says:

BMW…. snore.

Saiyan Race says:

it looks like a clown car.

Tom Stanislawski says:

Yawn …

Simon Vuu says:

Fantastic, Evo!

silverbeet25 says:

this looks like estoril blue, not LLB.

john hamlet says:

Beautiful design, but, 365hp? Are u serious? My 2005 350z makes 400 hp… and it costed me 20 k. this is probably like 150 k usd…

Malcom McLeod says:

Those weird fangs on the bumper are not doing it for me. 🙁


Another fantastic car from the BMW M performance group. LOVE my BMW!!!

pr0jectSkyneT says:

Curb weight?

SageoftheSixPaths says:

are the m4 turbos sequential or parallel ?

Keith Nuñez says:

Great videos. Unwrapped is awesome z

Alexis Maciel says:

And it sounds much better than the M3/M4 as well.

Adam McCartan-Mooney says:

The replacement for my M135i at trade in time!

M DOSD says:

Notice the M2’s twisted driver’s seat? For cost-cutting reasons, the seat is not perpendicular to the steering wheel. It is set a few degrees pointed to the left. It is noticeable. This alone is a show-stopper for me.

HEKTIC458 says:

Sounds nice

MotoBoy says:

I dig these videos

Marcus R-D says:

I think the M2 is the true successor to the M3 heritage. It is the right size, has the right amount of power, and you can get a 6-speed! Before this car came out, I was thinking the 1M was the true successor to the M3 heritage for the same reasons (they are about the same size, but now the M2 is out and is closer to the size of the E46 M3).If you know BMWs, you know the E46 M3 was the last true M3. It has the amazing S54 engine (pretty much a race engine: individual throttle bodies, piston squirters, headers, etc. making a naturally aspirated 333 hp, 9000 rpm redline, but you can get a tune that makes it put out 354 hp. It won engine of the year awards for like 6 years in a row and is BMW’s most efficient engine to this day when it comes to horsepower/liter. The 3 cylinder turbo engine in the i8 actually beats it, but that’s a technicality.), and the E46 M3 is just visibly the right size for an M3. The new M3/M4 has become flabby, being the size of the V-10 M5/M6 previous generation cars.BMW needs to just set things right and change the alpha numeric nomenclature to what it should be. M2 becomes M3. M3/M4s become the M5/M6s, and the M5/M6s become the new 7 series in sedan and coupe flavors for the M7.

skf2 says:

I like the guy, I don’t like the car. Too many gadgets (+/- buttons etc.) Come up with something pure for god’s sake and see us line up.

Dolby 109 says:

I really like this car…probably my favorite BMW.
Still I feel like its overpriced. They’ll probably sell well regardless, as this promises to be more of a drivers car than any other current BMW’s.

ReLoad says:

Nearly perfect, except for those ugly tail lights..

cb7rider18 says:

whats the name of the music in the background?

ohgodwhy says:

0-60 is 4.1 in the m4 I believe.

Anish Ahuja says:

fuck mercedes.

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