BMW OLED (Organic LED) Preview of BMW Lighting

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Punpun3 says:

imagine how much will it cost to replace one of these if you happen to break it. 

Tom Rose says:

Great video! I especially enjoyed the giggling, mumbling and the coughing! And, oh yeah, THE LIGHTS

strategy says:

The first one seems way to busy for a rear light. Too much going on. The others don’t look bad but you’ll probably have to pay extra since most fancy stuff on BMW is optional 

Bob David says:

Really cool, looks like came off a UFO

Tim Schmalenberger says:

Next do the video in Deutsch

Maxim T. says:


unexplained wearenotalone says:

OLED is most powerful LED Korean is first make TV OLED the best of best LED ever made earth OLED the best.

Jackson Hiew says:

Can anyone tell me if you can get something similar to the turn signal lights shown on K1600GTL already or its just a concept? and what do you call those signal lights as? flashing turn indicators?

DoctaM3 says:

Just amazing… this is great stuff and excited to see it on cars.

Dmitriy Vasilenko says:


Jacob Koshi M says:

Great idea indeed!

Hector Cepeda says:

Well, with more and more affordable vehicles now being equipped with previously limited-to-higher-end-vehicle technologies (collision avoidance, large screen/nav/connectability, you name it), BMW has to do something to get you to consider spending $20K+ more.

Gerald Early says:

I may be wrong and I’m fine with being corrected, but doesn’t Audi already have this type of OLED on some of their models of SUV’s & CUV’s?

MrCougar214 says:

Organic lights? Oh sure, everything is all fine till you find out they used gmo’s in it!……lol

G6G says:

They have this technology and yet the F80/82 still use incandescent bulbs. Ok BMW.

babak zahedi says:

where the cash at? 

Frankie Maharajh says:

Looking forward to seeing what BMW will next incredible technology. Seems like one’s imagination is now the only limit.

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