Car Tech 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid review

Mercedes rolls out an S-Class hybrid, just don’t compare it with a Prius.

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Morris gordon says:

this is a great review

Dora Kremastiotis says:

WOW! 3D nonsence? this guy hates this car because he clearly doesn’t have enough money to buy one! This is pathetic! I would fire him! Doesn’t meen you can’t afford it that you should hate on it!

Like if u agree!

Non Ofyourbusiness says:

This guy is very annoying.

James Sinclair says:

at 1:50sec The owner of the car walks by

Christopher Mercer says:

Brian Cooley is a little bias on Mercedes. =)

Celso Rodriguez says:

too many gimmicks

Trance Muzzaik says:

this man has no respect for the best overall car package in the world…he should be milking cows…stupid…

heemoii says:

lol 88,000 dollars…this is not a prius LOL

Nicholas says:

OH the irony when he said talking all the time!

Anoush13 says:

@sp651 He’s not even saying much bad things about the car! In fact, he’s giving a balanced review! And wow, how about you watch other Cnet car reviews! He actually prefers Mercedes over BMW most of the time! He just doesn’t like this specific car! He likes the normal S Class, and all the other cars!

Stupid dipshit Mercedes fan boy!

Jai Dama says:

dude he is in this industry for the last 30 years and hes quite aware of the price thts been put into building this thing and the price at which d company sells the car ! so its worth while criticising if u dnt get worth ur price !

Pierre Ieong says:

@xSouljaSin Maybe because that car fullyOWNED his car… haha~ lol xD

ExiledExia says:

@xSouljaSin because he’s a fucking retard. That s400 hybrid is a great car!

Area 63 says:

So what happens if u want to have night vision AND check your current speed? Haha ever thought if that?

ririshow says:

Useless review for such a technical marvel…What a shame!

leeogburndrums says:

night vision is fine, it is not dangerous lol

Andrew Paige says:

Always with that JAG DVD!

OpreaMD says:

It’s superfly, not beluga looking.

david daviyan says:

This faggot pisses me off always hatting on cars! go fuck your self!

swimboy1993 says:

@sp651 He drives a crown victoria hahaha

Karel Kroupa says:

We miss you Brian. Come back whenever you feel like it.

Steven Wang says:

Everytime he points at the live traffic, SF is always have traffic going on lol

LoganRossignol says:

@sp651 You’re a moron.

lawlaw1 says:


trAnwhiz says:

@ladskjlasdj xD I agree lol

Mister E says:

In my dreams only.

Peter Tomaro says:

haha, he cracks me up.

mchertonok says:

That kind of split on screen was usedd in land rover rangerover was used in 2010

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