Car Tech: 2012 BMW 328i

The newest BMW goes back to the future with a four-banger.

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Zubin B. says:

BMW makes the best steering wheels.

Flargsh says:

That’s due to the shutter speed of the camera. Yes the lights are flashing but in real life they flash so quickly we don’t actually notice it.

corvetkidable says:

I don’t understand how I’ve heard that touchscreens are more dangerous than controllers. Why don’t all cars have huds that use voice activation?? Why have huge screens?

jon368100 says:

if this gets 36 on the highway with this engine, just think what kind of fuel economy it could get if it accelerated to 60 in 7.5 or 8 seconds. certainly not fast, but definitely quick enough for 90% of people. 

Danny Ross says:

This dude is a good host. I’d like to see him in UK Top Gear. He could be the next Orangatang. “AKA Jeremy Clarkson.”

James Braselton says:

1.32 kW battery pack 600 cells 55 hp eltric

David Margolis says:

debating between 2012 c300 or 2012 328i

Simon Stegel says:

Polaris: you could just not use them, ah? All important info come also on the screen near the speedometer. I personally look at the big screen 🙂

bumble144 says:

still ugly with the pigged nose and boxy body lol

Michael H. says:

The camera fell off the car during filming.

CYSongMC says:

I just don’t know why lots of dealer do not order the LED light package for the 3 series. It’s just $800 add-on package for the LED angle eye, but make a huge difference! Add them on if you plan to get the new 3 series

Techorexia says:

BMW then removed the dipstick…

Andito Dp says:

very good car

Usmaan Arshad says:

So complicated

fullfist says:

it’s good looking
something that cant be said for a lot of BMWs

GuitarPartho says:

Feel like you skipped over the heads up display way to fast. It’s such an awesome feature. Speed limit info, navigation, music(full color in music btw…) and more

matreyia says:

I drove this car as a loaner during some maintenance on my 335i. I was very impressed with the overall quality. Nav, Heads Up Display, Comfort, Sport, Cold Weather… the start stop wasn’t as intrusive as I thought. Handling VERY good, comfort VERY good, Amenities excellent, fit and finish GREAT. Beautiful car. Great pickup for a 4 cylinder.

John_234 says:

Suction cup on the camera gave out, probably?

polaris911 says:

wow I would never buy this car with all the stupid buttons and screens and controls.. talk about dangerous, distracting and unnecessary.. more carputers = more chances for failure

Jailal Entertainment says:

why are the headlights flashing

mo4everable says:

bluethooth streaming does it has it

Ronak Desai says:

The interior looks far better than the 335i

MrYoumitube says:

unfortunately thats where most luxury european cars are heading. I was just test drove a Audi a4, and I could not find where the handbreak until the dealer told me it’s a little button. I could not check oil level through a dipstick because it is monitored on the on board computer. It’s all some ways its good but also bad because you lose control of physically seeing issues in the car and have to always trust in what the computer is telling you.

Milo Micey says:

I lurv this guy, hes is so enthusiast and his review is ON point..well done ‘guy’!!

Mateo Middleton says:

Give it a year or two. lol

PussMag says:

3 series offered with 4 banger, even smaller 1.6 or 1.8 for the longest time, since 80s, only didn’t exported to USA

111mmgg says:

335i not that diesel shit

7birchlane says:

Very good review…Love BMW!

Alexander Caley says:


P. Vivek says:

Hmm after driving Tesla all the car in this world seems to be extremely outdated!

Volnik says:

Why is he comparing auto start stop on gas engine vs hybrid? That camry has electric engine that does the initial driving, then gas engine kicks in, which is why its less noticeable – the car is already moving when the engine starts. Versus, on this 328 there is no electric engine to start moving the car, hence its more violent. Im not claiming that the function is well executed in 328, but if you are going to compare, at least make it apples to apples.

sammysalsa8 says:

Blair Witch

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