Car Tech – 2013 Audi S6
The 2013 Audi S6 is a unique combination of style, speed, and technology that rivals most luxury carmakers.


whiteandnerdytuba says:

would i spend a couple more on a barge like a base s class over a 6? yes

NikoBell12 says:

Yeah, it’s crazy. I used to not like Audi’s but then they redesigned the 8, 6, and made a 7. Ever since I’ve been crazy about these Audi’s.

kevinmsft says:

Mmm…. watch the video, it’s a rhetorical question. This one has a twin turbo V8 too.


Under what package is active parking assist. Audi USA doesn’t mention it

Craig Kaeding says:

id rather have the old one with the 5.2 V10

jmen8888 says:

I heard that Audi won’t release the RS6 to the US anymore. The last year of the RS6 was I think 2003.

chancy319 says:

The footage from the S7 review is used in this one. Lazy reviewing.

Zinizzle says:


KingPNW says:

But the S6 beat the AMG and M equivalent in a recent comparo. It’s also faster to 60 than the E63 (not 2014) and the F10 M5.

liquid9059 says:

This guy is a total idiot..

Justin Murupel says:

lol ur just paranoid with the word S…

jeremyshaw1 says:

In the past, Audi did have the S4 up against the M3, then decided to drop the regular V6 from the A4 (it and the 4cyl were offered in tandem, too), and lower the S4 to a lessor realm.

So, yes, Audi themselves made the impression their “S” cars compete vs AMG and M.

Chetanya Choudhary says:


taker610 says:

Dead Ass smooth Bryan? What are you not telling us?

Zubin B. says:

Lol he was saying – S6 and I was hearing – Ass 6 😛

Adam ZarZar says:

I agree. You can’t have two different cars competing with the same one. In the absence of an RS model, they say it competes with the M3, let’s say. Then when the RS arrives, they say it competes with the… M3. Well, which is it? The S and RS aren’t the same car by any stretch, so it’s only fair (and pricewise like you said) to compare the two highest models.

gil zur says:

I like the A8

Smokey BEAR says:

genesis r spec is 40 grand cheaper lol

mschneider212 says:

At 3:59 he says S7 oooops!

MaTriX_max says:

This idiot doesn’t know that Audi’s models are not rival to BMW M or Merc AMG! The RS models are the rivals of them.

Adrian Fidi says:

skip to 3:54 . who cares about MMi on a V8 car ?

Narrowc ross says:

No RS6 kid, though most of what you said is correct

ChickenParmHero says:

For sure. I also find that the S cars look much nicer and stand out better than a 335i or 550i (both excellent cars in their own right). We are really going to see what Audi can do when the RS6 and 7 come out.

NikoBell12 says:

They’re both great companies thank you very much. 🙁

Tom's Foreign Auto Parts says:

4.5 second 0-60 is awesome for a car this size. The pop up nav screen looks so bad in a car this expensive though. Infiniti and Acura do a much better job integrating it into the dash. Even the older A6 nav screen looked like it fit the dash better.

athan4australia says:

Do the sq5

MrFunk says:

The HP and TQ is under-rated by a TON. It’s more like 450hp

dihydrotestosterone says:

since when a car is a ‘GUY’ ?

Ferm says:

Wow, so Audi gives you an S6 to putz around in and you phone it in with half the review being from a previous S7 review. Nice gig!

NikoBell12 says:

I would have.

sbvikings30 says:

not as much as they used to. but then again 75% is better then 100% but it still sucks.

Ralph says:

S6 doesn’t compete with the AMG or M. It is equal to for example an S6 competes with an E550 with the AMG package or a BMW 550 with M sport package. The AMG and M compete with the RS.

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