Car Tech – 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.8 TFSI

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1 cloth top and 200 fewer CCs can change a car.


Black Forest Girl in Oz says:

It always baffles me how you can NOT talk about boot space in a convertible review… Does this one still have the divided rear seats?

unclewilliamderek says:

just buy a TT lol, the backseat is for the amputated

DoubleD 613 says:

Saddle brown leather is pimp?

lexusfan100 says:

lets do the merc-maybach!!

Xtwonine says:

40 grand? 

Th3Fizzle says:

Under 301+ club

Tarik El-Yabani says:

$40,000 for a re-badged Volkswagen Eos?!?

Joey Boy says:

please never use that music

gedaman says:

I love that plum color!

BYSMA4th says:

Now, I don’t want to complain about this car because I really like the concept of a compact luxury car…especially with a soft top. However, something about the way this car looks reminds me of a Volkswagen Eos… It wouldn’t be a huge issue in itself, but the Eos was already a good car. I feel like Audi should distance itself stylistically from VW, sometimes I look at the A3/A4 and see a VW Passat….that’s not good.

ahmed mido says:

5:07 Brian, you really dwarfed out the car there. it looked so small next you. 😀

Jin says:

no AWD? no thanks.

Isaac Davis says:

Looks like a vw eos

DoubleD 613 says:

These reviews need to be longer and more frequent plz

The_HBK_23 says:

Look at that, a display that uses actual good processors so that it doesn’t seem like a piece of crap.  Why don’t more car makers do this?  Its not like these SOC processors cost that much.

Nouri Al-Kadhim says:

Great review as always

reyzuna says:

some electric guys said that they can’t just put usb port their to play instant music on your iphone or other smartphones because it will produce some sort of engine sound when accelerating, so they keep on doing that kind of port with cable.. but not sure if this is true.. 

Pseudos says:

Big daddy!!

Thai Dang says:

Please please please upload 1080p videos, watching 720p60 on a 1080p monitor is blurry.  Also there is pretty visible interlacing.  In a day and age where our phones can shoot 4K video and my 3 year old phone can shoot 1080p, I would want my favorite tech show on cars and general tech to display at standard Full HD without interlacing.  Thanks!

Kristoffer P says:

Nice colors!

Zee Wil says:

thats a beautiful little audi

Narrowc ross says:

If you want an Audi you gotta get the all wheel drive, it make a big diffrence in the way they drive and as Cooley noted its makes a diffrence with how the gearbox feels as well

Arend Mookhoek says:


Kenzo Teves says:

I saw one on the road today and my initial thought : “that car looks ugly weird”. I don’t usually have such initial assumptions with an Audi.

Frederick Hovin says:

What makes me watches video is Cooley.. I don’t really care what he’s talking about, he’s doing it COOL-ey LOLOLOL

FejjNagaf says:

At $40k plus, it’s way overpriced.
Skip it.
Instead, pick up a c5 convertible and a fiesta st.

Robert Drake says:

Looks like a Mazda interior.

n7eet says:

Cnet, can you make a review of the 228i M-sport? thank you

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