Car Tech – 2015 Audi S8

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Audi’s hot sedan aspires to both sport and luxury. But can it do both well?

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Ahmed360 says:

I came here for the comments
I was not disappointed haha

Roberto Terrazas says:


Gangstabob716 says:

honestly why is that with majority of the nice cars they review, they dont have Cooley?

AdonisTonga says:

where’s Cooley?

qdchau says:

I came here not because of CNET, Car Tech, 2015, Audi, or S8. I wanted Cooley.

PeVelpTV says:


113mlb says:

man these reviews suck now, barely 4 minutes and this nipple twister is reviewing a 100k+ car instead of cooley

bmw760li says:


Ěpix says:

only one question. Where’s Cooley?!

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

lets check the tech…

The Positive Commenter Guy says:

how does this guy keep coming back? ways see dislikes with him

hayyan12 says:

I have the S8 2014, and i can simply switch between BT or cabled iphone connection. its slow, but its not stupid

foxhounduk2k8 says:


lilman551000 says:

quit having this guy do videos because none of us like him and clearly we all like Brian Cooley better judging from the corner and I’m wondering if you are even reading the comments and no matter what Brian Cooley know how to make a good video

Blake.TV says:

That’s it! I’m leaving CNET for The Fast Lane Car!

mindcrime2010 says:

Cooley does other tech gadgets reviews also, he’s the Wikipedia of tech!

Omar Carnegie says:

Where the hell is cooley this guy suck

john smith says:

ummmmmm… where’s the big C!??

Sangfroid 2808 says:

And in the description, they have the “Cooley” as “actor” because that’s why people will click on the video. If they quit watching after seeing this reviewer, it doesn’t matter. They’ve already made money.

Eric Benitez says:


Robert Spears says:

Ill take one in matte black.

CiescoKid says:

I only clicked because of Cooley, but then…

Jason Edenilson says:

If only they put this engine in the RS4 and RS5 instead of their Naturally Aspirated 4.2liters. Those are great revving engines, but this engine would definitely bring out hell in those cars by just adding an insane amount of Hp and Tq.

Ruben says:

Anything over $65,000 should be reviewed by Cooley.

Oui Piyachat says:

Why they keep showing the s8 plus?

Kongolox says:

good review

Alex Morangelli says:

That iPhone adapter is a joke

PulpComic says:

86 Cunningham up vote Cooley

Derick Castrillon says:

i stop watching videos the second i hear the wrong voice -_-

Eashwar Swaminathan says:

Great Cars! Missing Brian Cooley’s reviews

Spillow says:

No Cooley -> dislike

Wilson Pabon says:

At that price I would rather have a Porsche Cayman GT4

aut0n3 says:

Horrible host.

Sangfroid 2808 says:

They are ruining the opportunity to review “searchable” cars and get high number of reviews, by having such poor reviewers besides Cooley.

Vikturus22 says:

Im confused it says brian cooley is doing this one…. No cooley no view

Victor Rodriguez says:

boring video without cooley

TheTechnoKiwi says:

As soon as I hear Wayne Cunningham’s voice I stop the video and close the tab in Google Chrome. No one compares to Brian Cooley.

wagner cabral says:

cnet on cars used to be cool and fun. where are you cooley.!!!!

lilman551000 says:

sorry thumbs down not Brian Cooley

Li Stan says:

Why did you bring S8 plus clips into a S8 review? even though they look alike but still, you can’t cheat on your customers, loser ! Please bring Cooley back !

kasunth says:

For f sake get Cooley on the good cars and give this guy to review a Prius or something…

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