Car Tech – 2015 BMW 740Ld xDrive
The latest and most prestigious U.S. BMW to go diesel.

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MrLalasd says:

You guys got to get a new camera or something. The output looks awful. 

345 Hemi Pwr says:

Why don’t you ever review the backseat? It’s a luxury car isn’t it? I thought these cars had a reclining seat behind the front passenger. You spent almost half the time talking about the gauges.. who cares

You Tube says:

STOP 720i


btw, zero mention of mpg. i assume this car is for the businessman who drives a lot and wants more time between refueling. personally, i wouldn’t want to have a conversation with the typical person buying diesel.

memberofthetribe1 says:

I know it’s a car review, but Cooley is looking BOSS in that suit.

dj458 dj458 says:


Steven Bermudez says:

“The D” lmao

ghnanax says:

Make money to buy cars like this

Polloloco51 says:

I thought someone was hiding in the backseat, then I saw it was his suit jacket lol!

Khu NoPie says:

Cooley likes it, therefore, I  likes it.
Simple as.
Cooley Style.

Boots N Pants says:

looks like poop compared to the new S class

Moosey1789 says:

I unloaded my 2012 BMW 750i xdrive lease and found that the F01 chassis was way, way unsorted and vibrated like Cooley had mentioned had occurred with the F10 M5. I’m not sure what the deal was with that but it was ominpresent and BMWNA never fixed it. I would consider another BMW, but not with the diesel 740Ld, but I would consider, believe it or not, a 728i with the 2.0L twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder GDI. I think that motor is quite competent in the 528i.

Luis Magana says:

Well just going have to wait 3 years until like most bmw’s fifty percent depreciation and then buy it.

ellomirza says:

Hey guys the pic of the turbo cutaway is clearly showing two turbos 🙂 heck BMW puts 3 on some diesels I’ve been told 🙂

Sorry I had to be that guy 🙂

branot89 says:

In my county this BMW costs $100k, one gallon of diesel is $4.2 and average monthly salary is $480

Neerav Reddy says:

as the biggest bmw fan ever… this is the only bmw where id rather have an mercedes or audi instead

videonaj says:

“The last laugh” yes, smart people care about the environment and fuel economy. Most Americans are dumb and don’t care much.

Jason Adrian says:

That little ‘DSC Off’ is just a reminder that ‘Dynamic Traction Control’ is activated.  When you first switch to Sport+, the car lets you know you’re in Dynamic mode, but that text disappears after a few seconds and all that remains is the little ‘DSC Off’ icon.  It lets the car move around a little bit more before coaxing it back in place.  All BMW cars/coupes have had this feature for a couple years (it debuted on the 3-Series in 2012).

Martin Espinoza says:

Why am I noticing interlacing on this video? is that normal? On topic, what’s the point of digital gauges if you’re going to put artificial lag into them?

foxhounduk2k8 says:

Cooley looking all macked out today. Waistcoat n stuff! Looking good bro!!!

LoveRockYou says:

BMW is shit.

TheVibeOnline says:

I love Brian Cooley. He really knows what he’s talking about, is very informative and is fun to watch. I’m subscribed to everything you do, but is there something more I can do to support you?

-Mark (Columbus, Ohio)

J88go says:

Numbers mentioned are 730d numbers (255 bhp), 740d/ld has 313 or 306 bhp, or maybe I’m wrong and specs and designations are not the same in Europe and US.

Candle Jack says:

at 0:43 the heart of any bmw is “the D” hahahaha

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Even dressed for the ocassion!

Jason Adrian says:

Also, gas is not at ‘historic lows’.  Except for 2004-2008 and 2010-2013, gas is as expensive as it’s ever been. Including those periods, it’s still more expensive than its historic average.

Nathan Patel says:


SoSickWidit says:

Hehe, here it is

John Techwriter says:

Wow, at $83K this stretched 740 is bargain priced compared with the competition from Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar. Yes, it’s a generation behind the others in interior accoutrements. But I’m betting a lot of boomer-generation buyers prefer the traditional BMW layout. And if the diesel power plant enhances driveability as Brian describes, herein could be the thinking man’s Euro luxo-barge.

Erns Kleynhans says:

This car just fades next to the “S Class”. And that from a BMW fan.  

southbeach09 says:

Another great review.

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