Car Tech – 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Chevy has turned up the wick on the Corvette, unveiling the new, supercharged Z06. It’s faster than the ridiculous, outgoing ZR1, but won’t be available until early 2015.

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Avinash Singh says:

Now that’s a sexy sports car. The Corvette is always a winner

Fistof Yahweh says:

make an all wheel drive version and I might be interested.. burning up your rear tires is only so much fun when I bet each tire costs around $600+

zakoblivioa says:

the 2016 zr1 next hope to see 700+ hp and 0-60 in 2.7 sec and track times of 3 seconds or better then the zr1 now

TheBrainlesscreature says:

At 2:18 it is “Unrendered”

Sarin Murlidar says:

It looks incredible

napkins420 says:


damian enriquez says:

I think I’m in love!!!!!

darwandoo says:

Other car manufacturers have to seriously be concerned with this result. If and only if this gearbox works as good or better then the PDK, then this Z06 has exceeded it’s accomplishments.
I’m betting this car will be the benchmark of 2014.
Can’t wait for the numbers. Great work GM!!

Diablo99V says:

I thought I never would really want a Corvette but now GM got my full attention.

tepeke88 says:

Cannot wait to see if their 8 speed auto surpasses the delicious and smooth buttery Porsche PDK, mmm.

Robert Haskell says:

People living like its still the 60s 70s and 80s make me laugh. 😀

blakcod8 says:

Cooley I luvvv you lol

Anderson C says:

Hope you do get to test the 8-speed Auto ver of the Z06. Looking forwards to the review!! Looks wicked in “Cyber Grey”.

Briggie says:

Reminds me of a lambo.

Jagmohan Gajjar says:

So while the Ferrari,the Mclaren and Merc Amg are going 900+ HP, this 2015 Corvette is still on 625 HP. Good luck Chevy.

ViciousDave4Life says:

Chevrolet Corvette has always been my dream car of having.  But thanks to the economy and my health, I can’t even get a old crap Honda to drive because I can’t afford it.  Can’t afford car payments, insurance, or gas.  So I don’t drive so I can keep living.

Matt Wilkinson says:

2:19: Nice unrendered frame

Roger Kremer says:

Wow amazing

Justin Bouche says:

lol split second frame says “unrendered” 2:18

master9716 says:


محمود فتحي says:

من جوا زباله

krocialblack says:

Who’s willing to bet that this car would be 650 hp when it hits the market. With the base price tag of $82,595? Z07 package would go for $99,895. Fingers crossed for at least, 207 mph.

andrenj1970 says:

I’m in LOVE 😉

Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen says:

This is pathetic, as a long time Corvette Fan this is the first time I’m actually dissatisfied with a vette. First they ditch the naturally aspirated 7.0L LS7 one of the greatest V8s ever produced and instead dump in a 6.2L with a blower on top like with the ZR1 (although I liked the ZR1), I would have much preferred an LS7 with forged internals that would have generated the same base HP as the new LT4 does without a blower. Chevy should have gone with a new forged version of the LS7 and then put a blower on top we’d be talking about 700HP+ if they did that, I would’ve been more satisfied. I’m not a big fan of the Auto Transmission but Thankfully I can still get a stick, I’m guessing Chevy put in an Auto Transmission for the idiots that have always wanted a high performance Vette but can’t drive worth a shit so I guess it’s ok.

Brian Mateus says:

Gorgeous looking car!!!!!

Thunder Kat says:

no top speed, no price…

nick gallo says:

W o w!!!!!  gotta say it makes me moist..

RAT BURL says:

Cooley can’t wait to do donuts in that thing!

tripjet999 says:

And exactly WHERE the FK are you going to be able to utilize even HALF the power LEGALLY, besides the dragstrip?

This “horsepower” race is STUPID! Try growing a pair and you won’t need these WOM vehicles.

Jonny Ortiz says:

Drooooooool, skeet, skeet…..

Brett Sherman says:


Th3Fizzle says:

The frame change at 2:!8 says Unrendered

whyeff21 says:


commandoM700 says:

I want it!

Erik370Z says:

Forget dear Santa…DEAR GOD!

Alvin Benjamin says:

The Next ZR1 will have 800+ HP and then the Viper should up their Numbers too….

John Graves says:

I purchased a brand new Corvette ZR1 in 2010.  I truly love my little red corvette but i must say, this Z06 is awesome!  I can’t wait for the release of the new ZR1’s.  I think i’ll be compelled to trade up…..

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