Car Tech – 2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class

Mercedes-Benz has decided to refresh the C-Class yet again, this time giving more bells and whistles both inside and out, while going a little more upscale from the previous C-Class versions.

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Moneyneversaves says:

i always hated the look and the usefulness of Mercedes dashboard and looking at the latest interior, they have not fixed them at all. Mercedes is usually nice looking cars from the exterior but interior, no no no. it is ugly as usual. why they have to put those awful looking air conditioners and those are too big to be a center of the dashboard and whats up with the chrome looks. The information pad is so cheap looking, it looks like you bough the cheap tab and superglued to the dashboard of the mercedes. they gotta fix those. Cnet please be fair, it is awful looking interior and you know it.

Bhargava Matta says:

Major redesign

Bryan L says:

Bring the wagon! Much more practical

Young Progressive says:

Looks great

Idtelos says:

Getting my C400 in September! 

pain gain says:

whats that color of wheels on white one smokey black? aah i want main same

juskaws says:

beautiful in all ways

Vitaliy Yusupov says:

That c class looks awsem

Bmwx5fan9 says:

What? No wagon

Edward Simmons says:

yeah yeah…. -_-

Siddharth Grover says:

i saw a c250 bluetec on the floor?! is that coming to North America?

EraserTraceur says:

Cum everywhere

Joseph Scheidler says:

Which was the C class? Or can you now choose a grill like the old C Class or S Class?

Corey Brown says:

C-Class Wagons are horrid; come on Brian!

OriginalNoseBleed says:


HybridEnergy says:

best part about the C class over the S class is you don’t look like a Jew bag lawyer driving down the street.

SoulElitex says:

Dang very impressed. A lot better than the old c class

UnderYggdrasil says:

I think they hate us…T_T

Mexican Jesus says:

I live in australia. And this car costs $70000+ here.. hate to know that these cars are so cheap in US

SwirlyfuzzBall7 says:

I wish companies like this (Merc, Audi BMW etc) would start making their screens integrated into the dash on ALL of their cars. On a C class, it should be integrated. Doesn’t look as high quality

Osama Lahham says:


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