Car Tech – 2016 Audi Q7
Audi’s flagship SUV the Q7, was showcased at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and makes a turn toward station wagon and even higher tech.

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Sharfaraz Ahmed says:

Really like the intro music. Does anyone know it’s name?

Château Angélus 1982 says:

They ruined it.

Pseudos says:

Cooley..I love this car!!

s50201 says:

1:42 Woa, that’s one pretty lady.

Tony L says:

I own a 2012 Q7 S-line, was thinking about getting the new one. But No.

Fonseka Edita says:

Brian you forgot to “tell it as it is” HOW UGLY THIS THING IS -____-

Ruffas says:

Still prefer the old Q7. Had so much presence and looked baddas.. This is too, Idk, station wagon like

Jarl Ballin' says:

I like the new wagon look. The previous one looked like a boat…

highfivecortez says:


Ishmale Tack says:

Like are y’all and carscom in competition for best review, cause yall both are uploading the same car reviews and the same exact cars only .

Абылай Кубентай says:

I think that all of us just need time to get used to the new look of a new Q7! After a while we gon’ luv it! I’ve watched 4 reviews (TFL, Q, cars) and im already getting used to!

tsy1992 says:

Fail. Disgusting successor

YU TIAN says:

I liked for cooley but I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that does not like the new exterior. The proportions just seem so wrong, It doesn’t have any masculine lines like the 1st gen Q7, instead it looks like a station wagon that got stretched too much. The interiors are nice, but I feel they could have cleaned it up more, less is always more in the world of luxury.

Gamer888MPH says:

Dang, I’m disappointed. This looks basically like a longer audi all road.

Madalin Pana says:


Bonerific0 says:

Ewww! What they have done!! The previous Q7 looks so much better… except for the interior.. which is nicer in this boxy piece of shit.

Mansa Musa says:


James S says:

This new fully body redesign has me saying Fix it Jesus!!

Anson Chow says:

Yes, I love this car. Audi is the only one left who stay true to the wagon.
I love wagon and this it looks work for me, the front is BOLD!

I know for those who are looking for a big SUV will be disappointed as Q7 was a big SUV before.
I think Audi should call this car Allroad instead of Q7.

JohnS1000RR says:

Horrendous design. Would never buy such an ugly car.

Tim Joseph says:

The tail gate looks like a minivan. I wished Audi built a three-row SUV to compete with the Cadillac Escalade, with higher ride height, big rims, and more third-row space and cargo room. Their V8 twin-turbos can do the trick. The Q7 is similar to the size of an Infiniti Q60.

halldorarni22 says:

Im not sure i like it !

Shafi Subhan says:

That is an ugly car.

ProteanView says:

The pool of cars I like is gradually shrinking.

HchQue says:

Wtf, a wagon!!!!!

M power says:

they really went backwards with the design, so ugly and looks more like an allroad than a real suv
the interior is nice though

Grace JD says:

Audi team that designed this car should be shot!! What a horrendous looking car!

Joel Knox says:

Way to much overhang on the front and rear, at least to my eye. The current Q7 is more conservative in its design, but looks a whole lot better. 

scuderia747bhp says:


KJ says:

That’s awful

Cameron Tu says:

I guess it’s better than the “new” X5.. which looks like the old X5 plus a lot of “character lines” and new kidney-grille reaching headlights.. and that old X5 looked like the old old X5 slightly rounded off..

Edwin Gonzalez says:

Why doesn’t anyone like it? I think it looks great…

maurice horton says:

Why would Audi do this to the Q7?! The interior is a serious upgrade, but the exterior looks puny. The older model had such presence on the road. I don’t like it.

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