Car Tech – 2016 BMW 7 Series official debut

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Brian Cooley check’s the 7 Series tech at Frankfurt. Has any other new car arrived with this many crowd-pleasing technologies?

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soiceyboy33 says:

Bmw’s are becoming increasingly ugly and boring every “refresh”. In fact, all the German cars are (except Porsche). They need some Japanese or Koreans on their design teams. Technology is not the only thing that sells cars these days

aaa bbb says:

And they say mec Benz is good

fordhouse8b says:

Does a car key really need to be that big? Forget driving to the beach in a swimsuit, where would you put the damn key?

Jennifer Sapphire says:

I like the key

Salman Alfarizi says:

Cool (y)

atnstn says:

Typical BMW
Supreme technology, Stunning driving characteristics Compromised by above Average Style.

S-class is somehow better defined, proportionally better. THIS BM is sensational, but compromised due to the corporate ways – they make it blend with their existing model lineup so the 7 kinda bumps the range up. But to me the S is visually better, more fluent shape, prettier and elegant. Despite the fact that the S is the absolute king of depreciation.

YC JONI says:

BMW is boring.

Michael Meltzer says:

Brian Cooley has the best reviews, rock on Brian!

Gustav Magnusson says:

You forgot the “7” in the title

dschonsie says:

soon you can download an app instead of using a smart-key

Yasai Picles says:

such lack of innovation from a veteran car company is sad. just sad.

Efe Edizer says:

No, BMW, I dont want to charge my keys daily.

exit07 says:

I doubt this kind of technology would come to the U.S. soon. Too many car restrictions.

andrei pop says:

You missed the “7” in the title. @cnet

tjpld says:

Silky smooth 3 FPS on that key…

PaiNExoTiC says:

I don’t like it. Their models are getting uglier and uglier by the year. Same thing happened to range rover sports.

Gas Pedal says:

Meanwhile, BMW is already selling cars with hand gesture control, touch screen remote control key, carbon core frame, laser lights, and self parking function without anyone in the car etc.

Engei says:


Huey Freeman says:

If only they can get back into Formula 1. It would make things more interesting.

Eric Cartman says:

that vents or the air intake (i don’t know how it is called) make this car looks very old

Flame Beats says:

Auto parking still doesn’t beat handbrake parking…

Roy Richardson says:

Why would you buy this instead of a Tesla?

jeriwolf CR7 says:

Well audi is also making a touch screen similar key . Why waste money , material and space in my pocket? they could have used a smartphone and create a program to actually do these stuff

ruizhe ma says:

now you have to charge your car key everyday, WTH

Nikola Marunić says:

I believe BMW introduced laser lights before audi. They offered it in the i8.

Tommy Lee says:

bmw is the best

Subbiah Palani Ramalakshmanan says:

well next time you dont leave you (car) key locked in your pocket, you just might be charged with vehicular manslaughter… Then again if you are buying this car after knowing this we’d all know you already know the bu(sin)ess all too well.

Jarl Ballin' says:

Gestures are so stupid…

Ahmad F AlNahhas says:

Actually in Saudi there is a Chinese car that uses this self parking and it is sure production and I think the Chinese company called Faw or Fao check it out

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