Car Tech – 2016 Chevrolet Volt
First seen at CES 2015 in Las Vegas and now at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, the all-new Chevy Volt is a design gem with better range. This redesign by Chevy however, begs the question, can any overhaul of this unique green car overcome gas-price trends?

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vaajchang says:

Make it affordable!

Andrew Butler says:

This is a very nice ride!

SimVibes says:

This is what the Honda Civic should have looked like

MrInternetDude says:

still looks shit and too expensive

Denis S. says:

You should a real review of the new Volt!

MrNick98 says:

looks a lot like a civic

WarthDader74 says:

The old model looked 10 times better than this. they have taken away all off the details that made the car look good. How the designers can think that this looks better, is a mystery to me.

vard mike says:

Could’ve showed the back and interior

Pseudos says:

Handsome man!!!

literman1 says:

volt customers passionate about their cars. ha stop trying to make everycar company seem like tesla, volt is a glorified civic at best.
 nowhere near the level of a tesla

will17power says:

Another reason why gas prices are getting cheaper and cheaper these days…

danwat1234 says:

It’s too bad Brian doesn’t like the look of the old Volt. I prefer the old Volt, looks great.

Alec The Bunny says:

Looks like the GTA V parody of the Volt… ._. 

Jeremy Pooran says:

love auto shows

angel guichardo says:

Honda civic volt

TekReviews says:

Cnet just yesterday Obama said “Don’t get used to those low gas prices”. Might wanna watch some news once in a while.

Miroslav Brabec says:

Connection between combustion engine and wheels is the biggest mistake of previous generation. How many clutches in this generation?

Dee Jay says:

Looks better than the hideous Prius.

TekReviews says:

Someone copied the Toyota Corolla, or a Chevy Cruze with a better looking body style.

A Nerd says:

The first Volt was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. You may like it but I don’t.

Marco Sawyer says:

If we want to be less dependent upon fossil fuels then we need to have incentives across the country like California has for buying a all electric or a hybrid car, otherwise we are kidding ourselves.  Maybe things will change once the Model 3 comes to market. 

Yung Traplord says:

i want to see the 2016 tacoma and Q60, please make videos

B Cuz says:

Acura just got jacked

Tim Joseph says:

Even though gas prices are falling now, it might go back up. California just raised their gas prices, thanks to the carbon tax, which could have been used for remodeling bridges, tunnels, and roads. PHEV and EVs will sell regardless of gas prices. The Second Generation Volt will only require regular gasoline, and should compete well with the next-generation Toyota Prius PHEV.

Prometheus Crystal says:

Autobot Jolt !

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