Car Tech – BlueTec-powered Benz brings together luxury and efficiency

If you’re not too hung up on dashboard apps, the Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec is the total package, balancing gobs of torque and real-world performance, great highway fuel efficiency, and nearly autonomous driver aid tech.


Shannon Suber says:

Im just going to jump right on the wagon and ask where is Cooley? Though this guy is good. 

foxxmufasa says:

i want to stop begging for Cooley… but you guys are makin it so dam hard… I gave u a thumbs up though lol

A Nugent says:

Man the current 5 series looks so much better.

Joshua Adams says:

What a bunch of whinny pansies!! This guy did a great job with giving us the information we wanted. I actually preferred his style to Cooley’s. At any rate, I appreciate the review, Cnet. 

LuBano says:

Hope Cooley has a loooooong vacation

Jack says:

Chet could have put Cooley on but they playin

pmb600 says:

If he said “Mercedeses” one more time I was going to scream.

Hamish Dix says:

i wonder what that $25 on the end was for, like why couldnt they just go with a round number? what part of the car is worth exactly $25 and can we do without it 😉

VTECheart says:

If you aren’t getting an AMG, this is definitely the engine to have. Think of all that glorious range…

R Daniels says:

CNET no offense, no Cooley no watch.

david hernandez says:

No no no wtf

eEvangeliste says:

Great review …..


iMustafaTube says:

THUCK my d

Detailed Obscurity says:

Not Cooley  Not Interested

Ryan Ramsay says:

It’s a much better car here in the uk

The_HBK_23 says:

They screwed up that front grille.  That shit looks like its from the 90s.

zcctchh says:

don’t like this gen E class

devam singh says:

His voice is annoying he can’t even say s properly annoying video

killdemraas says:

hey… ur not cooley!

r2d2c3po says:

For nearly $70,000 I would rather get a low end Tesla Model S and not use any oil at all.  In Atlanta, the E-Class is pretty anonymous, almost like a Camry or Accord for mid-level management.  Also, most people I know with the money to buy or lease new Mercedes don’t need to drive it far from home, they just commute to work and fly to faraway vacations.  A Tesla would work great in that case.  

Devin Dymkowski says:

Yea where did Cooley go? I want him back.

IcemanSam650 says:

No Cooley? No watch. 

bmorant1902 says:

why the phuck do they allow guys with lisps to make videos…. click.  

Sean Mangubat says:

I normally love Mercedes, and this car is no exception, but that interior is just good enough. Maybe a refresh on the interior to look similar to the new C Class’?

xjlonelystar says:


stapler3000344 says:

1. You suck as presenter.
2. Where’s Cooley?!
3. Merc’s COMMAND is awesome

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