Car Tech – Chevrolet’s 2016 Malibu shows off its new curves in New York
Chevrolet is unveiling an all-new Malibu at the New York International Auto Show. Take a tour inside and out from the show floor.

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Christian Adams says:

Two things you can count on Taxes and Youtube commenters finding something to complain about.

Manuel L says:

Automatically disregarded what he was saying after he said the Malibu has long been chevys full size sedan it is a mid size! Love the car though

igeekone says:

Looks good, but it’s a bit heavy on the front styling.  45MPG has me watering.

Vulgora says:

looks like everything else they just made it look cool in the lasy model

yiyangcheng says:

This person says ecoboost wow you fail dude lol

Aaron Chau says:

GM partnered with Ford with this new Malibu? 1.5L ecoboost? I think you mean ecotec?

Eskimopride07 says:

That grill is ugly, my fav gen is the 2008

roguedogx says:

other than the forced front end, it looks nice and shows promise.  Okay Chevy looking good, now please DONT SCREW THIS ONE UP!

Aziz Hassan says:

Wait…ecoobost engine? Isn’t that a ford engine?

planedudea380 says:

Much better in and out

Kenneth Smith says:

It looks too much like the Avalon in the front and Impala in the back.

dee k says:

Lmao Dane got mad and blocked me….who’s the idiot now…

B Blair says:

Looks like a Chrysler 200, Wish these companies would come out with unique products to their brands.

Joey Boy says:

malibu is midsize, not fullsize

videodude2010 says:

Coooool…. now where’s the new Camaro Chevy!!!?????

Michael Leibowitz says:

What is the point of having both the Malibu and Impala?

dee k says:

chevy need this update….everything in its class looked better, including the camry and don’t even get me started on how the fusion is basically in a whole different league ..nicely done chevy

Joel BIelecki says:

First of all, the malibu is not entry level. That would be the sonic sedan. Second of all, the malibu is not full size, that would be the impala. Third of all, ecoboost? That is ford, GM is ecoTEC. who writes the script? They need to get their facts straight! He also repeated the engine choices twice in a row, what the heck?

Kartik Singhal says:

New 2016 Toyota Avalon.

Megan Toms says:

I don’t like it. It looks like the ugly Impala.

Mr.Fluffy84 says:

Damn it looks really nice good job chevy !!!

Dane Reid says:

Looks like the Impala in the back. The present Malibu is better.

bmwman67 says:

EcoBoost or EcoTec? Big difference…

OldSport says:

I thought the Malibu was a mid size car.

Maglia Rosa says:

Mid-size* Ecotec*

Emmanuel Hernandez says:

I love it caint wait to get my hands on it

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

What’s the Malibu? Is it a near luxury car or a blue collar car? Cheers!

Rowan W says:

i like it

Aaron Palmer says:

Cars are getting so weird. So drastic in their looks. And to think it was all inspired by Hyundai of all brands back in 2010

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