Car Tech – Mercedes-Benz GLE SUVs do more
Mercedes-Benz shows off its most extreme SUV range with its five passenger GLE model, which can be had as a high-performance AMG version, the GLE63 or an efficient and powerful plug-in hybrid, the GLE550e.

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fordhouse8b says:

What, you’re contrasting an AMG with a plug-in hybrid version of the same vehicle without even mentioning differences in fuel economy or acceleration? I understand that such numbers might not be available yet, but as a good journalist, you should highlight he the lack of substance available in the report. Instead you spout off whatever little specifications Mercedes have seen fit to release, without pointing out that specifications mean nothing, and actual performance means everything.

Jon Jobs says:

Car Tech without a Brian Cooley = The Daily Show without Jon Stewart. It doesn’t make any sense. This guy sounds like he’s nervous lol. ##WheresBrianCooley!

Noplay says:

how do you drive them in city roads?

Tony nimmons says:

I miss the other old white guy that looks like my ex boss. with the glasses.

DigitalYojimbo says:


Ray Lee says:

Up to 88 mph in pure electric? Doc Brown’s new ride?

William Allen says:

What about the GLE coupe?

myvolvoforlife says:

My dead cat is more interesting than this guy…..

nanorazor says:

He talks too fast…-__-

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Why the change on the nomenclature?

lifesavrdwd says:

Boring at least for little old me.  What is the point, unless I win the lottery these cars mean nothing to my life.  Good review though.

OnBakePlatinum says:

“Hi, I’m Wayne Cunningham” *close tab*

Cristian Younan says:

I’m dull and drab, here at the New York auto show…

Akash Udhay says:

did he say “tyres on the pavement” ?

JSquared Production says:

so its now G GL GLE GLK. that’s really smart. I love Mercedes

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