Car Tech – Tesla Model X: First drive of the all-electric SUV

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Tesla’s eagerly anticipated, all-electric SUV is finally being delivered to consumers. Join us as we get behind the wheel for our first drive of this groundbreaking machine.

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Memo_izy says:

تونت ويري تونت ويري هي از نوت لوت موني هي از فيري جريت يو كاش اب ذس 30.000×3.75=112500 ذلاكت ذا هينسس ويلي لايك

Giggidygiggidy12 says:

I want one! Tesla rules

Nor Norranun says:

This car is where automobile meets Android/IOS

0wninguplz says:

Thats not an suv thats a van

Carl Rei Saito says:

I thought the car was ugly until I saw the black one. Oooh, damn sexyyyyy

JoeGo101 says:

I want one 😀 😀 😀

Brandon Hall says:

Can’t wait for the more in depth review.

Christopher Owens says:

This looks like a concept of a ford or lincoln brand small suv. .. but this is a cool ride tho

nizmojoeblows says:

tesla has done it. They have successfully created the ugliest line up of vehicles ever assembled. Congrats. I always had faith in your engineers…..

canopeaz says:

It’s just kinda ugly 🙁  Hopefully they can refresh the look soon, so that they will sell more.

sam751990 says:

i am a big fan of tesla but not of model x.. it looks overdone and ugly

Raptor says:

I’m surprised this video got as many likes as it did considering cooley’s not in it. good video nonetheless

tusambolo says:

I liked it better with the fake grill

Durga Pokala says:

God bless Tesla engineers. 5.2s 0-60 in an SUV and 2.8s (ludicrous mode) 0-60 in a family sedan are unheard of.

Krispy says:

That car is just the best car to own here i Norway

field north says:

Tim is such a ginger bearded hottie. Love seeing him on CBS This Morning. Lucky wife.

Mathew M John says:

Work hard, Dream Tesla.

BellinghamsterTrail says:

Another Home Run For Tesla

Eric Herrero says:

hate SUVs but kool

Peter Lee says:

yep, only for the rich folks

Motoring Australia says:

We can’t wait to drive this!

Defcon 5 says:

Model S
Model 3
Model X
Model Y (Only a rumor)

I think Tesla Motors is trying to tell us something, maybe they are subliminally telling us that their cars are sexy

And they are

kastjohn2 says:

Would never want a car like this, it does not pollute enough. Also, what happens when the battery goes bad?

Christopher Owens says:

This looks like a concept of a ford or lincoln brand small suv. .. but this is a cool ride tho

Jim Cash. says:

Needs a solar panel on the rear wing,or roof. Hummmmm? Great for a sunny state.

Freddy Brainy says:

Thank you Lord I hated the muzzle and the front of that car during MUSK’s expo until i saw the Black on black version with black rims and I’m sold.

ThisIsSolution says:

I absolutely love the looks of this vehicle.

quietguy1948 says:

Prices are WAY north of the Musk-promised $40k mark…  $130k… Ding, NO sale.    Musk would be smart to resurrect his roadster… at a more reasonable price.

Stevo Supremo says:

kinda looks like a Tuscon from the front

WeekendWarriors says:

why chrome on the interior? that looks terrible inside

antiignorant says:

Why is anyone other than Brian Cooley doing anything that has do with car tech on CNET… just why… STICK WITH COOLEY

Adham Sobhy says:

Without the fake grill this car looks good in only one color.

Jill James says:

+Shannon Suber, spoken like a ‘true disciple’. Gore’s (IPCC’s) ‘climate change’ agenda is nothing but a baseless religion, and is supported only by those who receive direct government funding for their research. The Obama government only gives research funding to those whose proposals claim to try to prove anthropogenic causes.

The fact is that the IPCC’s climate change agenda is backed entirely by software models that fail even to predict past climate change, let alone change in the future. Do some research and you’ll find that most ‘data’ scientists, the ones who actually collect the real climatic data, oppose the IPCC (Gore’s) view on climate change and CO2. CO2 is not a pollutant, and in any case it is a trace gas, making up less than 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, and does NOT drive climate. The data shows clearly that warming precedes rising CO2 levels by hundreds of years. Gore lied about the ‘hockey stick’ graph, and even the professor he cites in his film has said so. Gore is currently being sued by the founder of the Weather Channel and 30,000 climate scientists. Do your research and then come back and comment.

Alain Sadun says:

welcome future

Douchepickle says:

That’s not a SUV damn it

Hoche Bret says:


DX865ZX says:

Where are the windscreen wipers?

JimmyG says:

stop calling it a suv

bigballer says:

Looks great!

TheASTrader says:

Needs a more aggressive stance like the Macan.

needanit says:

why you have to make the door so wird !!

Bobby Parv says:

This vehicle should win the second ugliest vehicle award after the Nissan Juke. My Eyes hurt now.

Antonio Russell says:

What about when it rains…. Open the door and everyone gets wet!

KyleTVProductions says:

i love the model S. this one is kinda ugly but whatever (i love the tech in it tho). im really looking forward to what tesla has for the future

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