CES 2015 BMW Audi Laser Headlights

Check out the Laser and OLED lighting technologies of BMW and Audi at CES 2015! BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights is so awesome!

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john martin says:

blinds pedestrian walking on the side of the road, accidentally walks into traffic gets hit by car

Sky blue says:


Denver Cayle Ong says:

ah so that’s what an indicator looks like on a BMW.

Mysterious Batman says:

Wtf is it optimus prime or liam neeson talking

Jimmy Blancarte says:

I can imagine how insane cars are going to be when my kids grow up

Marvin Adona says:


Stryke says:

Damn that’s an amazing and really complex presentation. How much did they invest in just that?! 😀

Pci Craftsman says:

another German worthless garbage can that can’t make it to it’s first oil change without self destructing. I don’t know how or why German car companies are still in business ITS DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE THEY MAKE GOOD CARS.

yarkehkeh says:

I like how at 3:25 the driver’s like “yeah just using my laser lights to do a racing startline for my time attack”. Then the drugs kicked in

Puma4454 says:

If this doesn’t make everyone scared of what the world will be like in another 10 years, then you’re not human. The way technology has advanced in the past 10 years is somewhat amazing, but mostly sickening.

Nick Name says:

I shit on those laser lights this its only marketing to take money from stupid rich guys for sure costs at least 10k .

Atv821 says:

Lol so now when you hit that deer because it was literally spotlighted by the headlights, its gonna cost 10k for a new one. And yes, they do cost 10k, I looked it up.

Vincent Kreed says:

BMWs display looked so bad ass. Audi looked like playing at a children’s day care! hahaha

Sea Rider says:

why the fuck is the title audi

Larry Calloway says:


Derek Vuong says:

Giving more tools for BMW drivers to be dicks on the road.

Tayler Savage says:

is it bad that im a little turned on.


Apurense antes de que los EE-UU les roben la patente…como despues de la SGM

the real dickie johnson says:

Big deal, everyone in california with a german car can’t even drive fast enough to reach the speed limit. my SUV out accelerates every single german car on the road in Nor Cal

asjad shaikh says:

Now that is some presentation!

ampelectricco says:

Where are the American companies with these technologies?? We are falling behind we are no longer leading on vehicle tech.

Chad Fraser says:

This is pretty cool. The 2017 Ford Fusion is using German built LIDAR for their adaptive cruise featuring Stop & GO and here Audio / BMW are using the exact same window mounted LIDAR sensor for dynamically controlled OLED headlights. The future is bright.

Light Yagami says:

Are you people just going to ignore how hot that girl’s voice is?

theuncanspan says:

does these things work on prostitutes as well? i mean it would be helpful instead of trying to pick up an innocent woman

Amir Nazari says:

Hoooooooooooffffff my god

JuugMoney says:

They make the lights in china and assemble them in germany or w/e. Its not hard to make

Emrah Shaini says:

This M4 looks like a Black Mamba

061772ENRIQUE says:

They also need to put  this new light technology In the BMW X5 AND X6 that will be totally amazing.

Asaad Ghafoor says:

Merceds already did much better unfortunately!

The Allied Powers says:

is this the future

Rick Grimes says:

forgot to add that you need to sell a kidney once they fucked up

Gavin Glittergutz says:

Great, more expensive equipment to pay for when it inevitably breaks!

Jesse says:

God damn this is so fucking cool, I wish I was rich enough to get a car with this setup.

Captain_Coleslaw says:

So? This shit will light pedestrians the fuck up, and basicly blind them by default? Fucking BMW…

Christopher Lecky says:

Why do I get the feeling these lights are going to cost more than most cars?

CandyHam says:

whats the music that starts at 3:26?

The Allied Powers says:

Poor Audi…

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