CES 2019 Preview: What to expect

5G. The Smart Home. AI Assistants. 8K TVs and more! These are the big tech trends expected to dominate CES 2019. What are some of yours?

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Omar Reyes says:

I want to see what TIVO comes out with! When is Apple Buying TIVO?

Hamza Hmidi says:

nice hair

Solar Soul says:

Flying cars, hair.. dafuq is wrong here

jon doe says:

Brian, Ruffio wore that hair better!

bd2eazy says:

Nothing against u brian but man… None of this sounds exciting. Companies should work on batteries!!! That would improve so many things. I guess display tech could help things…. But man this ces is sounding weak…

ricky v says:

Hey, that stripe has got to go. 😉
But, on the real. It’s looking like 2019 will be an exciting year for new tech. (:

Draaagondesigns says:

Ha everything here is out of my price range ha ha ha hu *cries*

K says:

I don’t own a smart phone and even I’m excited for 5G. Even more excited for 8K and micro-LED. And I think 8K could lead to a new kind of 3D that does not even need glasses. Oh, and i like your hair, so just own it. 🙂

Simeon Figg says:

Smart appliances

pc gamers says:

Wat 8k! my gpu cant even run games at high in 720p

Blender Robot says:

94% of people say they can’t tell the difference between 1080px and 4k according to NBC

vert wheeler says:

how come u forgot about computer in this CES?

Randy SX says:

wazaaaa chicken

Rashad Pegues says:

5G been out for about 3yrs in my area

HUMAN s says:

More Ching Chong phones

shahar wienrib says:

Search for RoomMe! Changing the why of smart home!

Max Brown says:

can i hangout with at at ces tong

Phong Nguyen says:

So funny, Comcast doesn’t even show movies in 1080 yet. I have a 4K tv playing 720p. What a joke.

Hand me Dan says:

Tonight’s the Night I’m gonna Jump, Alright I missed the bus (you feel me Brian)

cprtrain says:

The technology World is changing faster than ever. As a consumer, it can be daunting when faced with deciding what format / technology will survive. I gave up saying that I wanted the latest product out in the market 5 years ago and now settle on buying very good products at a decent price. I do understand that technology makes life better but at 68 years of age, its too much too fast.

Genre Online says:

5G is not safe.

FonduemanVIII says:

Good but could use some pasta

T D.O.T says:

I wish I have been in a ces

Vehbi Haxha says:

Check out myFC! Great products!

azmodanpc says:

LG’s monitor…Mexico will pay for it and it’s gonna be see-trough

ClayDog says:

Hope you get videos up

Dhruv Patel says:

nobody here thinks putting google assistant in a robot dog is the stupidest idea?? Its a robot DOG all it should be able to do is bark not tell you how to spend you day.

Silverfox says:

First: I guess self driving cars is one of those generational divide things. I know my old man doesnt believe in self driving cars AT ALL while I hate driving myself and would love a self driving car.
Next up: AMD is going to make some noise ! Im excited.
Cant say I care about smarthomes though -.-

John Galt says:

Imagine not talking about AMD CPUs and GPUs…

Stephen Munschauer says:

Any word on headphones?

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