Chevy Colorado Z71 Trail Boss vs Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Mashup Review

( ) How good is the Chevy Colorado Z71 Trail Boss on a rough Rocky Mountain trail? How does it do when the #MMUSA Jeep Wrangle Rubicon Unlimited Hard Rock is stalking it all every inch of the way?

The Trail Boss package is the next step in the Chevy Colorado off-road truck hierarchy. Did Chevrolet do enough to make this off-road worthy?

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Ahoohi says:

kinda not a great comparison

Mario Romero says:

A great video would be a 16 tacoma vs 16 diesel colorado trail boss it should be done off road to see which one is the king of small trucks off road

Darryl Benson says:

It’s so…. low. How on earth did it earn that moniker? Yikes…

Troy Redford says:

I like all brands but I’m more of a GM fan but obviously Jeep is better because it was completely designed for off road. The only thing that can realy compare is maybe a Hummer but a Hummer is just a Jeep on steroids so in a way it’s also a Jeep lol

Kyros Nox says:

They should have cut the bullshit and built that ZR2!!! I’m angry!

KochHuntingWNY says:

Great video, but id say do some more off-roading tests, not just a simple off-road hill that a ford ranger could make. Im not trying to be an ass but im sure there’s a lot more people that live in the country or have cabins with long steep uphill roads that many of trucks could make up, my cabin even has a few bad spots on the road just as steep and rutted as that one. That hill was not the best off road test to show.

Chase Miller says:

It’s crazy how low that Colorado is. It’s like it’s not even a truck anymore.

Jasshands1 says:

did those headlines in the jeep come stock or as an option?

blongboy says:

i like your hat tho!

superpug666 says:

the tires are quiet in town but faster than 50km/h youll know thwy are there, trust me! Awesome in snow….ok on ice.

Anders Hansson says:

How come do you run illegal light combination on the Wrangler?

South Texas Bass Fishing says:

it took me 7 minutes to take that lip off my Z71 Silverado. I timed, and personally I think my truck looks 10x better without it.

yassine toussi says:

jeep is better than this xar of shit

DWings says:

chevy built a smaller, more efficient, full-size truck. it SHOULD HAVE built a small pickup truck. 75% of people looking at a small pickup are young and want fun, off-road, “sporty”. this is for dads who want better fuel economy, especially when it’s nearly the same price as the full size! Totally missed the mark Chevy, seriously wtf were you thinking!?

Blue Atlas says:

what trail is this? id love to go run it.

Jerame Phillips says:

That spare tire seems like it could get a flat before the tires that are driving the truck off-road. Why is it so damn low?

Sandi Anderson says:

Chevy should have build the ZR2 and not the trail boss.

Dean Tuna says:

let’s see Nissan Frontier Pro-4x vs Chevrolet Colorado z71!

Strigoi says:

They need to resurrect the ZR2 the way they had the concept designed. And not cheap out.

Batman jeep says:

Can’t wait to trade my jeep in

yassine toussi says:

jeep is better than this xar of shit

Red Horse says:

Anyone that claims you can remove that chin spoiler in 5 minutes has no idea what they are talking about.

Joe Dirt says:

Approach angle equals gay sex

tc1uscg says:

Disagree about the Duratrac’s. Got a set on my 09 KK. Been running them for 18 months. You can hear me coming. Can’t put it any better.

Shad Kerr says:

That was an awesome video, loved it.

Aaron Miller says:

Got rid of my modded 2nd gen taco for a diesel z71 Colorado. Remove the air dam and they are VERY capable off road

endocry says:

My Jeep Renegade Trailhawk has more ground clearance, just sayin 😀

shanejpt says:

Where is this video shot. What trail?

Lars De Vos says:

Adopt shower seed qahbf spot complaint ahead view recently.

Scott Wilkins says:

That idiot at the end of the video didn’t know how to remove a screw?!?!  What a joke.  That air dam would come off in less that 5 mins if he know what he was doing, which he obviously didn’t.

Zach Sisson says:

Why don’t they make trucks affordable any more? So overpriced for looks…

M Pel says:

Take that front lip and the side steps off. I did and it definitely improves things.

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