Chevy Volt 2017 Review: An Electric Car With A Gas Assistant

The Chevy Volt is unlike any car I’ve ever driven. For the first 50 miles it’s an all-electric sedan with zero tailpipe emissions that you can recharge at home. Once the battery runs dry, though, the Volt keeps going on a four-cylinder gas generator that takes you the rest of the car’s 420-mile range. So the Volt 2017 (which is nearly identical to the Volt 2016) exists somewhere between yesterday’s world of internal combustion engines and tomorrow’s world of full electrics – and whether you call that an E-REV or a PHEV, it’s a pretty exciting place to be. Hop behind the wheel with Michael Fisher for MrMobile’s Chevy Volt 2017 Review!


The Chevy Volt 2017 Review was produced after seven days with a Chevy Volt 2017 review vehicle on loan from Chevrolet. The car was principally driven in the Greater Boston area in September 2016, with a 500-mile round trip to New York City via Newport, RI.



Additional cinematography for the Chevy Volt 2017 Review was provided by Mark Guim and Mike Jandreau.


Chevy Volt 2017 at Chevrolet:

Chevy Volt 2017 at Car and Driver:

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Adil Husain says:

Tony stark u Rock

Say NO to GAS says:

This guy did the one thing no EV “Reviews” do. He compared the Volt with our current infrastructure!!! LIKE 3 POINTS Mr. Mobile.

Robert Hooper says:

OK, I bought a 2017 Volt. I have three friends that have one who “never stop for gas” Answer: Go drive one.

Helder Almeida says:

shit car

Mariano Molina says:

Wow! I actually love this electric car,.. so I’m going to side with you on this one Michael! hehehe Nice job btw – great Review!!

Victor Hugo Lopes says:

Nice Review!!!

Robert Hooper says:

Exactly, you have hit this right on the head. So, I drove a Tesla Model S , a Ford Fusion, and a Toyta Prius Prime. Volt’s back seat will be a bit tight. I don’t ride in the back seat. I can count the number of times there have been passengers in the back seat of my diesel Passat… Not often. Tesla is way to much,the Fusion was just OK, The Toyota is way to weird. The Volt just seems just right. The Bolt will be great when there are more public chargers in more small towns and rest stops. Thanks for a well done video.

PanzamaGaming says:

I love the design

Bigjoe ? says:

One of the best reviews I have ever seen on a 2017 volt. I have watched over 20 of them on here. Well done bro!

Dustin Dawind says:

I have had mine since August. I have not experienced the infotainment system rebooting while driving. But every once in a while it will take a few extra seconds to load when starting the car. This has happened maybe 3 times.

Mike Cronis says:

Borrows a lot from the Cadillac ELR, minus the plush. We have an older Volt too. We gas-up about twice a year for 8.5 gallons as the generator runs to help warm the car sometimes in cold weather.

박효근 says:

best review….thanks

VariTimo says:

I like the blue but not on the car. It’s a bit to much for me.

Astro Gremlin says:

i was looking at a LEAF, now looking at the Volt. So grateful for this video, filled with information. Good job!

George Travers says:

If the Volt is using very little gasoline, then does the fuel in the tank need a fuel stabilizer so that the gas wont go bad?

What about the Volt engine that runs a very little time? wont the engine parts degrade with little usage for lack of lubrication?

Does the purchase price of the Volt with the taxpayer subsidy be justified against the lower fuel costs for the total cost to own this car?

PanzamaGaming says:

Wait…….. this car has KERS yup yup you see what I’m trying to tell you…. I’m getting this car xD

chris toohey says:

The Volt doesn’t have fast charging for the same reason the Bolt doesn’t have it: GM is hoping Tesla will falter so they can go back to making obsolete ICE cars. This is a standard industry tactic: build crappy EVs that take forever to charge and then have poor range on that charge. Then sell them at higher prices than similar ICE cars, and claim that the technology isn’t there yet. The problem is that Tesla has proven the tech is there, ready and waiting. All that’s needed is the willingness of car makers to use it.

SurJoon Park says:

I like the style of this car. I saw many on the street in Bay Area. But suddenly it became hard to find on the street.

Probably, it’s due to the back seat. It’s really small and awkward for people who sit at the back seat, which is back side of a drivers seat. The divider at the middle! It’s hard to get out to the right! Only people who get out to the left would like this car.

Super Jeepin says:

I enjoy listening to you narrate. You speak very clearly and are relaxing to listen to.

TheWolfHowling says:

Hang on a minute Michael. If you live in an apartment building without a charger to plug in the Volt, where exactly were you planning on recharging a Model 3? Or is that a problem for 2018 Michael Fisher to solve?

Sebastian Tello says:

Best review I have ever seen!

Dan Soethe says:

my 2017 volt software never crashes…

SNSD Sunny says:

I liked how they did not design this car like the prius. Good job on that.

Spectre says:

what about the value proposition for used 2013 volts coming off of lease?

Fathur Rahman says:

Man, this is cool. The review is even cooler!

Dave Riley says:

Good review, Michael. A slight correction… the Hold function doesn’t keep the traction battery “at or near full.” It keeps the battery at or near the level existing at the time you select Hold Mode. This function, standard on Volts since the 2013 model year, is very useful for maximizing overall efficiency.

Jude Hall says:

Answer reason hit committee attack.

Patrick King says:

Too bad it’s a Chevy.

Richard O'Brian says:

Great video. Thank you! I took possession of my 2017 Chevy Volt in late August 2016, and to date have put in less than $20 of gas. I live in a cold climate area (Connecticut), so the engine runs any time the outside temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit or less or until the car is warmed up. My commute is less than 10 miles, so most days I don’t use gasoline at all. Having come from driving a Prius for well over 15 years, I can say that the Chevy Volt is a great car. I look forward to hearing about others’ experiences with this car.

thepro08 says:

honda civic copy paste…

Say NO to GAS says:

This guy did the one thing no EV “Reviews” do. He compared the Volt with our current infrastructure!!! LIKE 3 POINTS Mr. Mobile.

V8 monster says:

Does it charge the batteries when the engine is running??

Daniel Morelli says:

4:03 Did you step in some dog poo?

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