CNET On Cars – 2014 Mercedes S550: Is there such a thing as too much tech? – Ep 24
Mercedes’ new S Class resets the bar for car technology, diesel engines explained, ABS on motorcycles and the most important things to look for in a car audio system.

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tran hiep says:

Ko tốt lam

Ke Z says:

Love this Chanel keep up

bagelboi66 says:

Old man shouts at car.

Mr. says:

Oh forget the S class Look at that Golf R at 8:50 MMMM nice car right there

Rworlds1 says:

Great episode, although I do like having the option of using an SD card as well as a USB plug, just my preference.

Lavish Beats says:

where the heck did you get the music from at 1:30 so damn cool!!! the kinda shit that i vibe to 

Jeff Puha says:

Not a very good review of the S550. No mention of the comfort or ride quality, which are two of the major selling-points for this car.

Shane Burgess says:

I respect and admire the German brands, and how innovative they can be. However, they (as in BMW brands and Mercedes) aren’t rated as high in reliability as the Asian brands. I know it is a different class, but the Kia K900 has a lot to offer.

charlesly barkely says:

Forever remain loyal to Mercedes Benz! Great technology, great driving experience!

Xavier Robinson says:

I don’t understand why car companies just won’t get Google maps

dimmacommunication says:

New diesels were killed by DPF :'(  it’s ruining the reliability of diesels.
It clogs and ruin the engines 🙁

gfrimpong1 says:

18/30 MPG. WOW!

Ting Jiang says:

this car is not for the ppl who wants to drive, its for the ppl who enjoy to seat and relax on the  back!!! thats the best BOSS CAR ever..for social status

jeffrey625625 says:

This dude is a great reviewer!

Angus Chikowore says:

I don’t know about you but the background beats are dope

Fadi says:

I hate the headlights. I liked the older generation sportier look 


4:40 “When did bud get into audio?” LOL!

Onke Dali says:

This guy is an idiot! Americans usually are. 

Epeater86 says:

I think I’ll be sticking with the true auto journalists on motor trend and C&D.

SMGMP7A1 says:

damn this was a packed episode.

tonystarkmk3 says:

great car……, background music title please………..

Tyler Neiderhiser says:

The reason there is blue lights in the car is because blu lights keep u up at night

Anthony Slusser says:

My Subaru takes an hour to move the needle down on the fuel gauge – and about an hour to a quarter of a tank…

charlesly barkely says:
Jake Luxford says:

The only car review show I will watch!

Joseph Schatz says:

S-Class or Tesla Model S?

Hellfire TheBeast says:

I like the cat

Coyote Man says:

This car segment is overpoulated because manufacturers see it as appealing to the rich. That is a growing number of people they believe. But I don’t agree that the “rich” segment is ever expanding.

Willie Williams says:

I bet it cost a car note to fix one light bulb

DA Master says:

Loved that Diesel Segment.

Distun says:

hehe budweiser… u silly americans…

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