CNET On Cars – 2016 Mercedes Maybach S600: Sublime and a bit ridiculous, Episode 66
Maybach S600 transports us to the 1 percent side of the tracks, rear seat airbags are on the way, and what exactly is a “compliance car”?

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laxmitty21 says:

It supports 3 full champagne bottles

Scott Frankel says:

Is that the nut brown interior?

Reggie R2 says:

will it drift?

Humbert Sin says:

so…still no better than the 911

Bob Belcher says:

This or a rolls Royce phantom??

Chrisftopher Massey says:

I could definitely skip the refrigerator.

John Brogan says:

Beats make car speakers?? I bet I can hear the sound better with a pair of one dollar earbuds

sajones0403 says:

It is a nice car for a business class person or someone who would want and can afford this beast. The BMW 750 is better in terms of accessories. In other words the BMW menu is easier to navigate. Mercedes Benz can take a lesson from BMW.

ThatGearHead says:

I actually like those wheels, they suit the car

Ed Fan says:

You the best Cooley.

MrSaxmanJones says:

These rims are terrible. I’ve never seen a car with worse-looking rims. Lol. Just my opinion.

deus ex says:

Thumbs down, not because of the car, but because of the stupid review and the idiot doing it.

rose mariya says:

i like all these

Ed Arrays says:

You’re an idiot

Ngqabutho Mpofu says:

I don’t like the way he says Maybach

Daniel Alexander says:

So happy for closed captioning. The most cringe-worthy voice in automotive broadcasting

ben garcia says:

I like the 57 and 62 more than the new s600

Scott says:

So… if you hit both buttons on the center console at the same time, does the car explode?

夏嘉元 says:

We bout the privacy

willie billie says:

This car is garbage. Mercedes purposely makes the brake pads smaller than the width of the disc so you have to get brand new rotors if you change your pads, because the pads cause a groove on the outside of the disc. Computer modules that control things like suspension and transmission go out frequently and are expensive to replace. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mercedes purposely designs their cars to have problems and wear out quickly to make you take it to the shop and spend money on replacements. It’s a huge part of the business. This is one reason why mercedes cars depreciate so quickly now. BMW does the same thing, but not as extreme. Lexus, Hyundai, and Kia are the cars of the future (until they start doing the same things as the europeans, and i’m sure they will someday).

Emad Ahmed says:

This car doesn’t deserve the Maybach name. It’s barely any different from the S Class. Only the Pullman deserves to have “Maybach” in its name. That’ll also help by removing the stupid “Pullman” from its name since there’s only one Maybach.

Robbie Sheppard says:

Cool car

Thomas Gk says:

it’s maybach, not mybach. so annoying.

Kristian Brandt says:

Well it’s certainly less vulgar than the Phantom. Atleast here in Europe. In Dubai and the US you could probably get away with a Phantom. I don’t really get what makes an S-Class a Maybach though. It’s longer, but you can buy an extended version of the ”normal” S600 aswell. Seems to me like the only difference is that the Maybach has more gadgets as standard than the 600… But these are options you can get on the 600 anyway. Looks like all you’re getting is the special wheels and the Maybach badges. A fully spec’ed S600 would be exactly the same as the Maybach, only cheaper. So why would you buy a Maybach unless you were a little incredibly stupid? Help me out?

Hasan Al-habbobi says:

so because your jealous you don’t have one you have to complain about it every 5 seconds?

whatSongIsThis? says:

This car would be great for about 2 months. Then I would have tried out everything and stuff would start to go bad. I can’t even imagine trying to perform maintenance on it or fix all the little electrical connections that wear out.

#BLIK says:

that is one beautiful car

Nuclear RDX says:

wtf….the person who buys this has a driver….
stop the hate

kashing choy says:

what about the Mercedes Maybach 500

Tang0Fox1 says:

setting up stuff is for the chauffeur to do.

nick ave says:

i luv it.gramfa

NeATaNDtURdy says:

this guy is lowkey savage af

noobnotme says:

5:30 ,” ABC, not a spelling lesson,it’s automatic body control” XD

sean032004 says:

the split screen is crazy

Argerine Jordan says:

Love this guy❤

Geordo1960 says:

I love to watch Brian Coooool Cooley reviews! Entertaining as always! Please never leave CNET Brian.

Bossitup 4 says:

i don’t think this guy knows shit about cars. All he does is complain. lol he probably can’t even afford this thing.

Bogdan Iorga says:

You should be the new presenter from Top Gear!

alexander5159 says:

This reviewer is a moron

noobnotme says:

I’m in a deep love with Mercedes. I know I don’t own the company, but I’m seriously proud of it….<3

Jason Poon says:

you can literally live in this car, except you can’t cook in it

Hans Schmidt says:

Wa too much plastic for a Maybach… sad

Ahsan Khan says:


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