CNET On Cars – The Audi A3 remarkably moves the top tech down-market – Ep. 43
The Audi A3 bucks the trend of tech for the richest, 4G in cars explained, and the latest learnings about teens and driving.


Panthers1521 says:

This is guy reviews cars the best

Frank Desario says:

What colour is that?? Somebody please! Monsoon or Daytona grey?

Fussinated says:

Rebadged Golf translates to a rebadged piece of junk.

Eric says:

I like the way cooley just toss the manual out the window lmao, comedy.

Ben Dover says:

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this car. a big complaint people are having is that the dashboard is too plain, i somewhat agree but i still think it looks nice nonetheless

LoveStallion says:

Time to download AdBlocker in Chrome, Cooley.

Mathieu Bouvier says:

augmented reality manual? really? how about making every thing user friendly and maintenance free? aka Tesla Model S !

EJ Tech says:

I think laughed too much when he threw the paper manual out the window…literally!

vh9network says:

I don’t think getting the A3 Cnet style would be the best financial approach to this car.  Prestige just screams of ripoff packaging. 

Art S says:

the reason they have 30 mo. for $500 is for 80 percent of the people who lease these cars.

Trades46 says:

One great thing I find myself loving is how Audi did the multimedia screen in the A3. Unlike many people I like the ‘IPad on dash’ idea most cars do these days simply because I find it actually lines up with your eyes better than most integrated displays which requires you to momentarily take your eyes off the road ahead. A big plus since distracted driving (not involving your phone) is such a big issue these days.

Unlike BMW, Mercedes & Lexus however Audi knows having a physical screen staring at you all the time (even when you aren’t using it) is kind of annoying and I love how they make it so it retracts away when you want it to. It also makes the dashboard very clean & modern looking in the process.

Alec Smith-Cooper says:

lol when he threw the manual out the window.

Ice Cream Dream says:

Got S3

Naggay Anas says:

Seriously in my country only 4 cars have gps in 226 that are being sold . So for me I just need to get Gps then think about 4G that we don’t have at all . :/

sto0ja says:

How can this be a small car????

alextheromanian says:

buy a used tesla for 45K

Maricel Carino says:


Brett Nelson says:

I’m not an Audi fan but I’m starting to come around

Ed Zweiger says:

Love Audi and BMW. But maint and ins probably nasty

Backen bk says:

one thing that was in my mind the whole time was WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CAR WITH A GIANT SCREEN???

Kristjan Preka says:

Tesla does over the air updates

KevinHarper3DArtist says:

Sad, he gets a higher download speed in his car than I get at home..

david dykeman says:

Teen driving is safer here in Ontario, Canada. We have a graduated drivers licence and a heavy fine for any driver using a cell phone for anything other than an emergency. 30 mph/50 km/h over the speed limit is a $10,000 fine!

Hector Naquiche says:

Excellent Episode, I definitely see the future of our automotive changing to a more personalized in-car experience. 

Brett Nelson says:

Keep’in it honest cnet thumbs up

Nick says:

Bruh I learned to drive at 13…. And I learned driving stick…

RogerIyengarDotCom says:

Is the A3 really worth the extra money as opposed to just getting a VW Golf? The Golf has the same exact 2.0T engine.

Drrck11 says:

After seeing the gigbyte costs. I turned off this video.

david dykeman says:

Is that the GTI engine??

Pseudos says:


f12letta says:

was this a TV show?

Nivek Moon says:

I think CNET people are secretly rich.

MrPl0xygen says:

Here’s the master question: Why is insurance for young drivers so high ? There is no need. It has no reason. It is age discrimination. #anonymous #operation fair movement.

Juan says:

In fact the smallest engine its a 1.2 TSI

Joey Boy says:

you just have to love how in the owners manual part it shows an a3 with a manual. mockery!

ventende says:

Too bad America doesn’t get the A3 Sportback. It’s the A3 Sedans handsome brother.

john b says:

You call 1.8 small?? Obviously never seen then European A3 lineup.

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